Al's Indie Work 2004

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the MWF has a HUGE announcement concerning the January 10th show in Fremont.  The special guest superstar will be none other than current WWE superstar and head trainer from Mtv's Tough Enough.......AL SNOW!!!!!!!! 

The Millennium Wrestling Federation this Saturday will once again be bringing its act to the Fremont Community Recreation Complex.

The MWF, which was born in 1999 and is based out of the Toledo wrestling school Fort Knocks, will be bringing internationally known professional wrestler and commentator Al Snow, an Ohio native, to Fremont.

Al has been a fixture of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), New World Order (NWO) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) federations since 1995. Most recently, he has hosted WWE's "Sunday Night Heat" and was head trainer on MTV's reality series "Tough Enough."

On Saturday, however, Al will find himself back in the ring.

"He's not just going to be there to sign autographs and pose for pictures, he's actually going to wrestle," said Gerald Chaffee, co-owner of the MWF.

"It's kind of a mystery who he'll be wrestling, but his match will definitely be the main event of the night."

The 30-member MWF gives performances all over Northwest Ohio and has visited Fremont several times in the past. Saturday's event will feature, along with Al's match, United States, heavyweight, cruiserweight, tag-team and hardcore title bouts.

That night Al d. Elvis Elliot

3PWrestling 1/24/04 Sabu d. Al

In the main event Sabu defeated Al Snow in a match that celebrated the 10th anniversary of their feud. In a post match speech Al Snow got on the mic and said that Sabu has never gotten the respect he truly deserves and thanked Sabu for the years they worked together. Sabu uncharacteristically grabbed the mic and said "thank you" to Al Snow. Al Snow also thanked the fans at the Viking Hall. Snow said he never got to give a proper good bye to the fans during his ECW run.

Daniel Edler for

On Saturday, February 21st, Midwest Championship Wrestling is running a show and starting a Midwest Championship Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The show and ceremony are at the McBroom Gym in St. Marys, Ohio.

The main event has Al vs. Bad Brian Beech.

To be inducted into the Midwest Championship Wrestling Hall of Fame are:

WWE and former MCW wrestler Al

Big Jim Lancaster (8-year MCW champion & trainer of Al)

The Flying Tigers (Larry Wilson & Carl Ben Patrick)

The Patriot (1st Midwest champion and longtime MCW star)

The Kansas Outlaws (Psycho Sam Cody & Roughhouse Ruffin)

Rick Lancaster (Brother & tag team partner of Big Jim Lancaster)

Big Time Wrestling veterans Flying Fred Curry & Luis Martinez

Lady wrestler Lisa Crockett

Referee Rick Johnson

Mickey Doyle (25-year wrestler & long time partner of Al's)

Posthumously: Bobo Brazil Mighty Igor and Sgt. Bobby Golden

Evening leader Al interview

Wrestlers return to St. Marys


ST. MARYS -- Lima native Al Snow, who has achieved success in the wrestling business throughout his 22-year career, says returning to St. Marys to face a new generation of fans will be a treat. Snow ventured into Memorial High School Wednesday, alongside friend and former trainer Jim Painter, to publicize the return of Painter's Midwest Championship Wrestling in St. Marys on Feb. 21. Snow will take on Brian Beech in the main event of the night. MCW will also hold a Hall of Fame induction ceremony featuring Painter, his brother Rick, the Patriot, Sam Cody, Luis Martinez and "Flyin'" Fred Curry, who was one of the most popular wrestlers in the Midwest for much of the 1960s and '70s.

"I'm real excited about coming back and getting to wrestle," Snow said. "They (the St. Marys fans) were always fun to work in front of. There are a lot of memories and good times for everyone."

Representatives from newspaper, radio and television media stood by at Memorial, while a throng of wide-eyed students -- as well as a few teachers -- surrounded Snow as he made his way into the gymnasium. "We haven't had anything this big since Dan Quayle was here," one adult observer said to another, standing near the entrance to McBroom Gymnasium. "This is probably bigger."

The reaction to Snow, who is a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler, announcer and perhaps the world's most famous wrestling trainer, was quite different from the one he received nearly 20 years ago when he first appeared at Memorial High School. Back then, Snow was just another worker on wrestling's independent circuit. He was looking for a payday, looking to get noticed and just trying to get by. Since that time, Snow has owned his own wrestling school, wrestled his way to national notoriety as a part of Extreme Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation and Smoky Mountain Wrestling. He also became the face of the hit cable television show, Tough Enough, as a wrestling trainer. The show, which put contestants through the paces of the wrestling business so they could earn a dream job with Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment company, aired on MTV for three seasons.

