Maggie-O's Bio

Name:Maggie O.



Children:1 Crystal, aka Papoose.

Pets:Oh boy, here we go...2 Boston terriers(Sugar and Ginger), one Boston-yorkie mix (Trouble, aka Meatpie), 1 beagle(You-too         aka Tooey), 1 guinea pig(piggy, papoose named him),1 guinea hen( Mama Guinea, she named her too),3 barred rock hens(Tilly, MamaChicken and BigComb), one banty rooster (Red Rudy), one barred rock peep (Peepers) and one banty peep (Little Al).

Love interest:Hubby (10+ years now)

Hobbies:Professional Wrestling, Flintknapping, car modeling (my Dad thought I  shoulda been a boy, I think).

Future plans:To raise my daughter to be a worthwhile member of society.

Person you would most like to meet:That should be easy to figure out.

Fondest childhood memory:the 3 months my Dad spent teaching me to weld.

Best advice received:Don't ever get in a situation where you have to rely on someone else to survive.

Pet Peeve:People who won't accept responsibility for their own actions, deadbeat parents.

Biggest thrill in life:It's yet to come.

If I could have done it differently:I wouldn't have went to college to be a music teacher, instead I'd have been a medical examiner.         Not thateither matters right now where I am at.


Sports to watch:Professional wrestling and Steelers Football (I'm a soft touch for underdogs).

Sport to play:Do car shows count?

Style of music:Just about anything but rap.

  Mostly Ozzy, Def Leppard, classic John Mellencamp, old stuff like that.

Musician:  Red Rudy when he crows.

Song:Silver Springs

T.V. show:Raw and That 70's show

Movie:Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

Food:Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Car:1968 Ford Thunderbird convertible