Al Snow Feb 24th Part 2
To set thisLetter up you would need to read my e-mail first


Bow to the HEAD made me say know i almost had a heart attack when you got on the mic and said BOW to the HEAD....i think the HEAD told you to do that...are we ruled by these HEADS or what?ummm....i hear there was even a flyer that said that.....way up here in seattle i feel left so pleased that you like my ideas....there is an evil HEAD  here that says i should sue for ummm...well it never told me what to sue left for the store and has'nt come back....but somebody took the ashtray out of my car...whats up with that??...i think it was it's evil head friend can use anything and everything that is writen or posted on the web page....the HEAD says tho....ummm it wants to know if you will let it be the official AL SNOW web site...somebody asked me if it was and i said that it was in no mans land....what??shut up im e-mailing Al....i did i did ask him....what? no im not going to ask him for more then that....why?? cuz hes famous damn it...god will you leave me im not going to read you a story...yes yes!!! ok ....god....later Al my heads bugging me to read it a bedtime story....god it's the same story over and over again...

ugh wayne

What Al Said

Hey Wayne:

I appreciate you letting me use the sayings I'll probably use them during an interview or two, yes I will. What was the evil head talking about suing somebody for man they can get pretty crazy sometimes. I hope he wasnt talking about suing me and the head since we havent done anything.

Hey the head says that it would be cool for your web site to be the official head I mean Al Snow (stop that) web site .

So I appreciate you letting me using the little button thingies and that idea about a bed time story is good for a promo.

Talk to you later.

Al Snow

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