Al Snow Indy work 2005

As announced, Al Snow will be taking on "The King of Old School" Steve Corino at UXW Genesis on February 26, 2005.

This is one of those rare matches that is truly a first time ever encounter. Both Snow and Corino have proven to the wrestling world that they can work any style with any opponent. Nobody knows if the fans will see a technical classic or a bloody extreme battle.

Prior to this match being announced, we have been told by sources close to Al Snow that he was flat out pissed off that he was denied a rematch for the UXW Championship. Snow, normally known to keep his cool, was not returning any phone calls.

Steve Corino contacted UXW once he saw that Al Snow was without a match for the next show.

At first UXW officials were leery to even consider any requests from Corino, but they decided to hear him out. What it came down to was Corino agreeing to come to UXW if, and only if, he could have Al Snow in the ring one on one.

UXW finally got in touch with Al Snow and we made him aware of Corino's challenge. Al Snow hesitated for a moment but then agreed to meet Corino in the ring.

Every fan knows all of the headaches that Steve Corino caused UXW/USAPW in the last year. We had advertised him for several shows and he never bothered to show up. This time we are fairly confident that things will go down differently since it was Corino himself who requested the match. In his typical style, Steve Corino emailed us the following statement to be shared with the fans.

"Greetings wrestling fans, it is I, the King of Old School, the Extreme Horseman, and the F-ing God of Professional Wrestling, Steve Corino. Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I hate USA Pro, I hate UXW (even though it hasn't even began yet), and I hate coming to the true toilet bowl of the country, New York. Now then, let's began with a little story called, Young Steve Corino Gets the Shaft from the Big Bad Veteran. Several years ago before most of you knew who I was, I applied to Al Snow's wrestling school. Apparently Mr. Snow saw absolutely nothing in me and refused my admission. All I wanted to do was get trained by a wrestler who I looked up to and who I felt would give me the foundation I needed to go some place in this industry. I guess we were both wrong. I didn't need him to get anywhere and I sure as hell went places. Fast forward to the present and opportunity knocked once again. Everything looks like it'll be coming full circle. Al Snow didn't have a match in UXW and all it took was a phone call to get to where we are now. I'm coming to Long Island for once reason and one reason only. Make no mistake about it; I am not coming to help UXW get their first show off to a hot start. I could care less if UXW ever ran another show after this one. You all know that's a shoot since I've backed out of bookings here many times. All I want is to show the man who snubbed me back when I was trying to break in that it all comes together in the end. To prove how serious I am, I even cancelled another booking just so I can get Al Snow in the ring. So Snowman, bring your pet mannequin and prepare to go to school."

USA Xtreme Wrestling February 26,2005


Al Snow d. Steve Corino

Some people have reported that this match went 60 minutes, but I received some emails from some fans who said the match was only 49 minutes. I didn't time the match so I don't know, but regardless of the time, this was a very good match. In the middle of the match, Corino faked a knee injury. It was a very sadistic and chickenshit heel thing to do, which riled up the crowd. The only problem was, the crowd already waited 30 minutes for the main event after Diablo's injury, and they weren't going to sit there to see if Corino was alright or not, as at least 30 fans walked out thinking there was another injury.

Both wrestlers wrestled very hard and tight in this match, and hit several of their trademark moves. Corino was able to kick out of a Snowplow. Al was able to kick out of an STO. With the wrestlers not going down easy, Al enlisted the help of Head, and used Head to wack Corino, to pick up the pin.

This was a very good match, that I think will translate better on tape than live. Myself and most others were more focused on Diablo's health than this match here, so I think I'd enjoy this match more if I rewatched it.

Sean"The Mic McCaffrey for D.O.I.

4/16/05 National Wrestling Superstars

The main event saw WWE star Al Snow take on NWS' top heal, Hasheem Ali. For weeks, Ali has been telling anyone who will listen that he would be using Snow as a stepping stone to the WWE and he attacked Snow from the onset of the match. The two battled for over 17 minutes when Snow, who had already hit the "rock bottom", the "Austin Bird" (single finger figure it out...this is a "family" review), when he went for the sock. The referee, standing behind Ali watching the match, was knocked down when Ali pulled Snow into him. This allowed Ali and his manager, Royce Profit, to double team the WWE star. Ali whipped Snow into the corner. While there, he grabbed "head" and hit Ali and Profit with it, then set Ali up for the pin, as the referee came to. Although he lost, fans showed Ali respect for wrestling nearly 20 minutes against the WWE legend-From the National Wrestling Superstars web site

Mark Curtis Memorial Show 5/7/05

Mick Foley & Shane Douglas (with DeNucci) defeated Al Snow & D-Lo Brown (with Thatcher).

