Interview with Josh

This interview was conducted by Greg Pomes of WM. He is a respected columnist and we thank him for the interview.

Greg:How long have you been a fan?

Josh:I have been a fan all of my life. Since wrestle mania 2.

Greg:Have you kept in tough with any of the cast?

Josh:No not all

Greg:Are you surprised since it seemed on the show you made good friends in Greg and Maven?

Josh:No not really.

Greg:In the beginning what did you think of your chances of winning?

Josh:At first I didn't think that I would be around that long since the guys were bigger than me.

Greg:Were you surprised that they were eliminating guys on the skill rather than size?

Josh:No I was glad.

Greg:Did you think that it would be as mentally hard as it was?

Josh:No not really

Greg:What was yours and the rest of the male cast reactions when Jason left?

Josh:It was surprising. He was a guy who was ripped and big and I thought he would last awhile.

Greg:Were there arguments among the cast that they didn't show?

Josh:No every argument they showed on TV.

Greg:Why did you almost quit the show?

Josh:That had nothing to do with the wrestling. I had a problem with the production people.

Greg:Can you elaborate on it?

Josh:I rather not.

Greg:No problem. Do you feel that the show betrayed your girlfriend in a negative light with showing your argument with her?

Josh:That was the only part of her 48 hour visit that they showed. We had a great time.

Greg:When you guys went backstage did anybody say anything to you?

Josh:No they all kept to themselves.

Greg:Do you wish that they showed more of the training than the drama aspect?

Josh:Yes I do. Nobody will ever know what we went through.

Greg:What was your training regimen like?

Josh:We would wrestle usually from 9 in the morning through 9 at night. Monday through Friday.

Greg:Do you think that most of the cast was unprepared for what laid ahead of them?

Josh:Oh yes I think we were all unprepared. There is no way you could be prepared for something like what we went through.

Greg:Do you think that there will be more or less applicants this time around for Tough Enough 2?

Josh:Oh I think there will be a lot more. They got to see us do things like go backstage and meet everyone. They will not be prepared because there is no way of preparing for that.

Greg:Was there anyone on the cast that you didn't get along with?

Josh:Yeah Chris (Harvard).

Greg:Did they portray that accurately?

Josh:Oh yeah.

Greg:What was it that you and Chris didn't like about each other?

Josh:He tried to be more of an adult figure and I was not going to let him tell me what to do.

Greg:He said that on the show he was at work.

Josh:That is just bullsh**t. He wanted everyone to think that.

Greg:Who were your inspiration to get into the business?

Josh:Guys like Shawn Michael's, Bret Hart, (Hulk) Hogan, RVD.

Greg:I thought we do a little word association:

Josh: no problem

Greg:Al Snow

Josh:Great, very helpful


Josh:very stern figure



Greg:Big John

Josh:Very giving



Greg:LOL. Vince

Josh:Larger than life


Josh:Very good person


Josh:He's just the best

Greg:Ultimate Warrior

Josh:Good the 1st time

Greg:Do they show Steve Austin and not Steve Williams?

Josh:Yeah as he was a great person off camera.

Greg:Were you surprised that you made it to the final 5?

Josh:Yeah I was.

Greg:What was going through your mind when you saw Chris' reaction towards Maven winning?

Josh:I haven't seen the finale yet, what was his reaction?

Greg:You can tell that he was pissed off for lack of better terms. Not like yours where you were happy for Maven and yet you were upset about you not winning.

Josh:I think that he really thought he was going to win.

Greg:Do you think thats what killed him his cockiness?

Josh:That and he didn't get along with anybody in the house.

Greg:That seemed kind of stupid to mention to Vince McMahon.

Josh:Yeah stuff like that

Greg:Are you surprised that you have received a lot of attention since you were not the winner?

Josh:Yeah you know it is a bit surprising as I have been doing interviews like this and other things.

Greg:Do you get nervous doing high risk?

Josh:Just the moonsualt not anything else

Greg:What was going through your mind when Stone Cold told you to lay off the risk?

Josh:I kind of asked for it. I have to do this stuff because I am not as big as him. He doesn't need to do the high risk.

Greg:You had to do the high risk to stay in the game. You think he understood that?


Greg:Do you think that the cast caught onto learning to ring psychology such as hope spots and comeback spots?

Josh:Yeah we all caught on to that stuff.

Greg:Did you guys know that you were getting the nice stuff such as the house and cars?

Josh:No we had no idea.

Greg:Was it hard leaving the house?

Josh:Oh no. It was great getting to see my family again.

Greg:Did you ever think about attending a wrestling school?

Josh:Yeah. I had been saving up money for awhile and then when I heard about Tough Enough I tried that out.

Greg:Was the cast as hurt and tired as they appeared to be on TV?

Josh:Oh yeah that was accurate.

Greg:Were the trainers cool with you guys taking time out?

Josh:Yeah they were cool with letting us take a few hours off.

Greg:If you wanted did they offer to take you to a doctor?

Josh:If you wanted to then yeah.

Greg:In 1 episode when you hurt your hipbone were you afraid it was worse than what it really was?

Josh:No but I just wanted to get back into the ring and bump.

Greg:Do you think that Jim Ross having a say in who won affected your chances of winning?

Josh:I don't know maybe. We only saw him once.

Greg:What are your plans now?

Josh:Just to get as many bookings as I can and work independtly for awhile.

Greg:Do you have any bookings scheduled?

Josh:Just one on October 20th. It is for an organization called World Wrestling Zone.

Greg:Well Josh thats it. I would like to thank you very much for taking time out to do the interview.

Josh:No problem.

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