HEAD's Tough Enough 4 results

Al:Well Gentlemen you have endured allot over the last eight weeks and you have proved yourselves to be truly Tough Enough and I'm very proud of both of you.......but there can only be one winner and the fans have decided who is Tough Enough to receive a Million Dollar WWE contract so without further ado lets find out who receives that One Million Dollar contract

Al:And the winner of the One Million Dollar Tough Enough is..............

Al:Daniel you have not just won a Million Dollars you have won a life changing opportunity.......how do you feel????

Puder:I'm so happy I can't belive it....I have worked my butt off the last eight weeks as hard as I could.....I gave up my whole life back home moved to Connecticut trained as hard as I could and ah I'm not going to stop here......I'm going to come to this ring as soon as I can and I'm going to do what I came here to do

Al:Well It's an incredible amount of money and an incredible opportunity but there is more....how would you like to have the chance Main Event Wrestlemainia 21?.....

Puder:I would love it

Well you have the opportunity because before I came out here a spoke to Teddy Long and you have been officially entered in the 30 man over the top Royal Rumble!!!!!!!!!

Armageddon PPV Dixie Dog Fight Report-Your Webmaster Wayne-O reporting

First off they show a promo of Miz talking about how he was going to beat the pants off of Puder.....next was a recap Tough Enough up to this point. .........there were to be 3 rounds and each round is one minute long ......

Oh look Al is ringside with Cole and Tazz,,,,,,,,,,,

The Miz is first out to the ring......wearing his boxing trunks and gloves........he looked oh so cute uh girls?...... Next out is Square Pants.......no wait.......that's Puder.

Al Snow is at ringside with Michael Cole & Tazz......Theodore Long comes out to the ring. ....he gets on the mic and says his job as GM of SmackDown is to bring the fans must see events...... Teddy says tonight is one of those events with the next chapter in the $1,000,000 Tough Enough contest..... Teddy states the match will be of three rounds at one minute each. Thomas Mischou will be supervising the match and George Chip will be the referee....... and they are going to use boxing rules...wow!... such as no hitting in the balls etc etc...

Round one begins and they dance around in their headgear ..... The boys go crazy.....a right and a left...and a left and a right.....and a right and a right

...The Miz is looking pretty good Al thinks so too..........OH MY GOD... Puder goes down........... but what is this?.... Ref says Puder slipped.......ha ha!

They are slugging at one another pretty hard........more lefts and right and rights and lefts......the bell rings to end round one

Round 2 begins and Miznan comes out like a mad man......his arms are a fly'en.... but Puder beans Miz on the back of the noodle......the match starts to slow down as they both look like they are petering out.......the bell rings to end round two and it looked as if Puder won that round......might of been cuz of Puder's sucker punch to The Miz

Round 3 starts and The Miz looks like Droopy the dog from the cartoons...., but he is giving it all he's got...... He goes crazy again with a right and a left and a left and a left..... Puder gets one good shot in on The Miz ....Miz is now huff'en and puff'en to get in whatever shots he can.....the bell rings to end round 3

Oh dear.....since there was no knockdown Teddy says that the fans gets to choose the winner..... It was somewhat close on the crowd reaction......but the fans give it to Puder......

Al gets in the ring to ask each of them what they might have done different and what not.......the end

Part 8

Hello everybody...

During the first commercial break Miz address us: All week..look..Justice and Puder have been saying..Oh Justice I'm going to beat your butt..Oh Puder I'm going to beat your butt. They haven't even put me in the equations. Let me tell you both something..Come ArmAGeddon..Sunday Night.. I'm not going to be bad...I'm not going to be good..I'm going to be pure solid Miz all up in your butt. Ya wanna know why cause the fact of the matter is...I'm going to welcome you in my reality. You step in my house...My ring..So Sunday Night....WHOO-RAW BABY...STEP UP IN MY REALITY.

During the second commercial break Justice speaks: My predictions on the Dixie Dog Fight...it doesn't matter who it is. Whether' its Mike or Dan..my object is the same..to win the WWE contract. I'm trying to put heads to bed...thats I'm trying to do. I'm trying to come out 1...2...to the jaw..whatever...to get that contract..to walk home a proud MAN. I'm saying I could be in the hood beating people up for free, but I choose to come to the WWE. So any time ya ready bring it on.

