My Meeting Al Snow

So I have been e-mailing Al for months but had never meet the man,The WWF was about to come to Town,well close enough anywho,The show was at the Tacoma Dome here in Washington State,So since I live in Seattle which is about a 45 min. drive up the freeway I thought I would e-mail Al and see if he was going to be at the live Raw tapings 12/14/98

Sure as I'm sitting here he e-mailed me back and said he was going to be at the Tacoma Dome and told me to have somebody from security run in and find him and we could finally meet.

I realy thought to myself that there would be no way in hell I would meet him but took the day off from work,got Rose out of bed way more early then she wanted to be and by 8:30 in the morning we where heading down the freeway south to Tacoma

When we got there it was early,now maybe WWF didnt or doesnt want the fans to know where they were staying so I'll just say we found where they were and we wanted breakfast so we went into the hotel and found the resterant,who should be sitting there but Harvey Whippelman and the Brooklyn Brawler,I asked Harvey for his autograph first since Brawler had walked off,but when he came back I asked for his autograph,He asked me if I even know who he was,I said that I know he was Doink the Clown even,so he signed for me,one of the refs was sitting in the booth in front of us but I didnt ask him for his John Henery

We eat our Breakfast then walked around the Dome looking for where the Wrestlers would be going in,it took us a walk all the way around the building to find it.

So we sat and we waited,and I'll tell you it was damn cold that day,but we sucked it in and sat and waited

At first Rose and I were the only ones waiting,about 20 min. later two young lads showed up that seemed to be our friends forthe rest of the day

Soon cars with wrestlers stared pulling in,which is a pretty funny thing in itself if you know where they were staying,but anyway Rose had the video camera and was getting every shot she could of wrestlers walking into the arena,most of the Wrestlers would get out of their cars and not come over and sign autographs,and if I was them I wouldnt ether,man it was cold.

Scott Tayler pulled in by himself and I asked him if he would tell Al that Wayne was looking for him,Scott said "sure"and walked away,I sure had this sinking feeling that I was going to get burned

At one point The King drove in and Rose told me he gave us a funny look,could of been because I was wearing my J.O.B Squad tee shirt

Sometime after 12:00 up the drive drives Al,in his car are Bob Holly,the Blue Meanie,and old Mick,Ahhhh,there has to be a way for this to work for me,I wanted so much to meet Al

Al gets out of his car and opens the drunk,I yelled"Al!I'ts Wayne!" and I waved,Al looked my way and point at me,as if the say"there you are"

Al walked over to the fence and we shaked hands and I Introduced him to Rose,we talked a little about Al never getting on line to get his e-mail and I told him what we where going go to the show but by the time I had money to do so the show was sold out,without thinking twice Al told me he would see what he could do,I asked him how I would know,he told me that tickets for Rose and I would be at will call,Al asked me for my last name again so it would be done right

At this point I cant remember If Al just walked away or what happened because I had asked for the Blue Meanies autograph and then Mick's,I notice when Mick was finished signing he was walking,or should I say hobbling back to the dome door by himself

About 5 10 min. later Al came out the door walked half way to us and gave the ok as to say the tickets would be there

It was now starting to be a long day for us,I went for a walk to find a little store to get some asprin,and when I came back I found Shawn Michiels out by the fence just signing away,It was feezing out and I'm sure he was cold as hell but he had to have stayed out there for a good 25 min,and I'm sure everybody got an autograph,even me.

After he went back in that was about it for all the wrestlers seemed to be in the building,so we walked around to will call around 2:00 to get our tickets,only to find that tickets from wrestlers dont show up till just before the show,ugh,bummer,so we sat by the will call office for I would say another hour and a half until the woman said our tickets were there,so we took them and headed to get in line to get in,ugh....this took forever also,but we were braving it out,we wanted in!

Now truthfully I figured since they were saying that the show was sold out that our seats would be way up in nose bleed,which hell is cool,what the hell I was getting in for free

When we found our seats we couldnt belive it,we were not front row but pretty close to it,and hey I got a free shot when two girls up from us unbuttoned their tops to show HHH that one had "Suck" on her little breasts and the other one with even smaller breasts,hers said"it"Staff seen them and off they went never to be seen again,and to make the night end perfect in a match taped for Shotgun or Heat we got to see Al win his match against Droz when Al snow plowed him

We never got to meet HEAD,oh well HEAD was never the reason I enjoyed watching Al wrestle in the first place

So Al if you hit this page and you read it,thank you dude we shell never forget such a perfect day!

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