Al Snow Feb 24th 1998

Al Snow Feb 24th 1998

Hey Wayne:

I have no idea really what I am doing at the PPV, hopefully not a J.O.B.

But if so thats not a problem for the chief of the J.O.B. Squad. To say I have prior experience is an understatement.

Hey no problem signing the head I mean like I had a choice what with the head nagging me to do it and all.

Hey those little bilboards with the different sayings are pretty cool can I use a few of them in my interviews? The head thinks they're funny, especially because they think I am crazy even though I am not, Am not, Am not, Am not AM NOT, AM NOT, AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT AM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al Snow

Oh and The Head There are you happy now?

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