The 3rd commercial break Puder opened his mouth: There are 2 pains in life...my right..and my left. (shows us his boxing gloves) I don't care who I'd get the match with. I don't who it is...I rather be Justice. He's the bigger guy...everybody thinks he's tougher. The thing is...I think Miz would do better than him. Justice has the back ground in Ta Quan Do.(editors note:Spelled wrong???.....who knows......we know you get it)..... The thing is I created referee stopage and with my right...my left...I will knock anyone out who gets in that ring with me. I don't care what it takes...I will take then and beat them down as far as....I have to get the contract..I Earn It.

Later on during SmackDown Al Snow and the contestants come out....

Al: Ladies & Gentlemen the 3 remaining TE contestants (we all know them Miz, Puder, and Justice)... before we get to tonights competition we've got some business..lets find out who's been elimated..Justice Smith you have been elimated.

(Justice says goodbye...Puder steps up in Miz's face talking smack)

Al: Congratulations Gentlemen for being the final 2 in the TE contestants. This Sunday at ArmAGeddon you 2 will square off in the Dixie Dog Fight, but tonight your going to have the chance to show off youe endurance, your balance, and your power. Each of you will take a pestal. It's a 2 out of 3 fall competition..the 1st person who knocks off his opponent off the pestal twice will be the winner.

Here they go...both on the pestal...well I take that back now Miz is off the pestal and Puder is the winner for the 1st round.....Now the second round both up and in seconds Miz is down again...Puder didn't even lose his footing...break a sweat...was Miz even trying?....

Don't forget this Sunday Pay-Per-View ArmAGeddon you will see these 2 guys go face to face in a Dixie Dog Fight...3..1 minute rounds....come back for blow by blow details this Sunday.

Part 7

Your Webmaster Wayne-O!%^&* Reporting

Ok so this week Al once again asks Ryan the SliverBack if he want to quit.......Ryan says that yes he wants to quit...psyche!......he will stay......but oh wait....no he will not because he is cut from the show....bye bye.....don't let the door hit your butt on the way out.......or.....will we see him another day?.....who knows.....

Next the boys have 30 seconds to say who they would cut from the show if they could

Miz is first and he would vote off Puder because Puder has never been in the UFC.....(editors note:but at last he has......like once so that should count?........I don't know...who cares?)

Next Ryan picks Puder too because he is pissed off at Puder for something but hey.....SliverBack you are cut so who cares what he had to say?

Justice puts us to sleep with what he has to say about Puder and la-da-la-da

And Puder picked Justice because he was on Battle Dome and he couldn't get past the Bash-um Brothers

As Ryan takes a Hike after being cut Al tells them that next week it will go from 3 to 2 and the last two will go at it at the next PPV in a Boxing match called a Dikie Dog Fight in which each will wear a chicken suite and ride a Donkey......hey I made that last part up but hell you never know what goofy thing they will come up with next.......oh wait we find out now as the Boys will be on the show later as they get to play dress up and dress like girls.......Tough Enough Divas????......oh how funny is that????

So later on...much later if you were watching the special feed on your Analog Satellite Dish the boys of Tough Enough had to come to the ring dressed as the girls of Tough Enough......

Al is in the ring and first states that coming to the ring is Daniela Puder.......sexy music is keyed up and out comes Puder wearing a Blonde wig a white top un-buttoned down the front and a gold bra the size of Liz Renay the Stripper.......he's got some white balls tied to a string and a garbage bag(which had a Teddy Bear in it that he gave to Bob later) in the other hand and he is wearing white Tenny Shoes

Next to come out was Justina Smith dressed kind of like a umm.....Black Raggedy Ann Doll with Doggie Slippers on his feet

Next comes Mizanin wearing something that looks like Daisy from Dukes of Hazards with cut offs up to his ass checks and wearing white pumps

Al:Alright(step back he says to Miz with a smile on his face)...Boys or Girls I guess it's going to be a pretty Tough contest to Judge.....and I think I'm going to need a little help......Lades and Gentlemen I give you Hardcore Holly.....