Foley and Snow really went at it, wrestling as if they were in a major promotion feud. Douglas came in and got doubled on for a while as Foley tried to make the tag. Foley finally made it back in.

Snow put him down and hit the people's elbow, though only after an exaggerated number of rebounds off the ropes. Foley kicked out. Foley then did the worm, but due to his weight he couldn't exactly do it with the finesse of Scotty in WWE. This was hilarious!

Foley lariated Snow from the ring and Snow sold it that he broke his elbow on landing. He did a great job, as it looked legit. But it was a ruse, as Snow posted Foley when Foley came to check on him. Foley DDT'd Snow and pulled out Mr. Socko, but D-Lo crotched Foley before he could use it.

They continued imitating other wrestlers, as D-Lo did a bunch of Hulk Hogan mannerisms and then legdropped Douglas for a near fall. Douglas continued the routine, giving Stone Cold Stunners to both Snow & D-Lo.

The match ended with a triple pin as Douglas pinned D-Lo, Foley pinned Snow using Mr. Socko, and DeNucci even punched Thatcher and pinned him.

The crowd loved this match. Afterward, Snow and D-Lo argued, with Snow walloping D-Lo with Head. It was agreed as the show ended that all the participants were friends of Mark Curtis, as was everyone involved with the show and in the audience.

Tim Whitehead for Pro Wrestling Insider

Al d. Trevor Rhodes

Wicked Wrestling Alliance 9/24/05-reported by Wicked Wrestling Alliance website

The match went back and forth quite a bit.  Angus McDuff and Al Snow made a wish with Rigsby's legs....OUCH!  Al Snow put a headlock on Botch that even Botch couldn't seem to escape.  Finally Botch just plowed Al Snow over.  Rigsby did a bear hug on Angus.  Angus applied an STF on Rigsby.  Al Snow gave Rigsby a  pile driver.  Angus did a Hogan style leg drop on Rigsby.  Al Snow dropped his version of the people's elbow on Botch.  Rigsby and Al Snow spank Ty.  Angus pinned Rigsby for the win for him and Al Snow.

1PW 9/30/05

Steve Corino beat Al Snow to retain the AWA Title. We've had mixed reports throughout the evening on this one, and although technically a great match, it appears it didn't go down well with some of the live crowd. Snow and Corino impersonated a couple of WWE wrestlers and used their trademark moves and expressions to get cheap pops, which appeared to have got the crowd back into the match.-Reported by

AWA World Heavyweight Championship:

Steve Corino b. Al Snow

Superb match, with many ref bumps. Early on in the match, Corino was knocked out of the ring and claimed to be injured. The whole crowd were really into it. Officials came down and helped Corino to the back. But as they hoisted him up, Corino turned around and knocked Al Snow right off his feet!

This then led to interference from Blue Meanie and Tracy Smothers. The match also turned into a WWE imitation match, with both stars imitating WWE wrestler's finishing moves; such as the People's Elbow, Hogan Legdrop, Angle Slam, Ankle Lock, Stone Cold Stunner and Pedigree. Al Snow had the Mandible Claw in while the referee was down, and Corino nearly tapped out!

Finish came when Al Snow missed a shot with Head, and Corino finished him off with a Clothesline From hell for the win.-reported by

Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, Dec. 9, Milwaukee, Wis.,Blizzard Brawl

Al,accompanied by Head, then wrestled Skullkrusher, who was managed by Carmine DeSpirito. In the upset of the night, Skullkrusher pinned Snow, but only after feigning an injury after being hurled from the ring. When a concerned Snow joined officials at ringside to check on Skullkrusher, he fell victim to a sneak attack masterminded by the sleazy DeSpirito. The fans were outraged, but none more so than an 80 year-old grandmother seated in the front row with her family. She challenged DeSpirito and Skullkrusher, who wisely bid a hasty retreat to the safety of the dressing room.