Kitao Dojo Pro Tribute

Hear what Al had to say to Ishinriki

Kitao Dojo Pro Tribute

In 1994 Al traveled to Japan to wrestle Ishinriki at the debut show on January 12 for Kitao Pro,Al also wrestled for Kitao Pro on 1/21/94 against Ishinriki,on 2/21/95 Al wrestled twice with matches against Takashi Okanwara and Tatsumi Kitahara,on 3/7/95 Al wrestled Sabu in Tokyo,and on 7/7/95 Al wrestled Chris Benoit for WAR

Al vs Ishinriki-Kitao Pro 1994

Al stands in the ring shadow boxing,Ishinriki then gets into the ring and pulls on the ropes,the ring announcer then announces Al,then Ishinriki,all this in Japanese

Ishinriki takes off his shirt,they meet in the middle of the ring and bow to the fans then to themselves,they each go to a corner,then they meet in the middle of the ring,Ishinriki tries to kick Al,Al moves out of the way and tries the same thing but Ishinriki does the same,they both have their hands up as if this were a boxing match,Ishinriki throws a punch at Al,Al moves as if to take Ishinriki off his feet,Ishinriki tries the same,they then start punching at each other,Ishinriki swings off the ropes and starts swinging lefts and right which backs Al up and Al falls to the mat

Ishinriki comes at Al,Al gets him in a head lock and kicks him in the guts,Al then picks up Ishinriki and flips him over his back and to the mat,Al then hits Ishinriki with a leg drop into an arm bar,they roll around as Al has the arm bar held tight,this goes on for some time,Al yanks on Ishinriki's arm,this seems to be a submission match an after 2 minutes or so the ref has Al break the hold

Al then hits Ishinriki in the head,Al back flips Ishinriki a couple of times then locks him an a bear hug from behind, Al back flips Ishinriki to the mat and motions that that is it,Ishinriki gets an 8 count to get back up,once up Al kicks him in the guts,then flips him to the mat and puts Ishinriki in the same arm bar submission move from before,Ishinriki starts kicking Al in the back,Al lets go,Ishinriki gets up and kicks Al in the back,Al gets up and slaps him in the face,Ishinriki hits Al with a sidewalk slam,as Al gets up Ishinriki tackles Al to the mat,Al gets up and and Ishinriki gets Al in an arm bar and Al taps out.....