All the Tough Enough girls know this is not a good thing and right away I'm thinking"what better way to make old Bob Holly get his upcomings for giving the French dude a black eye"

The just to this was Al asked his help to Judge this by having Holly let the He-She's make passes at him.....old tough Bob didn't want anything to do with this and was going to leave the ring until Al says

Al:Hardcore are you saying you are not Tough Enough?.....Hardcore we have known each other allot of years now(Editors note:in which Al beat the pants off of Bob one full summer at house shows and what not....see results links around 1995-96)

Al:If you are chicken say you are chicken.....hey these Tough Enough Kids were man enough to walk out here tonight......you telling me you are not man enough to stand out here and hear them out?......the Hardcore Holly I know could do this........

Old Bob gives in but I'm sure it's only because he was made to go out there to look stupid......

Al:Oh good.....game on Yatzee!

So the just of this was each HE-She had 30 seconds to act like he was a girl coming on to Hardcore Bobby.......the fans cheered the most for The Miz so he won.....

Now my video tape ran out before the end of the show and I didn't watch what I missed as I was writing this so but and I'm sure the boys and Al came out one more time to tell you to go and vote who you think is Tough Enough......so go to WWE.com and do so Monkey Boy

Click here to read Tough Enough Download Special

Part 6

Hello everyone..I hope your having a great turkey day! Al Snow starts off the show telling us there is some business he must conduct before we find out who's been elimated. Now Ryan last week when you went against the Basham brothers..you had broken 2 of your ribs. Do you want to quit?

Ryan: The reason why I call myself Silver Back is because a Silver Back is a leader and I'm the leader of this pack. Leaders don't quit and neither do I.

Al: So you don't want to quit?

Ryan: NO

Al: Alrighty...Lets find out who's been elimated this week...Daniel Rodimer...I'm sorry you've been elimated. Now boys, last week you went head to head with the Bashams brothers. This week you'll be going head to head with each other is a arm wrestling competition. Mike, you, and Puder go first...however Mike I know your left handed but you must use your right.

While Al continues the rules, Mike is asking the Ref. a few questons, the Ref. nods he's head....Mike then spits in his right hand.

(The crowd chants UFC, UFC,UFC)

Mike and Puder lock hands and a few seconds later Puder takes the win.

Next it's Justice and Ryan....Its hands down Ryan wins it.

Al asks Justice who do you think will win between Puder and Ryan?

Justice: Puder

Al goes over to Mike who do you think is going to win?

Mike: Silver Back..I got money on it (well I hope he's a man of his word) Puder and Ryan lock hands...It looks like Ryan has the upper hand and then Puder wins it.

Later on Al Snow and the TE kids come out and Al Snow informs us that the TE kids has got 20 seconds to tell us what their thankful for...

Mike: Ill tell you what I'm thankful for being in the top 4 of this competition. I'm also thankful for all the Miz fans who have voted for me week after week. Last but not least I'm thankful I'm not a brown noser like Daniel Puder.

Ryan: First off Al, I'm thankful for food, my family, and the WWE for giving me this chance. That's not why I'm here ( ok enlightened one...I thought you were here to compete for this competition). I'm here to conduct a survey...Did everybody here come to see these TE clowns? (oh enlightened one....they came to see both the superstars and ya'll) Or did ya'll come here...bell rings.

Justice: First off I like to thank God Oh Mighty for blessing me the strenght to come in this ring to compete at a higher level. I like to thank my family and my friends..those who support me and love love me. I like to thank all of ya'll who cheer for me when I come out hereto the ring. I like to thank Vince for giving me....bell rings.

Puder: I like to thank my fans, my friends, my family, and most of all the Lord Jesus Christ. He's the one who put me here...he's made me the top 4...and I'm going to win the competition with everybody here helping me out. On top of that my favorite 3 words are snap, crackle, and pop. I'll show you....bell rings.

After hearing all the TE kids talk and show off...go and vote on WWE for your favorite Tough Enough Contestant.

Oh by the way Tommorw Friday Nov. 26, 2004 you can watch download with Tough Enough hear what its like coming from the remaining tough enough kids....UPN 9/8 central......

Robby Babganouch

Part 5

Hello everyone....

It's time for for the tough enough competition but first Chris, Mike, Ryan, Rodimer, Justice, Daniel one of you have been elimated.

Al continues to say Chris last week you were given the chance to quit...what do you say this week?

Chris: No I will not quit.

Al: ok were heard Chris's decision..we will find out who has been elimated....the elimated contestant is Chris.

Chris says his goodbye the rest of the contestants head out to the ring...

Once out in the ring the TE contestants are required to fight for a flag that is on a turn buckle.

