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Which Fed. do you like the most?
XPW NWA WWF Your Home Town Indie

How many years have you watched Pro Wrestling?
1-5 5-10 10-20

Whats the HEADS fav. Ice Cream?
Rocky Road Cappuccino Chip Moose Tracks

Where did you first see Al Wrestle?
WWE The Bingo Hall With Marty SMW My house On tv

When you hear voices from your HEAD do you
Talk Back Take it Shopping Read it a Bedtime story

The HEAD thinks Al is....
Goofy #1 Mark He's a Shoooooter

When you Rented the movie HARVEY did you see
HEAD Al One Big White Rabbit

Al's finishing move is?
Northern Lights Snow Plow

Al and HEAD's fav. drink is?
Dr.Pepper Tab Grape Koolaid

Al's and HEAD's fav Snack is?
Chicken Pot Pie Popcorn

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Am I? Can I? I sure am

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