Al Snow March 9th 1998

Al Snow March 9th 1998

Hey dude:

The head wants to know how have you been? Are those other pages by other people? if I don't think I want the head to see them their ego is getting pretty large, what? no I didnt say you were getting a big head. They just hate it when i use head puns like maybe they will get a HEAD COLD or they are at the HEAD OF A MAJOR WRESTLING PROMOTION etc etc alright, I AM STOPPING it.

Just so you know I have not went into any chat rooms so if somebody says they are me they are lying. if for some reason I do talk to you in a chat room you will know its me i guarantee it.

Yeah i do know Jason Campbell, hes a good kid and I used to let him ride with me to some of the independent circuit once and a while.

I have a friend who is also a manager on the independent's in Michigan who is deaf his name is handsome Johnny Bradford, he works for ford motor company as a photographer.

He has been involved in wrestling as long if not longer then me. This May 22 will be 16 years.

Man where do you get the time to do all the computer stuff working two jobs wow I am impressed to say the least.

Regarding your question about the J.O.B. Squad it will never die since there are always going to be jobbers in the business and I will always be the chief of the J.O.B. Squad until I get as much of a push as I have of doing jobs.

I will see if I cant come up with some info on Jim Lancaster for you.

Well got to go they want to go workout now I dont know why, hell I am the one who takes all the bumps and does all the work in the ring. I do to, I do to dont forget I am the arms and legs of this team. sheesh I dont even know why they want to go I put them on the treadmill and they just roll off and then I've got to put them on again and again Sheesh and they call that their cardio workout yeah right and I am crazy?


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