AOL Interview

Al's AOL CHAT 3/31/98

AL:Hello! I am Finally here!

question:Al how does it feel to be welcomed and accepted in ECW after being misused in the WWF?

Al:There we go,sorry,it was good to be back in a company that I felt like I was actually apart of,I have it together now so shoot away!

Question:Where did you first meet HEAD?Would you care to tell us exactly what you hear from the HEAD!

Al:Exscuse the typing the HEAD distracts me,when I was a child,I hear everything like you would if you were to talk to another person!

Question:Is there any truth to the rumor that you are returning to active WWF competition?

Al:Ok I'm still under contract to the WWF but I don't at this time plan on returning to the WWF!

Question:What move has hurt you most in Wrestling?What is the most difficult move to execute?

Al:Thats a hard question to answer but I will try,the move which hurt the worst was a gord buster that dislocated my shoulder last december,and the most difficult move would have to be a shooting star press!

Question:What happened with you and titan and why did you never get the push you deserved?

Al:I honestly don't know the excact reson I have heard humerous resons over the two years I was there and can only guess at which one was the straw that broke the camels back.

Question:How would you compare or rank your training school against some of the others in the united states,who are some of the graduates from the Bodyslammers gym?

Al:In my opinion the only other schools to match up to mine would be Taz's Dojo and Malenko's school!

Question:Did Paul Heyman come up with the HEAD gimmick and then present it to you,or did you and Paul come up with it together?

Al; Dan Severen ,the Blue Meanie,and I came up with the gimmick and intially Paul did'nt thrill over it,but then things clicked and he has gotten behind it 100%,I thought I would be a heel but Paul kept saying I would be the next cult babyface,like Cactus,a very big compiment!

Question:Now that you are aHEAD has WCW tried to lure you away?whould you ever consider working for them when your WWF contract expires?

Al:I would consider working for anybody but I'm very happy,very happy in ECW and it would take alot to get to get me away and WCW has not spoke with me since I am still under contract with WWF!

Question:How do you compare ECW to SMW?

Al:Like different sides of the same coin!

Question:What have or who have been the greatest influences on you and your style?

Al:Terry Funk,Sabu,Benoit,Harley Race,Curt Henning,Dick Murdoch,Austin Idol,Buzz Sawer!

Question:Why did you do the NEW ROCKER gimmick?

Al:I thought it was going to be used in a positive way,what choice did I have? I hoped that they actually were going to do what they promised!

Question:Do you have any favorite Wrestlers outside of ECW?If so.who and why?

Al:Benoit,he is incredible to work with,I would do so again,Eddie Guerrero,Dean Malenko,Sean Micheals,Ricky Morton and Ricky Steamboat!

Question:Who are some of your good friends in the industry?

Al:Glenn Jacobs,Cactus Jack,Blue Meanie,Brian Hildebrand,and many,many more I don't want to offend anybody by continuing and leaving someone out but belive me when I say i am a very rich man when it comes to friends!

Question:Have you ever gotten really annoyed with a fellow worker because they were really bad and would do alot wrong?

Al:Yes but only a few times!

Question:Why did you stop teaming with Jannetty?

Al:His contract ran out and they were talking about splitting us up any ways even if Marty had stayed!

Question:What happened to Mid West Territorial Wrestling?

Al:It honestly went out of business when I left, the promoter Gary Warrencheck felt that I was his one marketable talent in the territory!

Question:Whats your opinions of your former partner Unibomb Glenn Jacobs making it in the WWF as Kane?

Al:I am very happy for him and think the gimmick is exactly what they should have done with him in the beginning I just hope they don't leave him in the lurch since he has worked with the taker now!

Question:What matches,if any have been turned into shoots?

Al:Only one in Japan that was a worked shoot in the first place and a second one years ago in indiana that got very ugly!

Question:HEAD!,hows it hanging out with AL?

Al:The HEAD is always complaning like right now especially when we go to the Airport,they hate to go though the xray machine and they constantly harass the Stewardess's then I have to but them in the overHEAD bin!

Question:Do you think this HEAD gimmick could get over big?Oh and you rule the world Al,thanks for chatting here!

Al:Yeah sure I just think I would be more of a heel instead of a babyface!

Question:What do you consider your career highlight so far?

Al:Thank you,working in SMW and now in ECW but the biggest would have been the last ppv,wow!

Question:After many years of hardship of trying to be a HEADliner,what gave you the will to keep on going?How does it feel to be a HEADliner now?

Al:The faith that one day it would pay off and my love for what I do,oh yeah and plain stupidity!

Question: have you ever thought what might happen fan-wise if you returned to the WWF as Al Snow?

Al:The HEAD said that last one,I really don't know I beleive I would get over but to what extent would be up to Vince,oh thats scary!

Question:Why do you feel the big 2 hold down people with real talent like Scorpio,Candido,yourself,while they push no talents like Duggan,Ahmad,Mable?

Al:Their belief that one is more marketable than the other,however wrong that is!

Question:Who do you think is the most underated Wrestler in Wrestling today?

Al:2 Cold Scorpio without a doubt!

Question:Why do you think that ECW has the fan following it does?Do you think it can ever surpass WWF and WCW?