"Coming back to the St. Marys and Lima area is fantastic," said Snow, who first wrestled in St. Marys in 1984. "It's really exciting to return home to my roots and I'm real excited about wrestling here on Feb. 21 at St. Marys High School. I can't wait to perform for a new generation of fans."

Snow made several apperances at Memorial High School in the '80s. "I think my last match here was in '86, '87," he said. "It was so long ago, I can't remember. I know Rick Lancaster was on the show and so was Mickey Doyle. I know I stepped on his (Jim Painter's) shoestring in the back and he got upset."

The first time Snow wrestled in St. Marys, Ronald Reagan was president, Hulkamania was just in its infancy, and over 20 major wrestling territories operated in the United States. Now there is one major company, a fledgling pay-per-view based federation and hundreds of independent promotions. Surprisingly, however, the core of the business hasn't changed much in that time.

"The wrestling business has changed dramatically since I first performed in St. Marys," Snow said. "But it's still inherently the same business, in that it's still one of the true American art forms. Other than jazz, it's the only home-grown art form we have.

"For the wrestlers themselves, it has changed," he added. "The amount of money has improved. The skill level and the athleticism has gone up tremendously. The fans are so much more sophisticated now.

We live in a completely different age than, let's say 20 years ago, when I first wrestled in St. Marys. The kids who go to this school can get on the internet, access Antarctica, Australia and watch a war happen live on the news as it transpires. The level of sophistication is just night and day."

Snow said he doesn't know what inspired him to start wrestling in the first place, but he knows his infatuation for the business hasn't changed over the years.

"I really don't know what drew me to wrestling," Snow said. "At a young age or at this age. If you can answer why you want to do something, then it isn't really your passion, no matter what it is. I've been doing this for 22 years of my life, and I still can't fathom why I have to do this, but I feel I absolutely have to."

Snow has spent the last several years of his career working for Vince McMahon, whom he describes as a very hands-on owner. "We all, in WWE, work for Vince McMahon," Snow said. "There is nobody else. Vince McMahon runs that company. He's an incredible leader from the standpoint that he never asks an employee to do something he wouldn't do. He works 23 and a half hours a day, seven days a week. He has an absolute passion for it. And believe me, you work for Vince McMahon. Every person on the payroll, directly, and no one else." Snow, who has owned a wrestling school, said he believes training is a way for him to give back to the wrestling industry and is a way for him to achieve a legacy.

"Those were vehicles for me to give back to a business that gave me so much," Snow said. "They have allowed me to leave my legacy behind. It's important for me to achieve some immortality, something that lasts beyond me. Each one of those people that I trained now take my reputation and my name and carry it forward. Through them, my name lives on." Snow said today's newer performers often have problems in relating their matches to the crowd.

"The thing a lot of wrestlers lack is the ability to work the audience, or to get a feel for the audience," Snow said. "They're becoming so athletic that they go in the back, say they are going to do A, then B, Then C tonight, and then go out there and do it. The fans may not be able to relate to that. You have to be able to feel emotionally what the audience wants and take them in that direction. That's kind of being lost, because everything is happening so fast in the ring now." While the speed of the maches have given wrestlers problems in communicating with the crowd, he feels that it won't directly impact the number of injuries that wrestlers suffer.

"I think the injuries are just going to happen," Snow said. "It's not ballet. Bones are going to be broken, necks are going to be messed up, concussions are going to occur, knees will be displaced or torn. This idea that it's real or fake is ridiculous. There are probably 12 to 20 guys who have had their necks broken in the last two years. That should dispel any of it being real or fake. I'm sure Jim Painter can attest, you live with pain every day of your life. I wake up, something hurts all the time. If it didn't, I don't think I'd feel."

Legend Al Snow rooted in MCW

When Al Snow first approached Midwest Championship Wrestling owner Jim Lancaster about a career in professional wrestling,he was told the life was tough and he should pursue something else.Persistence paid off for Snow,who has plied his trade in the top ranks of the World Wrestling Entertainment an other leadin organizations.

Snow emains one of the most sought after ring veterans in professional wrestling today.He has taken many personas over the years,but the most popular,by far,is when he is accompanied to the ring by HEAD.

The move caused controvery when first introduced.Advocate groups complained it hinted at violence towards women.Wal Mart pulled his World Wrestling Federation toy doll from their shelves due to the backlash.

