J.R.'s Interview

J.R.'s Interview

J.R.;After 16 years in relative obsurety and one failed stunt in the WWF,Al Snow has returned to the World Wrestling Federation,ironically it was Al Snow's failure that had him turn to a mannikin HEAD for career advise,and made Al a cult hero in ECW!

Al;ECW was truly the alternate experiance,it's a comletely different situation,I was able there to show them what I know,what youuuu yourself know several years ago,that I was capable of careing the ball when it was given to me,capable of taking my chance and running with it!

Al;I was a star there and I can be a star here,and if I'm not given a chance J.R.,then we will take it!

J.R.;But really,seriously,your talking to a mannikin,how am I totake you seriousely,if you carry and talk to a mannikin?

Al;Oh your going to take me serously because I am a seriouse person,I'm not a joke,I'm not a gimmick,I'm not some freak for Vince McMahon to exploit,I am anormal human being,I have a Wife,I have children,I have a regular life,I go to the grocery store,I mow the lawn just like you do.

J.R.;But I don't mow my lawn carrying around a mannikin HEAD!

Al;Well I don't ether,I can't hold on to the bars of the mower,I have to use two hands,they set upon the porch for god sakes!

J.R.;Supervising I would assume.

Al;Well no,I know how to mow the lawn,I don't need their help for that!

J.R.;What do they sound like?For god sake,they have male voices?,female voices?,you been hearing them all your life?,what do they sound like?

Al;They sound like you and I,they have a voice,they have different voices because they are different people,you belive in God don't you J.R.?


Al;Can you see God?

J.R.;No sir

Al;Oh but you belive it's there even thought you can't see him,just because you can't hear something doesn't mean it's not there,it just means your not listoning,that you haven't opened up your mind,that you haven't opened up your ears,that you still shut yourself off of alternate possibilities,I have hope for you J.R.

J.R.;Oh good I have hope for you too,but it's a real challenge some times!

Al;Well you know we all have challanges J.R.,I mean I have had a number of them in my life,but we overcome them

J.R.;Al Snow's sanity is aruguable,however I have known this man for over a decade and have personaly seen him compete in obsure locations for little or no money,but Al Snow's desire to become a WWF Superstar took many forms including the masked Avatar and the 70s icon Leif Cassidy,these failures drove Al Snow to a breakdown and out of the WWF

Al;They want me to apologize to you because that was wrong!

J.R.;Well I'm not looking for an apology,I just want to know what your motivation was!

Al;J.R. you were the only hope I had I mean you were siting right there you were my only friend,you were the last chance I had,I mean I couldn't take it anymore I mean you can only be the dog so much until finaly he turns around and bites you,but I didn't have a breakdown,everbody thinks I was pushed over the edge and I wasn't pushed over the edge,I just simply had an awakening

J.R.;If you could walk into Mr.McMahons office tomorrow morning...

Al;I tryed that and security stoped me!

J.R.;I have heard that story ,if you got clearance and you walked in and you sat down in this big platial office,setting across from the owner of this company,what would you say to him?

Al;I wouldn't say anything,you know why?I would not honer him with me talking to him,I would do the some thing to him that he did to me,whats good for the goose is good for the gander,I don't even want to talk to him!

J.R.;What would you do?how would you communicate?

Al;They want to takl to him.

J.R.;They want to talk to him?

Al;They feel that it's necessary to set down with him and have it out with him and make him see things their way

J.R.;Who's in charge of you?you or them?

Al;Oh I am,(talking to HEAD)yes I am....(looking at HEAD)don't push me...not now you promised...we will contune the descusion in the car....but I am in charge!


Michael Cole:J.R.'s interview with Al Snow has left alot of people scratching their HEAD's so to speak,are fans truly supportive of Al Snow?Or are they simply fueling his public diplays of lunacy?

In his quest for respect it seems ironic that Al Snow may ultimately be upstaged by the manifestation of his own dementia,a plastic mannikin head!

J.R.;Al you mentioned that you were a big star in ECW and thats a very admirable accomplshment


J.R.;When you look back on it,were you the big star in ECW,or where they the stars of ECW?

Al;Well I... (talking to HEAD;yes I was...yes I was,Al looks at Jim:I was(looking at HEAD;yes I was


Al;(talking to HEAD:I know they didn't bring stryfoam Al's to the building,but I was,I know they didn't chant my name,I'm the arms and legs of this team,I'm the one that went out and did the work,not you,you just stood in the corner and looked pretty.

J.R.;You know your talking to a mannikin head!

Al;And your point is??

J.R.;Are you obsessed with being a superstar in the WWF?Is this an obsession?Do you have to do this now?

Al;J.R.!J.R.! Are not you listoning?That would be a sickness,and I'm not sick,trust me,I'm not, an obession of any sort is a form of mental illness,I'm not the insain one,I'm perfectly normal,I'm perfectly sain,I'm not the one on some power trip,some mad,evil maniacal....I'm not the crazy one,I'm not the one playing with other peoples lives,I was a contracted employee of Vince McMahon and Titan Sports,he never gave me a chance,be hit,and be down!and be down!and be down!

Al;I would not consider myself being obsessed over anything!

J.R.;I have to tell you something,he may have some corporate blue suits that have the mentality of your mannikin head!

Clips of Who's the Stooge are shown

J.R.You are not going to get the time of day,you are not going to get into Mr.McMahon's office walking in with a mannikin head thats what I'm telling you!

Al;EEENK(like buzzz)Sorry maybe if you tryed for question number2,thats the way I'm going to get that meeting with Vince McMahon

I know the American public loves HEAD everybody loves HEAD,you love HEAD,if we were to market HEAD(Al to HEAD;I don't mean you would prostitute yourself or anything thing like that)

Al;Everybody would love HEAD,they go out of their way to search for it,to find it on the street,whatever they could do to get HEAD they would do it

More clips of Who's the Stooge

Al;All I'm asking for is a little respect.just a tad!

J.R.;So you think the owner of this company,the most powerfull man in this industry is going to allow you in his privet office to have a conversation,and your going to walk in wearing a J.O.B.Squad tee-shirt and a mannikin head,and you going to have a civil productive conversation??

Al;I don't know if it's going to be civil,I can't control them at certain points.

Michael Cole;J.R. Told me that after spending an hour with Al Snow he was sure of one thing....that somebody needed help!

Al;What do you need help?You need some assistance?You got a flat tire?Something going on we need to know about J.R.?I mean thers the forum,want to disscuss it?

J.R.;No I think this is your time,mine will come another day

Al;Personal matters we need to bring up?

J.R.;I don't need couch time but you know somebody close to me does.

Al;You know you should really set down with them if you were a true friend and........

J.R.;I think we are doing that....

Al;tell that to them you know....

J.R.;I think we are doing that...in any event