Al:I can't begain to explain why it has the fan following that it does,but I do believe without a doubt that it can and will be on the same level as WWF and WCW someday!

Question:Paul Heyman often referes to ECW as a family,do you think the atmosphere is like that backstage?

Al:Yes I do and it is the only place I have ever worked where I truly felt that!

Question:I have heard that ECW is comeing to chicago later this year,any truth to this?Are there any other new towns ECW is going to expand into soon?

Al:I don't know if ECW is going to chicago but it wouldnt surprise me,ECW is expanding every day!

Question:Do you still work in Japan?

Al:Not right now but I will when the opurtunity presents itself!

Question:How long are you going to stay in ECW?

Al:As long as the HEAD and I possibly can.

Question:If you had a chance to change anything from your Wrestling past what would it be?

Al:Nothing I followed the path I obviously was destined to follow and I have many many good memories along with all the frustration and depression and I have to say the good has always out weighed the bad!

Question:How do you feel about Cornette as a promoter and booker?Oh and have you got a copy of that video of his?

Al:Cornette is a very good friend and one of the very few people who have actually done anything for me in this business,after nearly 16 years I can count on one and a half hands the people who have truly helped me ,and I don't know what video your talking about!

Question:What was your tenure in the WWF like?

Al:Very frustrating and almost hopeless,it got really bad when I thought it would never improve,no matter what I did and that I had wasted my entire adult life ,but then I figured a way out was to get them to at least let me work for Paul E and maybe I could rebuild everthing again!

Question:Are you mad that Vince did'nt go through with the Crow angle he was going to use?you would have done a hell of a lot better than Steve Borden!

Al:I never was approached with the crow gimmick,even though it's funny ,because I went to Vince and suggested the same gimmick in october of 96 when we were in Ft. Wayne for tv and then Sting started doing it shortly after that!

Question:How do you feel about the national debut of the JobSquad last night on raw?

Al:I thought it was a great operation doggy style,went off without a hitch!

Question:What do you think about the NWO?Are they good or bad for Wrestling?What is your current favorite gimmick and angle,apart from your own great ones of course?

Al:They're great for Wrestling,the business is up all over!

Question:Do you think the Leif Cassidy gimmick could have been successful if you would have been in the right angle?

Al:Yes without a doubt because it was getting over to a limited extent without Vines pushing even in spite of his attempts to bury it!

Question:What do you consider your best match ever?

Al:I really can't say ther are alot of hem that stood out at the time I would have to say though the one that stands out was the benoit match at my gym and the one in ECW!

Question:What direction would you like to see ECW go in now that it is getting more popularity?

Al:Straight to the top!

Question:Which Federation would you like to Wrestle in,WWF or WCW?


Question:Who if any were the Wrestlers that you enjoyed watching as a young man?

Al:Pampero Firpo,BoBo Brazil,then when I was a teen Harly Race,Austin Idol,Dusty Rhodes,the Masked Superstar.Mr.Wrestling2,Tommy Rich,Ricky Steamboat,Ric Flair!

Question:I know you trained Dan Sevren If you return to the WWF would you like to have a match with him?

Al:Sure I have had dozens with him already I am sure I could have another good one with him!

Question:Who do you see as the future stars of Wrestling?

Al:Reckless Youth,Blue Meanie,if he gets into ring shape,possibly Danny Doring and Road Kill have good odds of doing it,I can't come up with more off the top of my HEAD I guess the one thing that will make them or break them is they're determation to do it!

Question:Have you heard of APW if so any poinions,it is a West Coast based indy promotion!

AL: I think my brother worked for them while he was out there!

Question:Do you like Vince McMahon?

Al:I respect Vince McMahan nothing more nothing less!

Question:What do you think of Shawn Michaels?Does he really refuse to job?

Al:I respect his ability and sometimes like him and sometimes think he is a major asshole I have no idea if he refuses to do a job or not but if he does it must work to his favor cause look where it has gotten him and look where I have gotten to in the past by agreeing to do it all the time!

Question:What did you think of the Shinobi and Avatar gimmicks?

Al:Shinobi was my gimmick and I thought I did it very well the Avatar gimmick was differant but was never excuted the way Vince laid it out to me and then he just left it at that and I have never gotten an answer as to why!

AOL Interviwer:I would like to thank Al Snow and the HEAD for taking time to chat with us tonight,you can visit Al's website at darkside.simplenet,Al any last thoughts?

Al:I also have another one called Alshead(note:It's AL SNOW'S HEAD...goofball)

AOL Interviewer:Feel free to give out the web address!

Al:I can't remember the address(note:now your really going to get it AL)but that is the HEADS personal and official websit(note:your lucky you said that)

Question:Are we looking at the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion?

Al:Great,thanks to all the fans too I truly hope so, time will tell,the HEAD isn't telling me a damn thing though,good night,Im going to read the HEAD a bed time story(note:nofredm looks up from writing this,I have my eyebrow raised,why is that Al??..hee

The HEAD would like to thank AOL Interviewers GSTDTTomMR and GSTDLaret...and all those that asked the questions

And Al!!! Whens the last time you e-mailed me?