Tribute to Steve Moore

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Tribute to Steve Moore

In 1993 Al worked some dates in the WWF as the jobber known as Steve Moore,as per information I can find Al worked 3 matches as Steve Moore one match was at a WWF house show in Grand Rapids MI on Tuesday August 31 in which Steve Moore did the J.OB. agaist Marty Jannetty

The next day September 1 of 1993 Al as Steve Moore was tag team parteners with Brian Costello,and they lost to the Smoking Guns

that same day Al as Steve lost in a match against the Undertaker which later aired on WWF Wrestling Challenge.....Here is a play by play of match Al/Steve had with the Undertaker

The lights are out as Steve Moore waits in the ring for the Undertaker

J.R.:They say Brain that he has the highest threshold of pain then anyone in the WWF,that he can't be hurt

Brain:I know why


Brain:Because he's dead,the mans not alive!,he's not a human being .


Brain:can you imagine Yokazoma coming off that second rope,or even the top rope and landing on the Undertaker,he would love it,that would be the best time the Undertaker ever had

Steve and the Undertaker face the Undertaker kicks Steve in the guts,and then a chop to the neck sends Steve crashing to the mat

J.R.:Well,Steve Moore the opponent here challenging this huge man,and a another thing you really have to respect about the Undertaker is his agility,(the Undertaker has backed Steve into the far corner and chocks him)he has great balance for a man 6-10 and a half,now look at this,he has a true mean streak,Ref Danny Davis exercising the count(the Undertaker backs off)

Brain:Well you know you have seen him walk that top rope right?,


Brain:He has to be what? about 20 feet in the air,why should he worry if he falls??,he's not alive!

The Undertaker sends Steve for the ride,Steve gets a boot to the face on the way back and again falls to the mat

J.R.:Great flexibility as you just saw there,extending the foot right in the face of Steve Moore,coming off the ropes with a full head of steam,yes I would love to be sitting at ring side,when the Undertaker meets Yokazona Brain...

Brain:Oh I'll be there

J.R.:Oh look at this,(Undertaker has walked Steve over to the ropes,holding Steve's arm the Undertaker climbs to the top rope)for the WWF title,this is what we are talking about,that great balance,Lady's and Gentlemen this man is 6-10 and a half,this is a fascinating athlete(The Undertaker walks the top rope holding Steve's arm,the Undertaker jumps from the top rope with a chop to Steve's arm,sending Steve to the mat again!)

Brain:Do not try this at home

J.R.:Well you can't really see...he is expressionless as a rule.(Steve tries to get up,the Undertaker chops Steve in the neck and to the mat)

Brain:He looks like "It" from the Addams Family

J.R.:It must be Gomiz,Gomiz Addams out there,Paul Bearer(Undertaker picks up Steve and slams him onto the ropes,the Undertaker give the ref the evil eye)....

Brain:These are two strange individuals

J.R.:Oh your not kidding

Brain:Well how do you prepare for a match with the Undertaker?,whats Yokazona going to do?,he uses his weight to is advantage,he uses his size,his strength,but you can't hurt this guy,you can't prepare for a match now.....

(Undertaker swings Steve into the far corner,as Steve walks out of the corner the Undertaker scoops him up)J.R.:Wow!,tremendous velocity with the irish whip there,and the Undertaker scoops up Steve Moore and slams him with a great deal of athority,I wonder Brain,if the Undertaker can body slam Yokazoma(Undertaker picks up Steve and sets him ready for a Tombstone)

Brain:I don't think so

J.R.:And can he exercise this manover?

Brain: I dout that very much

J.R.:The Tombstone piledriver,and Steve moore has been planted.