The objective: is to grab the flag off the ring post...each will have 30 sec to fight for it. If more than one contestants should grab the flag then the person who grabs it in the fastest time should win the contest.

The contestants were informed that they have to fight against the Basham Brothers...the rules continues there will be no shot to the NO NO AREA!, No kicking, No Punching, No Knees, No Elbows, No Eye Poking, No Clothes Lines, and No Foreign Objects.


Mike rushes into the Bashams and ends up on the floor.

Ryan rushes into them as well and all he'll get is some time on his back.

Rodimer rushes them...gets caught in a lock but Rodimer uses his streghts to get to the ropes.

*clock stops*

The bell rings again....

Basham manage to hold him until time runs out.

Justice tries to go around them but it fails and the Basham's win.

Daniel rushes them and only gets a few itches away before the Basham take control....

Bashams win the competiton.

Later on the TE kids come out and tell us (fans) why we should pick them.

Mike: This comes from the heart not from the Miz... I spent the last 2 1/2 years at the Indys so I could get a WWE contract. None of these people (he points to the other contestants) have spent the last 2 1/2 yrs doing this. They have been ultimate fighting....etc....I want this more than life its self.

Ryan: I loved wrestling my whole life and I've always wanted to be a wrestler. The past month has been the best time of my life. If I win or I lose I'll do what ever it takes to get back to the WWE.

Rodmier: Laughs...Here's the thing...it takes a few things to be a WWE superstar...Strienght, Charism, and Heart. Now it might take me a few weeks but I'll be there.

Justice:Now Uncle Al...I'm 6'8..285lbs...I've been watching wrestling all my life with all my family. I've always wanted this all my life.

Puder: I use to eat, sleep, and fight in steal cage. Did you like that performance tonight? I got right in Kurt Angle's face...I challanged him...I won the Sex Test..I got a lap dance. Now it's about earning a contract not winning a contract. I'm here to give it my all!

Remember vote on who you think is Tough Enough...the Voting polls ends Monday night at Midnight.

Robby Babganouch

Part 4

Hello everyone and welcome to Torrie Wilson Sex Test...All the contestants are standing in the ring showing off...Al Snow introduces Kim (the one in the pink top) Chris (the one in the black top) there from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...

They will be calling the action during the Sex Test, but before the test...first we have some business to take care of...Right now I'm going to give the chance for a contestant to quit...Chris last week you were hurt by Kurt Angle. The X-Ray showed that your rib is broken. Do you want to quit?

Chris: NO SIR

AL: Hold on...think about this for a minute..you can spare yourself from being elimated by the audience..Do you want to quit?

Chris: NO

Al: Alright we know who's going to stay. Lets find out who's going to go...Nick Mitchell You've been cut.

(Awww poor Nick)

Well the shows continues on with Torrie Wilson in the ring.

Torrie: Are you boys ready for me?.....Are you boys ready for the TORRIE WILSON SEX TEST?

(the TE kids showing off to her)

Alright I guess we'll find out. Now here are the rules:

You will each have 15 seconds to make out with a WWE Diva. That Diva will pick out the person that will make the best lover...After that person is annouced the winner will get a very very very special surprize....Now Chris do you think you can handle a Diva with a broken rib?

Chris: Torrie, to be honest..I have a song prepared for you....

(I would have typed it for for you guys but I went deaf right after he opened his mouth...I had to rely on "cc" )

Torrie had a tough time getting the mic back but when she did...she asked Mike (Mike is dressed up in Santa's under wear and his hat) Mike just a little guess is there something very small your holding under the X-Mas tree there?

Mike: It's all about the motion baby....the motion.

Torrie: Ok ok ok I guess we'll find out....

Dawn Marie music starts playing...what do you know Dawn Marie is coming to the ring....Dawn spanks Juctice, gives Dan R. her gum, and licks Daniel P face. Dawn contines to tease the contestants as Torrie speaks.

Torrie: Now boys do you really think you can handle someone as hot as Dawn Marie? Well you know what I don't think your going to find out...the person you will be making out with is Mae Young.

Moolah has accompanied Mae to the ring to make sure Mae doesn't get out of hand with you guys. First contestants to swap spit is Daniel P...and boys he dives right in for a wet sloppy one.

