Pro Wrestling Illustrated Sep 98

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Sep 98

For 15 years Al Snow know he was good enough to compete against the top wrestlers in the world.The problem was,no one else believed him. Enter the HEAD.

Snow's rise to the top of ECW was one of the most unpredictable stories of 1998.His chioce in"managers,"though,was an even bigger story. For those unfamiliar Snow,he trained under the legendary Ole and Gene Anderson.After absorbing a devastating beating at the hands of Gene Anderson,he was dimissed from thier tutelage.Yet Snow was not deterred,and quickly came to the attention of Jim Lancaster,who took the youngster under his wing.

Snow found regional success in the squared circle and egain to cultivate a reputation as "Wrestlings best unknown wrestler."In 1995,Snow received a call from Vince McMahon and signed with the WWF as half of the New Rockers with Marty Jannetty.Snow,then known as Leif Cassidy,was uncomfortable with his image and fell into a rut after his team with Jannetty failed to capture the WWF World tag team title.

Snow fled the WWF AND SIGNED WITH ecw,only to lose matches against stars such as Shane Douglas and the Great Sasuke.That's when the years of frustration caught up to him.

Snow begain carrying a mannequin head to the ring and claimed to receive instuction from what he called"The Head".Suddenly,Snow was wrestling with renewed viger,and found himself in line for an ECW title shot against Shane Douglas.The Head had taken Snow to the top.

PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED sent Contibuting Writers Matt Brock,Dan Murphy,and Liz Hunter to meet with Snow and to learn thought on the verge of the biggest match of his career.

AL SNOW:Before we begin,I want to make sure it's all right if I have the HEAD sit in on the interview.I don't answer any questions without the HEAD.

DAN MURPHY:Uhmm,sure Al we have no problem with the HEAD.In fact,the HEAD might be able to give us some insightful answers.

MATT BROCK:(mumbles)This is not a good way to srart an interview,that's for sure.

Snow:What did you say?

BROCK:I said let's get on with the interview.Al,you've wrestled all over the world and now you're in line for a shot at Shane Douglas' ECW title.Do you feel prepared to take on one of the best technical wrestlers in the sport today?

SNOW:HEAD?(snow holds the HEAD to his ear,nodding rapidly,after a few moments he sets the HEAD aside)I'd have to agree,there.Imean,I am in the best shape of my life and I am wrestling better than ever.The HEAD is right,I am realy.

BROCK:Great.Well I guess that answers my question.Someone else talk to this fruitcake.


LIZ HUNTER:I apologize about our associate Mr.Brock.He still has to come to terms with the fact that wrestling has changed since the days of Verne Gagne and Lou Thesz.

BROCK:Darn shame.I'm sure you've never heard of these men before,have you Snow?

SNOW:Are you kidding me,old man?Iremember Thesz,I remember Gagne.My earliest memory is wating the Sheik wrestle Bobo Brazil.I remember them all.I studied wrestling by watching men like them and adapting their moves to my own strengths.They're the reson I am today,and they're the reson I'm going to beat Shane Douglas to win the ECW title.

MURPHY:That's really why we're here,Al.Shane Douglas has shown some real signs of panic heading into your match against him.Do you think the HEAD gives you an advantage heading into this title match,and do you feel you are ready to wrestle for the ECW title? BROCK:Did he really say"an advantage"?

SNOW:Shane fears the HEAD.The HEAD has crawled up inside his head and has told me all the secrets that Shane stows away in the deep recesses of his mind.The HEAD knows Shane Douglas better than Shane Douglas and the HEAD has passed that knowlege on to me.

HUNTER:Al,since hooking up with your,ummm,manager,you've finally begun to gain some of the success that many people had you pegged for much earlier in your career.How did you meet the HEAD,and how has it....




Hunter:Fine, has she helped you focus yourself and get on this winning streak?

SNOW:All my life people have been trying to make me something I'm not,they tried to make me a Midnight Rocker.They tried to keep me out of big matches because no one thought I was good enough.But I know I was.I always knew I was.Then I got a phone call from the HEAD.

BROCK:I'm leaving.

MURPHY:Matt,please,take a seat.Give him a chance.

BROCK:Look.We're talking about a mannequin head here!This has nothing to do with wrestling.

SNOW:The HEAD doesn't like to be insulted! The HEAD has been to the top of the mountain and is about to pull Al Snow to the pinnacle as well.Say you're sorry.Apologize to the HEAD.

HUNTER:Come on Matt.The sooner you apologize,the sooner we can concentrate on wrestling.

BROCK:Oh,for the love of Pete.All right.I'm sorry,Ms.HEAD.I am never going to live this down.

SNOW:(holding the HEAD to his ear)The HEAD accepts your apology.She also says that you can stand to lose a few pounds.

BROCK:That's it!

MURPHY:Okay,Al you really got in line for this title match when you aligned with Lance Storm to take on Douglas and Chris Candido at the Living Dangerously pay-per-view.Since then,though,you've mostly wrestled by yourself.Do you have any allies,and are you confident facing the Triple Threat by yourself?

SNOW:I have thousands of allies,just look at the arenas,look at all the fans waving heads,Ifinally have support,people who belive in me,and it's all because of the HEAD.Shane feels the momentum shifting my way,and he knows he cannot stop it.The HEAD gives me all the confidence I need.I'm not going to need other people jumping in the ring to save me,either.Ican,beat Douglas on my own.

HUNTER:Despite you different attitudes and managers,you and Douglas have a lot in common in terms of the style of your wrestling.Do you respect Douglas?

SNOW:I respect Douglas' ability.You have to respect a man who has put so much time into becoming one of the elite in the sport.Douglas has it all going for him.The shiny gold belt,the beauriful girl,the popular friends.Those are things that Al Snow never had.Yes I respect Shane,but I am going to take everything he has.The HEAD has shown me the way.

BROCK:I have to concede that you are an incredibly talented wrestler and you've been on a heck of a hot streak lately.I can't question your desire ether,because I can see that you're hungery for that ECW title.But Al,look at you!You're taking advice from a mannequin head-no offence-and you're hanging out with the Blue Meanie and Super Nova,two other guys who have their share of troubles upstairs.You even have "Help Me"written on your forehead-backward,no less,in what appears to be permanent magic marker!Are you mentally prepared to win one of the biggest singles titles in the world?

SNOW:Brock,I have dedicated 15 years of my life to becoming the best wrestler in the world.All my life,people said I was too small,or too quiet,or that I should be someone else.Now the HEAD has shown me how to be myself.It's Al Snow's chance to shine,and I won't let the HEAD down.

MURPHY:On behalf of all of us I'd like to wish you,and the HEAD,good luck.

BROCK:And maybe after the match you can give Dr.Sidney M.Basil a call.

credit:Pro Wrestling Illustrated September 1998