The Snowman has survived and has taken time to appteciate his MCW roots.He was trained by Jim Lancaster,who Snow says showed him the basics of in-ring and dressing room behavior.The two appear together on the WWE-produced DVD,"Before they were Stars 2".

In 1982,Snow began his training on thin tumbling mats on the concrete floor of the Bradfield Center in Lima,Ohio.Many bumps and Bruises later,Snow had his first tase of wrestling in a battle royal in Sringfield Ohio.The rest was history.

Many of his early opponents were Bobo Brazil,The Road Warriors,Ron Garvin,Crusher Blackwell,Harley Race and Kerry Von Erich.

He first became"Mr.Fantastic"Al Snow wrestling in single bouts.He would form a tag team with Rick Ciassio,as The Fantastics.They first gained the MCW United States Tag Team Championship on Nov.14,1986,defeating The Flying Tigers.

When Ciassio went to Atlanta,Snow joined Mickey Doyle as the Sensationals.They would also be known as The Motor City Hitmen and were managed by Super Mouth Dave Drason.

Together they woul hold the same MCW tag title and Indiana-based World Wrestling Association World Tag Team Championship.

Snow would face Lancaster many imes.Snow gained the Midwest Heavyweight title from Lancaster on July 5,1986,in Russells Point,Ohio.In a bloody battle,Lancaster regained the title seven weeks later.

Over the years,Snow would make appearances in St Louis for the National Wretling Alliance,Minneapolis for the American Wrestling Association and for Georgia Championshi Wrestling on their tours in Ohio,Indiana and Michigan.

Snow soon became well known and began his own promotion and training school.He began gaining top independent matches on the east coast.After stints with Smokey Mountain Wrestling and ECW,Snow would soon join the WWF,now known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

He was chosen as the top trainer for MTV's "Tough Enough"series on training pro wrestlers.He said that tactics displayed during his training by Lancaster were used in those episodes.

Snow's ability on the microphone earned him announcing duties as his pro wrestling opportunities appear numerous.

He has come a long way.Being born crippled,doctors had to break a nmber of bones in Snow's legs to reset them in casts to heal correctly.

With his career stagnated in 1997,Snow took an idea from hs friend,Mick Foley,an pulled a Styrofoam mannequin head from a dumpster in New Britain,Connecticut.Head was born an Snow's career Skyrocked.

St. Marys, Ohio Sat., Feb. 21, 2004 Memorial High School McBroom Gym (att: 350 est.)

1st - The American Eagle defeated Christopher Michael Lotus with the American Dreamer sleeper hold

2nd - Kansas Outlaw Psycho Sam Cody defeated The Patriot by pin in an MCW Mask vs Beard Legends Match.

Cody's partner Roughhouse Roger Ruffin seconded Cody with The American Eagle being at ringside for his mentor.

On the finish, The Patriot climbed the ropes, was pushed off by Ruffin as Cody put his legs on the ropes to help pin Patriot.

A melee then ensured in the ring that ended with both Outlaws being put to sleep by the Eagle & Patriot at the same time with the Amercian Dreamer.

With the Outlaws asleep in the ring, Patriot got on the mike saying he would keep his word that if he lost the match he would unmask.

In the ring, he pulled off his mask revealing him to be 50-year-old Greg Lake.

3rd - In a women's match, Sin-D needed her manager's help to pin Peaches. Manager Austin Meddler held Sin-D's hands to help in the pin. While celebrating the win outside the ring, The Young Lions (Jay Donaldson & Ryan Stone), came out and threw Meddler back in the ring keeping Sin-D out. Meddler was slammed by Peaches.

4th - In a fantastic tag match, Dead Sexy Matt Parks & Too Bad Chad Allegra won the Tri-State Tag Team championship from the Young Lions. This match had so many good spots, I won't even attempt to try and explain them with mere words.

5th - Al Snow w/Head defeated Bad Brian Beech. Also, I won't waste words on this fantastic match. Please don't think the other matches weren't good, because they were and all worked hard.

Before the matches, we had an MCW Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Earlier that afternoon, we had a reunion dinner with nearly 40 people attending.

Posthumous awards were given in honor of Bobo Brazil, The Mighty Igor and Sgt. Bobby Golden. Jeremy Golden, Bobby's son, was the the dinner, but unable to attend the matches. Dave Burzynski handled the introductions during the evening ceremony.

Honorees unable to attend the ceremony were Flying Fred Curry, whose award was accepted by Percival A. Friend. Michigan wrestling historian Rob Bauer accepted the award for Luis Martinez and Stacey Painter accepted for lady wrestler Lisa Crockett.