Juctice its your turn....Justice picks Mae up...and mmmm does the term bucking bronco mean.....it get worse Justice even spanks Mae....


Daniel R. is very unsure of her but good o' Mae jumps on him and gets what she wants.

Ryan is very sure in his abilities however Mae is able to gets him to the ground for a make out session.

Mike pulls out condoms and shows Mae....Mae doesn't wait...Mikes on his back...Mae is on top swapping spit with him and when the bell sounds Mae starts shoking poor Mike.

Chris is up and now is down...with Mae on her back...mmm....well Chris is in a position (with clothes off is sex and clothes on is....what?)

Torrie: Mae who is.....

Mae points to Daniel P......Torrie tells Daniel what he has won....which is a lap dance from Mae.

(SOS pads and boiling hot water to wash with later)

Remember gals and guys voting is now until Moday at midnight....so go and vote...hurry..

Robby Babganouch reporting

Part 3

Welcome back Tough Enough Fans....When SmackDown first comes on all the tough enough finalist are running sprints, eating lots of pasta with gallons of milk, push ups, and running more sprints. One of the finalist even gets sick (Nick throws up! EWWWW!)

......Then the finalist are standing in the ring and Al Snow starts off with:

Al: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the 7 finalist once again for the one million dollar tough enough. Boys you seem pretty proud of yourself last week talking smack to Big Show...but tonight I want to introduce to you the only WWE superstar to ever win olympic gold...Mr. Kurt Angle

....Angle comes out and enters the ring. Angle asks the finalist one at a time,

Kurt:"What's your name? and Do you think your tough enough?"

After each finalist would answer Angle would tell them shut there mouth. (How Rude!) Angle the goes on to say:

Kurt: Ya'll think ya'll are tough enough. I came out to the ring because standing up to the Big Show doesn't make you tough enough. Now shooting him with a tranquilizer and shaving his head...now that's tough enough.

Mike starts to laugh....Angle tell him to stop laughing and gives him a shove.

Angle: "This is my ring"

(mabye Angle has a control issue...who knows).

"This is Kurt Angle olympic champion hero's ring and when your in my ring....your St. Louis and I'm the Boston Red Sox...you get it? Now I had Al Snow train you today for one reason...to prove a point..what you did today in my world is a day off. You have no idea what it takes to succeed in this business. Trust me you have NO IDEA. You stand here with an chance to win a million dollars...for that...for that I hate each and everyone of you. I HATE YOU!"

(well guys the rest of the world loves you)

"You didn't earn it."

(they should having to listen to Angle)

"I'm told you get a special chance tonight....I don't you think you deserve that prize."

(Angle stop thinking seriously now)

.....Angle shows them squat thrust and informs them that the last man standing or the man who does the most squats will receive the special treat. One by one the finalist are elimated...and Chris is the winner. Angle gets in his face and lets him know that the secret surprize is...Chris gets to wrestle Angle in the ring and the match would start now.

Angle is just man handling Chris....Angle gets the role up 1, 2, and 3. I guess Angle hasn't had enough yet so he goes to the other finalist and asks who wants to be in the ring?.....

Daniel Puder raises he's hand.....Angle tells him to get in the ring....The bell rings and at first Daniel hold his own as fast as the match started it ended with a role up 1, 2, 3... Angle won.

Kurt Angle has one last thing to tell the tough enough finalist before they leave the ring:

Kurt:"When your in this ring....your in my ring..you understand? None of you are tough enough now get out of my face"

.....fades to a commercial....(the finalist are standing side by side)

Al Snow: Now its your chance the audience of WWE and SmackDown to vote for who you think is tough enough. You can vote exclusively on WWE.com . Keep in mind the voting ends on Monday at midnight. Next week the tough enough contestant with the least amount of votes will be eliminated.

Torrie Wilson's music starts to play.....Torrie says, "If you think it was exhausting being in the ring with an olympic gold medalist then next week you will be put to the ultimate test....Next week at the very start of the show each and everyone of you will be taking the TORRIE WILSON SEX TEST. Oh, and Boys, I just hope ya'll are up for the challenge."

