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Maven and Chris on Excess-Maven from WWF Tough Enough joined the show. He's very envious of Coach right now, he wanted to get a little closer to Trish! Coach states that Maven is just 5 days away from finding out if he wins a WWF contract. He must to be excited. He is one of three men left. A couple of days from now, Maven's life could change.

They showed clips of this past Thursday's Tough Enough, The Coach asked Maven what he thinks his chances are of winning and Maven said like Josh said, 33%.

Honestly, he thinks that himself, Josh and Chris are tied. They show a web poll and Maven was in the lead. The Coach asked Maven who his favorite woman in the WWF is and Maven said by far, Jackie.

They went to a caller and the caller said that he agrees with Maven on Jackie. No offense to the other ladies. If he wins or loses, what are his plans either way? Maven said that a lot of people know that his mother is currently sick. If he loses, he's definitely going to spend as much quality time with his mother as he can in her healing process. If he wins, he's going to focus his attention on his future with the WWF, whether that be with the WWF, or even with the Alliance! Trish asked Maven if he's ready for the challenge, if he wins. Maven said that he doesn't think that anybody is ready, but he's going to try. He almost left New York when they had the auditions, but now, he's standing here today.

The Coach asked if this was as challenging as he thought it would be? Maven said that he knew going in that it was going to be very difficult. He knew it was going to be physically challenging, but not mentally. It's very challenging, mentally. The thing they don't show in the show is that they wake up at 7am and then come home at 9:30 at night.

They go to a caller from New Jersey and the caller asked Maven how it felt to meet all of those cool Superstars and stuff? Maven said that he's still not over it. That was one of the best, if not the best. They took a four day trip, and it was the best four days in their competition. They met everybody during that trip. Some people were more frightening to meet than others, but everyone was wonderful.

Trish asked Maven who made the biggest impression on him? Maven said by far, Triple H. He came in and he told them what this business is all about. If you want to be in this business, you really have to want it. There's a lot to sacrifice.

The Coach thanked Maven for joining the show, and we'll see him on Thursday night on WWF Tough Enough Live!

Later Chris joins the show... he looked like he has a black eye. The Coach asked the camera to get a close up of him and he asked him where he got the black eye. Chris said that he didn't believe that the ring posts were steel, so he went to check it out for himself. They showed clips from Tough Enough, and it was of Maven and Josh talking about Chris, saying that he's kissing ass. Chris replied by saying that he's not really worried about what Maven and Josh think of him. He's here to win a contract. He was talking to Big, not kissing ass. He was picking his brain for information about wrestling. He wanted to learn stuff about the WWF.

Trish asked if Chris is concerned what the fans think, because there's this poll on the Internet. 15% think that Chris will win Tough Enough. 50% think Maven will win and the other 35% are with Josh. Stacy said that the girls out there that are voting, may not be voting for him, because of what he said to his girlfriend. Chris said that's not what he said. There's only room for one number one in his life, and right now, he's choosing that to be wrestling. Chris said that he might be regretting something like that. Trish said that if Chris doesn't win, then there won't be a number one. Chris said that he'll still be wrestling. If he doesn't win on Thursday night, he bets he'll be in Boston on Friday night, wrestling.

The Coach asked Chris who his favorite Superstar has been to meet, and Chris said to be honest, it's not one of the Superstars that you met on one day, it's Al Snow. He's like a father to them.

He left a mark on his life that he'll never forget and he appreciates what he has done. The Coach put over what Chris just said as kissing Al Snow's ass, because he's one of the judging.

A caller said that Chris had wrestling experience before this. What was that like compared to Tough Enough? Chris said it was like night and day. He was wrestling Indies before Tough Enough started. Looking back, he was horrible. The training that he received here is remarkable. They learned from dozens of WWF Superstars and his knowledge and skills are so much better right now.