Those on hand to accept their awards were Patriot Greg Lake, Kansas Outlaws, referee Rick Johnson, Flying Tigers Ben Patrick & Larry Wilson, Big Jim & Rick Lancaster and Al Snow.-Jim Painter reporting

Jersey Pro Wrestling 3/6/04

Candido comes out with some fat girl wearing a baggy black t-shirt and black pants. Oh it's Sunny! Oops, sorry Sunny, but you have gotten fat! At first glance I didn't think she looked all that bad, but then I saw the second chin and the blubba and realized she did. Her gut is only second in size to Chris Candido' he's gotten chubby also.

"What does everybody want?" Al Snow enters with Head. The match was typical of their style...started off slow then each went on to do their typical moves...then Al Snow did some WWE wrestler's finisher...followed by an attempt at Socko...followed by a Stunner...Candido did something in this process and did an old school Undertaker-like pin attempt...then did the Hogan...then Al Snow did the People's get the point. At some point in the match, Snow landed the Snowplow, and Candido kicks out! Hanson signals the 2, no bell rung, yet we all hear "What does everybody want?" Apparently the DJ dude saw the Snowplow and figured it was over, haha, funny.

Candido had beefed with Hanson slightly over something, then Snow threw Candido into the ropes and Candido bounced right at Hanson...who goes to catch him from falling but accidentally somehow lifts him up and bodyslams him to the mat! Pop of the evening from Sig and Hanson reclaims some type of respect after jobbing to a midget and bodyslams Candidio.

Both Snow and Candido stared at Hanson in disbelief for about an hour and a half, almost as if really wondering how he did it. Hanson proceeded to take out his cell phone and dial speed dial # 1 and brag to Ariel about what he just did. Wocka wocka.

Later Hanson gets accidentally knocked out when either Candido or Snow threw the other into him Royal Rumble Super Nintendo-style. I think it was Sunny that got flour, and of course oops hit the wrong person and she winds up getting Candido instead of Snow, couldn't see that coming. Candido, blinded, hits Sunny, who then hits Candido, who reaches out, feels her head, apparently thinks it's Snow, and knocks her out. Snow grabs Head, gives Candido Head, Candido swings and hits Head viciously. Candido celebrates, acting like he thinks he knocked Snow out, Snow clobbers Candido's head with Head, and Hanson miraculously recovers and gives the 3-count.

-Sean-Jersey All Pro Message Board

Yukon Braxton Memorial 3/21/04

Al Snow vs. Bryer Wellington - Brawl at the Hall 3, Saint Andrews Hall in Downtown Detroit - Sunday, March 21st, 2004. Attendance 420...

The match was very conservative early on, but eventually it turned into an awesome wrestling clinic. After chain-wrestling back and forth Bryer and Al started taking "requests" from the crowd...

Al Snow answered the fans by doing The Pedigree, The Snow-Cold Stunner, The Head's Elbow and even imitated Foley by taking his boot and sock off for the Socko mandible claw! And Bryer Wellington, not to be outdone, listens to the fan chants and goes with the Atomic Legdrop, Kane's chokeslam, and The Worm. What happens after the match was probably even more fun... Snow snaps and snow-plows Showtime, the ring announcer and host for the evening's event!

Al Snow defeated Bryer Wellington with the Snow-Plow, after an incredibly entertaining match that saw chain-work, high-spots and humor.

Report by Showtime

New York Wrestling Connection 4/2/04

Al Snow w/Head d. Marty Jannetty without HBK Al Snow has seemingly got repetive on the indy scene. Despite all the history between these two, with the New Rockers and all, Al decided to give the same match here as he does everywhere else. This match was an exact carbon copy as the match he had with Raven, like the match he had Chris Candido, like the match he had with Jerry Lawler and more. After about 10 minutes of chain wrestling or so, Marty faked an injury. Marty then quickly turned on Al with a DDT on the floor. After about 8 minutes of pounding on Al Snow, Al and Marty then traded WWE Wrestler finishes, like Al has done in his other matches. After an Al Snow Moonsault for 2, a chokeslam for 2, a snowplow for 2, a people elbow for 2, a worm for 2, and a stunner for 2, the ref gets bumped by Al. Al then takes Head and KABONKS Marty over the head with it. Ref Chris Jackson immediately wakes up and slaps the mat for three, giving Al Snow the win. A great match if you didn't already see it before elsewhere.