Don't forget to vote at WWE.com for your favorite tough enough finalist

Robby Babaganough reporting

Hello everyone...Last Thursday on SmackDown Torrie Wilson came out and told the tough enough finalist that next week there going to take the Sex Test with her....but what you didn't see or hear is after the show when the TE kids were at the training facility Torrie sent them a letter which read:

This week on SmackDown you all agreed to take Torrie Wilson Sex Test. I know I'm excited and I hope you are too. I'm sending the message to all of you for a chance to impress me. (Al makes the comment good luck on that one) Dress like you would if you were going to take me out on a romatic date. if you look the part and win the contest the you'll win a very special prize.

With Love and Kisses,Torrie

Al then tells the TE kids that they needed to study hard and long for the sex test. Believe me I talk to your girlfriends.

Part 2-Robby Babaganouch reporting

Well I have a bit of bad news for all of us Tough Enough Fans. One of the contestants has already quit, John Meyer.

The TE 4 contestants walking down the hallway going to there locker room (talking loud and making loud noises).

Al Snow: Guys listen up...first night on SmackDown ya'll should be excited (TE 4 kids start holling). Shut up he tells him and to grab their bags.

Big Show... shows up..."Whoo whoo whoo...What the hell is this? Everybody has paid their dues to be in here. You clowns' haven't...you go dress in the women's locker room. Better than that you stay out of the women's locker room because they paid more dues you then you have. You take your crap and go out in the hallway. Do you hear me? Big Shows asks Daniel P. do you hear me? Are you bull enough? and Daniel P. nods his head yes. Big Shows throws him around the room and then kicks them out.

The Tough Enough kid out go in the hall...Al Snow instructs them to put things down...they start heading to the ring. Al Snow then says:

Al: Be ready for the first challange to see how tough you really are?

Then....The Tough Enough kids are in the ring...Al begans to say:

Al: You the audience will make the decision as to who wins the million dollar challange but the voting does not began until next week.

(Then introduces the contestants).

Al continues to say:

Al: Lets began our first challange....Big Show just put each and everyone of you in your place. Now you have 20 sec. of mic to put him in his place."

Chris starts first and says:

Chris:Big Show I would like to tell you something. We might be the new kids on the block, Big Show, but just give us a few weeks and when I win this million dollar Tough Enough competition....I will be right beside you in that locker room and you'll never be putting me in my place again!

The Audience: WHAT?

Mike's 20 seconds: This is a true story, when the Miz came to Oklahoma! (They were in Nebraska). Big Show your 7 ft tall and 500 lbs. The biggest guy on SmackDown...I've never wrestled before but with the training of MR. AL SNOW.......the bell sounds.

Brian: Big Show my name is "Silver Back, Ryan Reeves, and I am the real Vanilla Gorilla. I will bring more pain than anybody. If you had this opportunity.. you would have taken it too! So don't hate on us for taking advantage of it. You don't scare me or any of these guys.

Al: All right, seems were digging a big enough hole..lets continue to dig it.

Daniel R: Look Big Show, I see you go ...my boy, Dan, and push him around. You looked at me first and I smiled right back and what did you do absolutely nothing. So you better just get used to "BIG DAN RODIMER" being around because I ain't going anywhere.

Al: Well were digging a grave might as well throw the dirt in on top of it.

Nick: Big Show, you're big time...you want big time...can you do this?

(dances around the ring and sides he's butt accross the ring) I didn't think so. Your to big for that...I didn't know they stacked crap up that high.

Al: Alrightly then.

Justice: Big Show come out and play (sings this) UH-HU. I noticed when you came into that locker room, Big Show, you went to the smallest one in the room. Big Show...What's up with that, huh, Son?

Al: Last but certainly not least, Dan, Big Show got in your face in a big way. Shoved you clear across the locker room...here's you chance..

Daniel P: Big Show you think you hurt me. I've got 3 words for you SNAP, CRACKLE, and POP. When I get down with you...your arms and legs will be broken cause that's what I do Big Show. I'm an ultimate fighter....you think..you can get in the ring with me I don't think so. I'm going to cut your leg......bell rings.

Then Al Snow says:

Al: Listen up boys, you did a really good job talking smack to Big Show. Now here is your chance to tell it to his face.

Big Show comes out and the TE kids are pumped and there are no signs of backing down. Big Show demands that they back their butts agaisnt the ropes.

Big Show points to Daniel R...then to come to him. Big Show asks him

Big Show: You think your tough enough?

Daniel: No Doubt.

Big Show: NO DOUBT HUH?.....Tell you why you think you tough enough then....

