Webmasters Interview


your Webmaster:

In 1998 when I started to build the HEAD i started getting e-mails from Al but wasn't sure it was really him so I asked him this question.........

When you first arrived in Smoky Mt. Wrestling, wasn't there a statement refering to having sex or something to that affect?

Al: The sex comment was because I made that smart-ass statement at the UFC4, (editor: hmmm.. I missed that) while Dan Severn was being interviewed by some idiot announcer and Jim Cornette saw that and it was what he helped me get a job down there, and he had me use it on my first interview with Jim Ross when Unabomb and I were put together!

Your Webmaster:To help with this i found this in The Wrestling Tribune from March 4,1995#81 this is the story:If you see the Smoky Mountain TV shows and you're wondering why Al Snow will sometimes say in interviews that he's on his way back to the locker room to have sex,there's an inside joke behind it.After Dan Severn's first round victory at the last Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view where Snow appeared as his trainer,one of the UFC announcers asked a stupid question to Snow on an interview about what Severn would do back in the dressing room to prepare for the second round.Snow,a little annoyed with the question.sarcastically said something to the effect that Severn was going back to the dressing room to tire himself out by having sex.This has now become Snow's standard line since everyone in the wrestling business thought it was hilarious.

Nofredm;Where did you get your start? I have seen some matches listed from Wrestling at the Chase? Is that where you got your start?

Al:My first match was in Springfield, Ohio, in a two-ring twenty man battle royal on May 22nd 1982 with such luminaries as Austin Idol, Randy Rose, Al Perez, Sailor White, the original Moondog, and of course many more, then I got my first actual match, actually, first three matches at the T.V. tapings in St. Louis for Sam Muchnick at the Chase TV studio.

Nofredm: Was the HEAD with you then? What made you get into wrestling in the first place? Did the Head nag you, and nag you till you finally said "Ok! I'll do it."?

Al:The HEAD has always been with me I've just not been aware of their voices, at certain times such as when I first started wrestling. But I think the HEAD was driving the car and I was not as aware of it as I am now. Maybe if I was, I might have gotten further in less time, but oh well, it's better to be finally insane then never be insane at all!

Nofredm:You say you have been wrestling for 15 years, when in that time did you start the BodySlammers gym? Or was that owned by the HEAD?

Al:I started the gym after I had been wrestling for about 9 years. Technically, everything is owned by the HEAD... even me.

Nofredm:I seen where you have had matches at the gym, is that a yearly thing or only when the HEAD tells you to have one?

Al: The shows that were held were whenever the HEAD got bored and wanted a little amusement!

Nofredm: I have read that you are married, do you have any kids, and what does the wife think of the HEAD?

Al: I am very, very, very, happily married and have two children plus two step-children.

Nofredm: Your birthday is listed as July something, but never the year, are you as old as the HEAD, or is the HEAD older?

Al:Yes, I was born in July I am not sure how old the HEAD is, they never really mentioned it and I have never asked!

Nofredm: Listing all your matches I could, I noticed you have had a lot of matches with Sabu, did you train with Sabu?

Al:Sabu and I did not train together, he trained with his uncle the Sheik in Michigan (editor note: I know that) and I got my training in Ohio with Big Jim Lancaster, and the matches with Sabu were all an elaborate plan by the HEAD to get me noticed by the wrestling world!

Nofredm: I also read that you were not happy as a New Rocker, and that you thought that Marty was lazy, how good of friends are you, and would you ever tag with him again?

Al: Marty and I are very good friends and the reason I was not happy as a Rocker was because it became a dead end gimmick for Vince McMahon who never had any plans for it!

Nofredm: Where did the name Leif Cassidy come from? Did the HEAD make that up? Or was it Vince that came up with that name?

Al: The WWF think tank came up with the name it's a combination of Leif Garrett and David Cassidy, both teen idols.

Nofredm: What do you think about your push in ECW? Is this the work of the HEAD? The HEAD have a talk with Paul E.? Or is it all your doing?

Al: Everything is the HEAD's doing, they have secret meetings with Paul E., that I don't even know about. And yes, this is really me, and yes I really know Joe (note: see Letters to The Editor's page) who works with my step-father, and he does give me a ride to the airport from where my step-father's work place is!

HEAD: Al's a shooooooter!!!

Al:I'm not!

HEAD:Yes, you are, you're a shoooooter!

Al:Shut up! You're driving me crazy!!!!

Nofredm:Bowing to the HEAD. Thanks, Al.

Al:Talk to you later, I will too!... Yes, I will!!!!