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Interview with WWF star Al Snow!

Posted by DDW on July 08, 1999

This interview comes from 00X Factor and The Wrestling Guys:

Al Snow: Someone already posted this name on his website and now lots of people know it.

OOX Factor: I live in Cincinnati, thats around 2 hours from Lima. How do you like lima?

Al Snow: It's home. What can I say?

OOX Factor: ok. Yeah I find OHIO to be a great place to live. What do you think of WCW 's attempt to create a hardcore division consisting of hardcore people like you?

Al Snow: Well, it's kind of what Heyman predicted and always said. The big two owe quite a bit to ECW in many different ways.

Al Snow: It never will rival ECW or even WWF for that matter, especially since, apparently, Raven can't stay active.

OOX Factor: What do you think about the internet rumour that Raven has been able to explore his options with hotter companies?

Al Snow: From what I've heard, it's completely false, and I agree completely. WCW is a smart company. Rather than get their own talent, they steal other organizations' talent, no matter what they do with them. As long as Raven isn't in ECW, WCW does that much better than it's smaller rival

OOX Factor: I agree

OOX Factor: This is an opionion question but who do you think doesnt sell the most of anything in the WWF?

Al Snow: What do you mean?

OOX Factor: For an example a few months ago Mick Foley sorta made fun of you and said " Congats to Al Snow for his deal with Lazy Boy because we all know he doesnt sell chairs that well."

OOX Factor: How did you take to that comment?

Al Snow: Hmm....I'd have to say Droz. Goldberg was an acception, but as a whole, football players can't wrestle for shit. LT, Droz, McMichael.

Al Snow: And Droz especially, will never, ever, be over with the fans.

OOX Factor: LoL

Al Snow: And even in Goldberg's case, it wasn't his talent, but the way he was marketed.

OOX Factor: What do you think of your current hardcore angle?

Al Snow: It is, more or less, a way to keep me out of jobber city, but I appreciate it.

OOX Factor: May I ask you why you still where the JOB Squad tights?

Al Snow: Because I created Job Squad to make a statement, back when I first joined WWF, and I don't see why I shouldn't wear them.

OOX Factor: My friend wanted to know your SN but I told him no so he wanted me to ask you whats the deal with head.

Al Snow: It's my gimmick. It was created in ECW, and carried on to WWF.

Al Snow: Ever heard "head is over"?

OOX Factor: no

OOX Factor: but i dont get out much

OOX Factor: I have to stay home and run The X-Factor

OOX Factor: So do you have any news or rumors that are circulating back stage?

Al Snow: Not that I could tell you. Sorry

OOX Factor: np

OOX Factor: Do you know whos behind GTV? I have heard its goldust or Jericho spelled with a G

Al Snow: That's something that will be revealed in due time.

OOX Factor: I saw that it caught you in quite a predicament.

OOX Factor: Is there any plans for you to get a gimmack change anytime soon?

Al Snow: Not likely. Head is the gimmick that finally worked for me, and I don't see any reason to change it.

OOX Factor: yeah i think you and head a quite a team.

Al Snow: Lets put it this way. I've got farther with HEAD than I've ever gotten with Marty Jennety.

OOX Factor: Is there any truth to the new rockers rumor?

Al Snow: I couldn't say, but actually, I've never even heard of that rumor.

OOX Factor: How do you feel the moring after a really brutal hardcore match?

Al Snow: Like every other morning.

OOX Factor: What is the weapon that really hurts, even when its faked?

OOX Factor: I know these are really gay questions but i have never done an interview before.

Al Snow: BTW, most weapons aren't faked, except in WCW. I don't know what hurts the most, but a cheese grater hurts like hell, or so I've heard

OOX Factor: and for my last question... What do you think of the tradegy about Owen Hart?

Al Snow: Well, what can I say? It was a tragedy, and most likely, could have been prevented.

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