Report by Sean"The Mic"McCaffrey

Cyberspace Wrestling Federation 4/24/04

Al Snow defeated Julio Dinero.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Al Snow did NOT put on the usual match that he has been doing all over the indys. You know, the one where he does the pedigree, the people's elbow, etc.

This time Al Snow changed it all. HE SHOULDN'T HAVE!! This match sucked the life out of every person in the building. It went on longer than one of my recaps. It seemed longer than the movie Ghandi.

The two men brawled around the building, whooppee. Snow hit the Snowplow on Julio. The same move that has ended 100 matches and Julio, of all people, kicks out? WTF?

Al wins after hitting Julio with Head (Phyllis). No wonder Vince uses him for commentary these days.

Sorry Al but to say this match sucked is being kind.

Georgiann Makropoulos for

Editors note:Yikes can't have a good match every time out uh?.......anybody remember the old Dogs in a Cage PPV match?????-your webmaster Wayne-O!#%^*

Main Event Championship Wrestling 5/1/04

Al Snow was in the main event against local star Jebediah Yoder, an Amish character which carries a shovel.

Al came out with Head. Near the end of the match, Al Snow performed Sweet Chin Music, a Pedigree, and the People's Elbow for two counts each.

Yoder then performed Hogan's Leg Drop and the Worm for two counts each. Al Snow then came back with a Stunner for two and began unlacing his wrestling boot. He took off his boot, then his sock…then stuffed the sock in his tights for about ten seconds, pulling it back out and sliding it on his hand.

He went for the Mandible Claw, but Yoder hit him with the spade shovel. Snow answered by grabbing Head and nailing Yoder with it for the victory!

Al, was very cordial, making sure EVERYONE got autographs and/or pictures if they wanted them, Al especially was a very nice, friendly guy here in his home state. He joked around and did some crazy poses with fans, and was even seen signing a boy's forehead and a woman's cleavage (at her boyfriend's approval).

credit Alan Edwards and

WWE star Al Snow tops St. Henry card May 19

St. Henry duo to join the fray in challenge match.

 ST. HENRY – Midwest Championship Wrestling returns to the area on May 19 with one of wrestling's top performers in the main event. The card also features two St. Henry residents challenging pro wrestlers to a match.

 World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Al Snow tops the card in the main event. He will bring the infamous Head with him to the ring. He faces a 6'6" 325-pound challenger going by the name of Kaos.

 Bell time is 8 p.m. for the show held in the St. Henry Middle School Gym. The event is being sponsored by the St. Henry Athletic Boosters. Doors open at 7 p.m.

 St. Henry residents Jeff Puthoff and Jeff Garman issued a challenge to MCW that they were just as tough of any pro wrestler.

Promoter Jim Lancaster accepted their challenge and has booked them against The Kansas Outlaws, ex-convicts who were cellmates at Leavenworth Prison.

 The 19-year-old Garman stands 6'2" and weighs 270 pounds. The 2003 St. Henry High School graduate played nose guard and was a standout on the football team. Puthoff, 35, graduated in 1987, and played offensive tackle. He stands 6'5" and weighs 290 pounds.

 The pair is bigger than the Kansas Outlaws. However, Psycho Sam Cody and Roughhouse Roger Ruffin have over 40 years of ring experience between them and have faced larger opponents many times.

 The Outlaws and Al Snow were inducted into the MCW Hall of Fame on Feb. 21 in St. Marys.  Two rematches have been signed from match results at the St. Marys show.

 Too Bad Chad Allegra and Magnificent Matt Parks will defend their Tri-State Tag Team championship against The Young Lions, Jay Donaldson and Ryan Stone. Parks and Allegra won the belts from the Young Lions in St. Marys.

 WLIO-TV Sports personality Vince Koza will referee the second rematch.

The Georgia-based, Peaches, will get another shot at Sensational Sindy, who is managed by Austin Meddler. In St. Marys, Meddler illegally aided Sindy in her win over Peaches.

 Koza has agreed to be the trouble-shooting referee and deal with Meddler accordingly.  In the opener, The American Eagle faces Pompano Joe.

 Tickets are $15 for ringside and $10 general admission for all ages. General admission tickets are on sale at St. Henry High School, Gels IGA, Fish-Mo's and the St. Henry Nightclub. Ringside tickets are only being sold at the high school, according to Athletic Director Tim Boeckman.

