Al's Jersey Fashion Show

Al's Jersey Fashion Show

The introduction is made with Mean Gene saying that our beloved cult hero has been many things to many people.  From a lunatic carrying a mannequin head to a goofy 70's rocker, and even an "not so swift" Ninja (I musta missed the not so swift part).  Then he makes a great comment about Al being the Worlds Best Trainer now and that he recently allowed Confidential to take a trip through his closet.


Al opens by telling us about his sickness of collecting hockey jerseys from every town he has been to (got a Wheeling Nailers jersey, Al?  Want a Wheeling Nailers jersey, Al?)

He says he has a jersey from every NHL team, and a great majority of the minor league teams.   We notice that several of them have Snow on the back of them.  A total of 218 jerseys all told.


His favorite one is from the Rockford Ice Hogs team.  He says something about being able to run around with pig asses on your shoulders.   Then he proceeds to put on as many of them at one time as he can.  This is where things get interesting...


He gets about 7 of them layered on and says he should be in the Guiness Book of World Records or at least be featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not.  As he struggles to get around the 12th one on he says he is having flashbacks of coming out of the womb.


He stuggles and wiggles and manages to get the last one on and he admits that he has lost count, and he is about to lose conciousness.   Yet, being the trooper our cult hero is, he manages to count them from first layer to last and he's successfully crammmed himself and 20 other jerseys into the 21st.

  He looks like his mom has just dressed him to go out into 20 degree below zero weather.  He tries to brush his hair back out from his eyes and he can't even get his arms bent enough to do that.


Fade to Mean Gene.