Joe's Letter

Joes' Letter

Hello I like your page dedicated to Alan, it's great. Myself and Al were talking today as I was taking him to the airport. We discussed your web page and I asked if he knows you and he said "no". He said a friend of his gave him your page address.   I asked if he had ever sent you e-mail and he said yes several times, but that he never hears back from you. I suggested that he probably doesn't think it's the "Real Al Snow" that is e-mailing him (you) and he agreed. Just so you will now Al has tried to e-mail you "The Real One". I live in Dayton Ohio and work with Alan's father. Al tries to stop by when he can to chat with his fans. And if his father isn't around to drop him off at the airport I drive him over. If your wondering I'm a pro wrestling fan and watch ECW every week even before I realized that I was working with his father. It was a real treat to get to know Al. And he is amazed and impressed with the information that you have put together on him. And so am I. I considered putting a page together, but I must say that after seeing what you have done I've given up on the idea. I'm no competition and you've covered everything. So thanks for a good page and drop me a note so I'll know you've read this.

Good Day JoeA

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