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Al:The J.O.B.Squad stared out as a joke,it started out with me being a smart ass

In the WWF one day we were sitting in the catering room and this was when they were starting their gangs and stuff,and you know like Salva Vega has a gang,and Faarooq had a gang,and you know everybody had a gang,and you know what,Cornette was sitting there and I said

"You know what Jimmy,Im going to start my own gang"he said"What are you talking about?"and I said"Im starting my own gang right now!"he said"You are?who you going to have in it?"

Al:"Im going to have barry Horrowitz,and Aldo Mantoyia and Bob Holly!"and he started laughing and he said"What are you going to call them?" I said "Ah",and right then Animal and Hawk walked by and they call them the L.O.D.,"I'm going to call them the J.O.B. and we are going to call them the J.O.B. Squad,you wipe the mat with us,"I saidAnd he started laughing and he said"Yea so?"and I said"We are the most powerfull group up here!"he said"What are you talking about?"

I said"Brother we got all the power there are more of us then there are of you guys #1.and #2 in order for you to get over we got to put you over!"

Al:Well then I came there to ECW and we started joking about it and everyone keep saying"well whats the J.O.B.SQUAD?"they said"Whats the J.O.B. stand for?"

It's like Get Smart the T.V. show,you know when they fought KAOS and Control.we are the J.O.B.Squad and we are all special agents and we are taking on the evil organization PUSH,because none of us are getting one!

Al:It started out as a joke.It grow into something that kind of showed the guys that are Jobbers I guess you could say,that to be a Jobber you actually can have a little pride because,your more then just a purpose, and show these idiots that to get the push is the only reason their geting a push and the only reason your getting over is because guys are putting you over and you better show some appieciation instead of walking around giving them the thumps down

Al;Time for fun and games is over!This business operates on two principals,the carrot and the stick,theres those of us who are tired of getting the stick!

Thats why there is a secret orgenization within the WWF,and we are fighting the evil orgenization PUSH,because none of us are getting one!

The J.O.B. Squad folded once Too Cold was let go by the WWF,Gillburg was nowhere to be found,and in a set up where Al had a match with himself Bob Holly came down to the ring to stop Al from hurting himself,which lead to a set up for Holly and Al to fight it out for the Hardcore belt

J.O.B.Squad Win J.O.B. Record

12/28/98 WWF Raw Al has gone off the deep end and has beat up HEAD who now has no hair a missing eye and tape over its mouth,Al is DQed when he starts to beat the crap out of Edge with HEAD,Brood runs in,j.o.b.Squad runs in,Al beans Duane with HEAD and runs away(heel turn for Al???

11/30/98 RAW Duane retains his belt once again in a match against Marc Maro who says if he is to loss he will leave the WWF,again there is a drive by by the Blue Meanie and Duane gets the pin

11/29/98 Sunday night Heat Duane Gill retains his lightweight belt when in a match against Christian there is a drive by from none other then the Blue Meanie so that all are D.Q.ed

11/22/98 Monday night Raw As Mankind is having a 3 way dance against Kenny and Bossman the J.O.B.Squad run in to help Mankind,later on in the show new J.O.B.Squad member Duane Gill wins the lightweight belt from Christian went the J.O.BSquad pulls another drive by with a little help from HEAD,much later the J.O.B.Squad have a match against the New Age outlaws which gets out of hand when Bossman,Kenny and Mankind come to ringside and everything goes whacko,once again with the help of HEAD the J.O.B.Squad get the win,busy,busy,busy

11/21/98 Sunday night Heat The J.O.B.Squad d.Too Much

11/15/98 Sunday night Heat Too Cold and Bob Holly d. The New L.O.D.

11/8/98 Too Cool and Bob Holly d. Too Much

JOB Squad vs Brood Rock Bottom ppv-1999

Rock Bottom PPV Match pitting The J.O.B.Squad against the Brood

Out come the J.O.B.Squad,and oh look ol Bob Holly has a new hair cut,he kind of looks like double J,Al is in the lead bowing HEAD,they get to the ring and Gangrels music starts,no ring of fire this time,they just come walking out,you ever notice that they walk the same? Anyway,Al is sitting in a corner holding HEAD and talking to them,the match starts of with Edge and Holly,Holly slames Edge to the mat but later Holly gets a boot in the face then gets facebombed by Edge

Edge tags in Christian who kicks Holly around some until Holly slames Christian to the mat,Holly then tags in Two Cold who elbows christian then spin kicks Christian right in the kisser Too Cold Tags in Al who as he is headbutting Christian the fans chant


Al back flips Christian,Al looks over at HEAD,they seem to be pleased,Christian kicks Al in the head then tags in Gangrel Al slaps Gangrel into the corner,Gangrel whips Al into a corner,Al back flips Gangrel and gets a two count,Gangrel hits on Al but Al only laughs at him Al slides under Gangrels legs gets Gangrel into this whellborrow thingie and flips Gangrel over his head Somehow Al gets stuck in the Broods corner and they all start beating on him,the ref don't see this because hes trying to keep Too Cold out of he ring,Edge is taged in and puts Al in one of those boring sleeper holds Gangrel is taged in and Al is double teamed by Gangrel and Edge,but Al baseball sides into third base,gets up and armbars Gangrel and hits Edge with a power Bomb

Al tags in Too Cold,Too Cold hit Christian who had been taged in with a nice kick to Christians head,Too Cold gets a two count. At this point all hell breaks loss and theres fighting everywhere,Too Cold and Christian are the legial men in,theres fighting in the ring,theres fighting outside the ring,Too Cold gets knocked on his butt in the ring,Christian jumps off the top rope but Too Cold moves,Al sneaks into the ring and beans Christian with HEAD(well ok Al missed with HEAD or should I say Christian play acted wrong,know what I mean?)

Anywho,Gangrel sneaks up behind Al and knocks him out of the ring,Too Cold jumps off he top rope onto Christian to get a two count,as Edge made the save, Christian gets Too Cold from behind into a face first drop,The ref counts to 3....ugh.... pin me pay me