May 19, 2004 St. Henry, Ohio   St. Henry High School

1st match - American Eagle pinned Pompano Joe

2nd match- A.J. Sparx over Sensational Sindy by reverse decision. Sindy's manager Austin Meddler tripped Sparx for pin. Special referee Vince Koza of WLIO-TV in Lima, Ohio, reversed the decision.

3rd match- Local St. Henry residents Jeff Garman & Jeff Puthoff defeated The Kansas Outlaws. Meddler KOed the ref with chain. Garman slammed Meddler, Puthoff splashed him and they piled Outlaws on top of him. Vince Koza ran in for 3-count on Meddler in a pile up finish.

4th match - The Yooung Lions (Jay Donaldson & Ryan Stone) won the Tri-State Tag Team championship from Magnificent Matt Parks & Too Bad Chad Allegra by pin

5th match - Al Snow w\Head pinned Kaos with a KO by Head

Ballpark Brawl 2 Reaults found on the D.O.L. Message Board posted by Trading Spouses

The Ballpark Brawl II held at Dunn Tire Field in Buffalo, New York. The biggest news to report from the event is that Teddy Hart is claiming that he broke his ankle during a match against Derek Wylde. After the show I attended an autograph session and Hart walked in with a cane claiming his anklebone was sticking out of his skin. Later on, he had his leg up (appeared to be intoxicated) and was claiming an ankle break as he signed autographs. Regardless of his injury, he was very gracious and accessible to the fans.

The results of the card are as follows:

In a special match, Jimmy Hart teamed with Empire State Wrestling's own Johnny Puma against local disc jockey "Puff Man" and Empire State Wrestling's Grizma. "Puff Man" and Grizma won when a fellow disc jockey interfered and blasted Hart with a steel chair and put Puff on top for the pin. Afterwards, Abyss came out and cleared the ring of everyone. He chokeslammed both Puma and Grizma and left with Jimmy Hart.

An eight man tournament was held to crown a new "Natural" Champion (The film "The Natural" was filmed in Buffalo and the belt was originally slated to be called the "Iron Man" Championship until promoters learned another federation has a title by that name.

Round One:

Julio Dinero pinned Petey Williams to advance to the second round

Abyss pinned Cody Steele to advance to the second round.

Ron Killings pinned Johnny Swinger to advance to the second round.

Teddy Hart pinned Derek Wylde to advance the second round. This was an incredible match and featured Hart somersaulting off of a twenty foot backstop onto Wylde (this may be where Hart broke his ankle).

A brief ceremony was held honoring local legend Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer.

An announcement was made that "Ballpark Brawl III" will be held on August 14 and it will feature the second half of the "Natural" tournament and appearances by Amazing Red, Sabu, A.J. Styles, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, and Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan pinned Buff Bagwell. Duggan did all of his typical spots and defeated Bagwell with the three point stance. Duggan looked to be in good shape.

Roddy Piper held a Piper's Pit and ran down Jimmy Hart. Hart came to the ring with Abyss and protested Piper's deregatory comments. Piper challenged Hart to a match where one of Piper's wrestlers would wrestle Abyss and if Abyss lost, Piper would get Hart in the ring for five minutes. Out comes Sean O'Haire and he battled Abyss to a wild no-contest finish where multiple referees were laid out and Jimmy Hart attempted to interfere. The match ended with the entire locker room entering the ring until a baseball bat wielding Piper and O'Haire cleared the ring.

In the Main Event, Al Snow pinned Chris Candido (with Sunny) after a wild thirty plus minute "Field of Screams"(i.e. Hardcore) Match.

It estimated that there were around 1,500 people at the event. The tickets were $12.00 and included a baseball game by the local Triple A club The Buffalo Bisons.

No shows included Greg Valentine, Zach Gowen, Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas, and Konnan.

The crowd seemed to be very much into the matches, especially the Main Event

Click here to see IWA Cruel School Poster

Approximately 150 fans gathered at the Silo Nightclub in Reading, PA on August 14th, for the IWA's tribute to longtime wrestling fans Richie Mershon and George Huddleston.

  After the nine-bell salute, with State Athletic Commission representative refusing to count George and Richie out, Al Snow took the microphone.  Snow noted that there were three wrestlers not present for the salute.  Those three were Rebel's Army: Rockin Rebel, Doomsday Danny Rose, and former Tough Enough trainee of Snow's, Greg Matthews.

  Rebel's Army answered the call from Snow, and words turned to actions between student and teacher.  With Snow outnumbered by Rebel's Army, local favorite Psycho ran to the ring to help Snow, and form an impromptu tag team for the main event. 

