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Al Snow Feb 4th 1998

Al Snow Feb 9th 1998

Al Snow Feb 24th 1998

Al Snow Feb 24th Part Two

Al Snow March 4th 1998

March 9th 1998

Al Snow April 1st 1998

Al Snow April 21st 1998

Al snow May 25th 1998

At this point Al was wanted back in the WWF and took some time off then headed back into action,at this point I had sent for a J.O.B. Squad tee-shirt and wrote a letter saying who I was ect.

Two or three weeks later a recieved the shirt in the mail with a letter from Al,who said the shirt was on him,he had send my check back with the shirt,what a dude!

But the e-mails stoped,which I can understand because of being on the road with the WWF,but as the WWF was about to come to town(Seattle/Tacoma)I send an e-mail out to Al which I pretty much was sure would go unnoticed

Theres the letter to what happened then


So in June of 20000 the WWF came back our way so we took a drive up to Vancouver BC to say Hi to Al,two weeks later I got this e-mail from Al

e-mail from June 12,2000