Big Show tries to throw a right hook but misses. Big Show is talking smack to the contestants and informs them that they will be body slam. Ryan goes first (he goes down but takes a few minutes to come back up), then Mike (goes down then gets right back up).

Big Shows surprises Nick with a slap to his face and tell him to never disrespect him in his ring....and body slams him. Then Daniel P's. turn, Chris, and then Justice get not only a body slam but a elbow drop (he doesn't get off the mat for a few seconds).

Daniel R is next.....Dan is talking all kinds of trash while face to face with Big Show..

(maybe Big Show will let the air out of his head)

Big Show has had enough and body slams him then gets a knee drop. (Well Big Show did release some air out but not from the head).

Well remember guys and gals that next week on SmackDown is the first week you will be able to vote off one of the Tough Enough contestants....See ya next week.

On Oct. 16-17, 2004 the Tough Enough tryouts would start. Al Snow begins saying (to the contestants)

Al: "You guys should be excited because out of 1,000 , 1,000 ,and 1,000 of enties. You 50 have the opportunty of a lifetime. It's a chance to be a part of the elite group of sports entertainment of the world WWE."

(You see a bunch of contestants showing off.....flexing there muscles, flirting with young ladies....etc...)

Al contines to say that the contestants day will consists of an obstacly course, then a bench press test of 225 lbs., a 40 yrd dash, and last a charisha / personality test.

The next thing you hear and see is Al Snow telling a contestant

Al:" You have the heart, but you have the personality of a cavader."

(If you watch closely enough you almost see the contestants heart break).

Bill DeMott yells at John,

Bill:"If you want a million dollars go buy a lottery ticket, you have one chance."

Luckly for John he puts in alot of steps with a time of 1:32......the next contestant is Daniel. The judges point blake asked him if he was a little cocky? (oh boy) He says no he's just confident.....but when you keep watching he says "I would'nt consider myself cute. I consider myself HOT" (please Al let the air out of his head)

......Big John Stud (a great wrestler) son is seen running the obstacly...then talks about how he would make his father proud by being in the WWE and how you have to have a GREAT GREAT PASSION for this bussiness.

The next contest isn't so lucky though. The judges asked Marty a great number of times How old are you? and everytime he would answer 30. Then Al Snow asked him to read the birth date of his ID/DL

....Well its turns out he was 40 yrs old (they don't like liers) He was cut....

Mike (you would have seen him on MTV Real World and Battle of the Sexes) steps out of the reality T.V image and shows the judges just how good of an althete he really is.....

Brian gets hurt by lefting weights trying to impress the judges (he torn a bicep and also has a torn pectoral <---under arm area). Brian comes back the next day and finishes EVERYTHING. Al Snow had to cut him due to his injuries but he was offered after he was healed a spot a OVW....

Daniel seems a little bit shy or mabye the judges just picking on him but he was asked to pick up a women on the beach and ask her out. Well he did and she said yes...because he's cute!

In the end Al Snow gives some people bad news and the others great news. Al read the first name Daniel Puder, Ryan Reeves, Nick Mitchell, Mike Mizanin (yeah hope he doesn't think it's like Real World), Justice Smith, John Meyer, Chris Nawrocki, and Daniel Rodimer.

Next week on SmackDown you will see the Tough Enough 4 contestants live and in person.

Robby Babaganouch reporting

Daniel Puder

Sunnydale, CA.


Daniel is California's CCS wrestling champion 215 wt. He also is a mixed martial art fighter.

"I saw a lot of guys eating cake and pie after lunch and I was just looking at them.....you guys are about to go for a million dollar competition and YOUR EATING PIE! In the last 6 weeks, I've lost 67% body fat and toned my muscles just to look good enough for the show."

Ryan Reaves

Las Vegas, NV.

Forth cut

Ryan is a student at UNLV and majoring in fitness management. (Here is a fun little fact about him: when he was younger he got to ring the bell at a house show for the WWE.

"I've watched the wrestling my whole life. I grew up with it. Ever since, I was a kid, I went to my first event in Las Vegas and I believe I was 12 years old. I won a News 13 contest at a local news station. I got front row tickets, got to go back stage, and meet some wrestlers. That day I knew that I wanted to do this. It was just such an overwhelming expericence and now that is opportunity came up...I'm living a dream that you know....mmmm(stumbles for words)....I don't know what to say it's just an overwhelming experince."