Match results: 

1) Light Heavyweight Champion Din Mak pinned Matt Bomboy.

  2) Alere Little Feather pinned Cindy Rogers.

  3) The Ivy League (Boogalou & Havoc, with Rob Dimension) defeated Sugaa & Low Ryda. 

  4) Diehard Eddie Edwards & Sinister X (with Hat Guy John Bailey) defeated Kevin James & Cabbie (with Shannon Lavey).

  5) Simply Luscious pinned Sumie Sakai.

6) Rapid Fire Maldonado pinned Greg Spitz.

  7) Balls Mahoney (with Luscious Lily) pinned Chris Candido (with Thunderbolt)

  8) Al Snow & Psycho defeated Rebel's Army (Greg Matthews & Rockin Rebel, with Danny Rose ringside).  Rapid Fire Maldonado returned for a post-match brawl to help Snow and Psycho clean house. 

Ring Announcers: Carolina Jim and Doc Daniels

Referees: Jason Lesher and Matt Timlin

Timekeeper: Richie "Extreme" Ash.


On September 4th, at the Stahr Armory, located at 438 North Queen St. in Lancaster, PA, World Star Wrestling will celebrate 10 years of wrestling.

All of your favorite World Star Wrestling superstars will be there, along with WWE legends, Tito Santana, King Kong Bundy, and Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka. Also appering will be WWE superstar, and the head trainer of Tough Enough I,II, and III, Al Snow

WSWF Resuts

Breaker Morrant over "Black Magic" Nate Johnson

Johnny Toxic over "Cornerman" Juan Jeremy

Matt Turner over Bai-Long & Dave Webb in a 3-way dance

WSWF Cruiserweight Champion Joey Image over Justyn Glory

King Kong Bundy over Cannonball

Tito Santana over Steve "The Teacher"

The Bodyguard & Big Slam Vader over Sweet Bobby "G" & Flex

Al Snow over WSWF World Champion Kage in a non-title match

USA Pro Wrestling 9/17/04-The McReview for DOL

In the Main Event For the USA PW Heavyweight Championship (c) Al Snow d. Low Ki

This was a meaningless match because everyone knew Al Snow was going to win. In fact, about 400 or so dumped out of the building due to numerous factors- the show was running long, the ticket sellers finished sucking, and this match was way too easy to predict.

On the USA Pro Hotline, The Masked Maniac said Low Ki is a guy that you use as a one time attraction and who you don't build around, because he already has an aura around him, in addition to the fact that Low Ki is not loyal to USA PW.

Well, knowing that, there was no chance of Low Ki winning this belt, and I think that is a reason why some left. Why put a guy in a main title match if there is no chance of him winning it?

Add in the fact that Al Snow is not a draw by any means, the crowd left during this match. Al Snow was the JAPW champion during one of the worst periods in JAPW history.

Al Snow has worked for every combination of letters in this area, so seeing Al Snow isn't that special. Having him as champion is just a waste of time too in my opinion. His draw is weakened by being exposed on so many shows. Also by using him as champion, there is no build to any of his title matches.

Having him as champion holds down spots for other guys that USA Pro can be making stars. If fans want to see Al Snow, they don't care if he's champ or not.

Anyway, as far as this match, it was 30 minutes of back and forth action. Both guys were able to reverse the others offense throughout the match. Some said Al Snow was able to "bully" Low Ki around, but I think it was just a case of seeing Low Ki having a different type of match.

Low Ki usually dominates his matches, but that didn't happen here. Low Ki was able to muster up some offense here, but not enough to win, as Al Snow put him away with a snowplow.

Webmaster Note:Wow.....thats pretty anti Al wouldn't you say?.....but that still makes Al the Champ don't it

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Show Sept 18th 2004

Al vs. Sinn.... Al did a "People's Elbow" but did it where he kept running until he tired himself out ...... here was funny moment when Al kept running the ropes, the ring slid a bit, every time, back and forth......Al also took his boot off, pulled off his sock, put it on his hand, and put on the "Mandible Claw" on Sinn .... Al got the win with a Snow Plow

There was an intermission where fans could have paid $10 to go into the ring and have a Polaroid taken with Al........... seemed like Al was popular with the fans, as lots of people got their photos taken with Al

Northeast Wrestling for the Danbury Police League and Autum Ambush 10/1/04.....Al took on Jerry the King Lawler.......results at this time are unknown

Renegades Rampage fan fest 10/2/04

"I was walking through the fan fest tent at Renegade Rampage yesterday (10/2/04)and I saw my 2 yr old daughter blowing kisses and waving at someone.I thought she saw her mom,but when I turned around it was Al Snow.He was blowing kisses amd waving back.He spent a good 15 mins with my daughter and they both had a blast.Al Snow is REAL!!!!Now he has 2 fans for life...Cody and me...Cody's Dad".........

