Al Snow April 21st 1998

Al Snow April 21st 1998

Hi Wayne:

the head said to get online and say hey to you you crazy bastard. How have you been? and hey quit calling wayne names thats not nice.

Sorry Wayne the head just gets carried away sometimes. Sometimes Sheesh who am I kidding they always do, they dont know what the word restraint means.

Oh very funny I am not talking about what the doctors did to me in the institute.

Anyways whats been up? Sorry havent been online much lately just been so damn busy with the head but things should slow down here soon.

Well got to go man the head wants another dip of Moose Tracks Ice Cream go figure you would think they would be worried about their weight. Oh shut up your the fat ass. I know you are but what am I.

Al Snow ( oh yeah) and THE HEAD

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