Al Snow Feb 9th 1998

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Al Snow Feb 9th 1998

Dear Wayne:

Man I just wanted to say thanks for the cool web site I am very flattered by all the work you obviously put into it and yes this is the one and only al snow I dont know of many people who claim to be me if they were'nt me.

I would be glad to do an interview for you . I normally dont do those type of thngs but the head is demanding it since you've put so much time and effort into that web page, that the least I can do is an interview with you.

And oh by the way,the joke in Smky Mt. about having sex comment was because I made that smartass statement at the UFC4 while Dan Severen was being interviewed by some idiot announcer and Jim Cornette saw that and it was what helped me get the job down there. And he had me use it on my first interview with Jim Ross when unabomb and I were put together. So talk to you soon .

Al Snow