Nick Mitchell

Magnolia, TX.

First Cut from show

He once played for Beaumont Drillers in the NFL. However if you don't want to call him Nick he also goes by: Cadilac, Sick Nick, or Big Booty Bandit.

"Man, I'm a funny goofy guy. I like to entertain people. That's just how I am...everyone knows me as that. It's kind of funny to see a real big guy, I'm not trying to say I'm a big guy, but so goofy most people can't believe it. Most people think I'm going to be a hard ass but I'm not like that. I just like to make people laugh. I"m about to get known world wide and I've been dreaming of this forever. Finally,it came to me.....I'm so excited I can't even tell you what I feel."

Mike Mizanin

Parma, OH.

Final cut

Everyone knows him from MTV's Real World and Battle of the Sexes. (He competes on Battle of the Sexes...always tries his best).

"Just watching T.V. one day...it said try out for the Real World. So after Real World....So what do you want Mike? What do you want to do with your life? and mmmm I was like WOW. Why can't I be a professional wrestler.....so I just go in there with as much respect as possible; to these people, and just try my hardest give all I got and not be cocky. Not have this attitude and not be this guy (OH I'M A BIG WRESTLER....WAVES HANDS IN AIR). No I'm nothing, No I'm nothing to them. I'm just a tadpole in a pool with many fish. So I just try to prove that I'm here to work. I'm here for you guys. You guys tell me what to do and this is what I'm going to do."

Justice Smith

Torrance, CA.

Fifth cut

He started in Battle Dome (he was the snake), which was shown on UPN. For 2 years he played basketball at University of Tennessee and then went to Alcorn State. In HighSchool he ranked 30th (All American team) in the Nation by USA Today.

"I Don't talk SH*T...I don't respect people who do talk SH*T. I fight for a living. So I know...if you a real fighter your not going to talk mess...and you got Al Snow in the ring just looking at us like...OH YA'LL ARE SOME GIRLY MEN....SO HE LOOKING AT US LIKE WHO'S GONNA STEP UP. You can't tell who's sticking out! Me , I'm gonna step up, NOBODY ELSE WOULD. You know..I'm stepping up so I went in the ring. You know to see if he was serious. I looked in his eyes and saw right threw them. I was like...Man you just talking noise...your just taking sh*t. So I took it and you saw what happened."

John Meyer

Costa Mesa, CA.

John played basketball in both highschool and in college. He served in the navy from 1991 to 1993.

"I fill pride as a man..I want to be strong. The reason I train and the reason..the way I look is because I always want to be in a situation where I feel the strongest. Feel Like I can protect myself, feel like I can protect my partner/ my girlfriend in life, protect my mother, or who ever I need to protect..you know what I mean. I want to be a strong individual.. you know what I mean. If it comes across as being a tough guy..you know..it's not certainly meant to be that way. I definitely give the respect that you need to give...good family morals."


From the Tough Enough website:


Thousands of World Wrestling Entertainment hopefuls tried out for a limited number of finalist positions in the $1,000,000 Tough Enough competition. From there, 50 were chosen to audition in front of WWE officials. Of those 50, only eight men were asked to be a part of Thursday nights on UPN.

After all of this, John Meyer, who was picked as one of the final eight, has chosen to withdraw from the competition. The move has turned out to be one of the more shocking turn of events in recent Tough Enough memory.

Chris Nawrocki

Syosset, NY.

Second cut

In highschool he played football, volley ball, basketball, baseball, and then went on to college to play more football.

"It was a remarkable experience, words can't describe the different emotions that go though you body during something like this. There is the high points, low points, the butterflies, the anxiety of being here. People like Al Snow and Bill DeMott they're just motivating and pushing you on..talking to you..just being in front of these types of people is just in creditable Especially the competition that was here..a lot of great guys, a lot of athletically people, and just being here was a great experience. I'm VERY VERY excited to show that tough enough with these final 8 contestants."

Daniel Rodimer

Tarpon Springs, FL.

Third Cut

Daniel plays semi pro football for the Tamp Bay Barracudas. He has also played for the Arena Football League and at the University of Southern Florida.

" Honestly, I've been so excited for this. For the past month I've been training, preparing, and running out on the beach...mmmm. Right when I got on the plane Thursday night my mind was set. You know were going to do this, were gonna get this done, were gonna make it."