Manor's Musings #53

In case you haven't yet realized it, "OWN" is "NWO" written backwards...which reminds me of the scrawl across Al Snow's brow. Years before you jumped on the bandwagon, I was hailing Al for the abundance of all-around wrestling skill he then possessed. Thus, as you can imagine, I'm delighted yet another of my "discoveries" is finally gaining some long-overdue recognition, no matter how much he's embarrassed himself in the process.

Why, I'll go out on a limb here and predict his current nitwit gimmick will become as popular as his Avatar and Leif Cassidy personae *combined*! Though Snow was previously among the sport's most underrated interview subjects, he's apparently discovered the key to success is instead behaving like a buffoon. A true masterstroke: Al's at last given fans a character to whom they can fully relate! What's more, having drastically lowered the probability of injury by abandoning his super-impressive arsenal of scientific techniques in favor of bopping foes with a hatmaker's dummy, Snowflake has brilliantly added YEARS--albeit humiliating ones--to his once respectable career!!

I don't want to hear a peep about Al "selling out," even if it *is* true. You don't knock your Phil Collins for going from a skilled musician to a shamelessly commercial, spotlight-hogging, bland bore, do you?