Al was in the main event.It was Al and Jerry The King Lawler vs D'lo Brown and Chris Candido.The special guest ref Mick Foley.Al and the King won.D'lo tried the old powder in the face routine and hit Foley with the powder.Out came Mr. Socko Foley got D'lo ........I missed the rest because we got on line for autographs.

USA Pro Wrestling-Nov 19th 2004-In a wild main event for the USA Pro world championship Balls Mahoney won his 6th USA Pro world title by pinning Al Snow after 30 minutes of a chaotic match that featured Chris Candido helping Balls but hitting Balls and Sandman helping Snow by hitting Balls and Axl trying to help Balls but again hitting Balls and then the huge suprise happens as BILL DEMOTT AKA HUGH MORRUS comes to the aid of Al Snow and get hit by Snow by accident which causes DeMott to powerbomb Snow and then placing Balls on top of Snow for the pinfall thus setting up hopefully Hugh Morrus vs. Al Snow next show.

Blackjack Dragon -For USA Pro site

And of course, there was the main event, which saw Balls Mahoney defeat Al Snow for his 6th reign as USA Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Several interferences at the end after a decent match, which saw Al in control for the majority with a mostly, and surprisingly, mat-based effort. I didn't really expect that, but it was just out-of-control at the end. Axl Rotten, Sandman, Chris Candido... and BILL DEMOTT all interfered, with Bill using the powerbomb he pinned so many Velocity Jobbers with to keep Al down for Balls. I believe this was Bill's first taste of in-ring action since he retired. The crowd wasn't actually into this one as much as I expected, but it's understandable because basically every single title match was held at the end, so the fans didn't have all their energy.

And as you've probably heard by now, Bill DeMott and the Tough Enough kids were all there in attendance. They were on stage only a few feet from me watching the show all night. I didn't really talk to the TE kids aside from telling The Miz he looks like Josh Mathews, but as you'd expect, I MARKED OUT like a little school girl when talking with Bill. I had no clue he was going to be there (Nor did anyone else, I'm sure), and when I first heard he was here, I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my entire LIFE. I talked to him for quite awhile about Velocity (What else would I talk to him about?) after the show, which I will get extensively into tomorrow in the 'five-star' Velocity Report.

USA Pro Announcer Matt Zylbert for USA Pro site

Hugh Morris/Bill Demott jumped in the ring and went to punch Balls Mahoney and missed and slugged Al Snow in the face and then beat on Snow afterwards! How cool is USA Pro to now have Hugh Morris in USA Pro!

Reggie Miller-USA Pro message board

Al Snow Vs Balls, Great match, WOW I cant believe I saw a match with a story being told, reminded me of the good old Bret, Bulldog, Owen Flair kind of matches where they would pick one bodypart to work on and stay with that till the end. That was a Great match for all you green kids or 10 finishing moves in one match guys. Look and learn, that's wrestling. Thinking 10 finishing moves is going to make you look good in a match is not the way to make it in Pro wrestling. Tell a story when you work like Al Snow did. Great match Look and learn!!!

Guest of USA Pro message board

All the Tough Enough kids were at USAPW tonight!!! They sat on the stage and, and watched the show!!! It was just like being in a WWE show!!! Just like WWE!!! The USAPW show sucked as bad as WWE!!! But the Tough Enough kids were alll there!!! And so was Hugh Morris!!!! Too bad only 800 people were there to see the Tough Enough kids!!

Puder Mark -USA Pro message board

Congrats to Balls Mahoney for beating Al Snow and winning his 6th USA Pro World title and the match was cool with Axl Rotten, Sandman, Candido and Hugh Morris!! Yes Hugh Morris all running in causing Balls to win the belt!!

Congrats to Balls Mahoney for beating Al Snow and winning his 6th USA Pro World title and the match was cool with Axl Rotten, Sandman, Candido and Hugh Morris!! Yes Hugh Morris all running in causing Balls to win the belt!!

Ron Artest -USA Pro message board

Balls Mahoney defeated Al Snow to win the USA Pro Wrestling Heavweight Championship for the 6th time. Interfere was made in this match by Chris Candido, The Sandman, Axl Rotten, and WWE's Bill DeMott!

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