Al vs Nowinski Tribute

In return from working on Tough Enough Three Al finds his way back to the WWE and has moved from Smack Down to Raw.....when who should he find on Raw but Chris Nowinski ......and a work between them begins

Raw Oct 15 2002

Harvard Chris is nursing his still-tender jaw, when our hero enters.

Al: Want a bottle of water Chris?

The bottle drops and *BAM* Chris is looking at the circle below Al's waist. Before you die, you see the ring.

Al: Gotcha! You always were a sucker for the circle game on Tough Enough! Hey, remember when I had Maven cause you to lose the bet & you had to go to Yale & basically humiliate yourself?

Chris (smirking): Yeah.

Al: Gooooood times!

Chris: Yeah, good times Al.

Al: Gooood times. But seriously, I wanted to come up & tell you that I'm so proud of the fact that you never gave up on your dreams and that you finally made it.

They shake hands.

Yeah I thanks to you. Oh & by the way, nice loss tonight.

Chris walks away, Al looks pissed.

Later in his match w/ Tommy Dreamer, Chris is distracted by Al coming to ringside, causing Dreamer to regain the advantage, but when Tommy went for his Singapore cane, Al stopped him from using it, causing Chris to get the win.

Raw Oct 29/02

Al is backstage giving Harvard Chris (who is surprisingly taller than our cult hero) a talking-to. Let's see what I got here on tape..

Al: (Pointing that finger) "..All through Tough Enough 1..I stood up for you. I stayed loyal to you. In spite of everyone coming up to me and saying (in a mocking tone), ' You know, Chris is such a jerk'--I still stayed loyal to you, because you were one of my kids. Then I show--(a pause, as Chris looks impatiently at his watch, as if his time is so valuable--and Al looks at him looking..)--UP ON  RAW--I'm proud of the fact that you're here--that you made it--I'm not gonna lie! But, I'm not proud of your behavior! But I still stand beside! ! you, I still stay loyal, because you're one of my kids..because I know you had jaw surgery. So I still tried to protect you--in spite of yourself. But your behavior shows me that I made the right decision on who won on Tough Enough 1--and that was Maven. Not YOU. Your behavior also proves a point to me and that is..You're not a jerk. You're a POMPOUS, ARROGANT, *SS. (driving his point home with a finger in the chest--to the delight of the crowd..)"

Chris: "Al. It's not like I haven't appreciated the effort. (He tries to lay a condescending hand on Al's shoulder--who pushes it away..) But, I'd be a success here whether Tough Enough existed or not. The fact that I am, is a testament to ME.. and has nothing to do with YOU. (He stabs a finger into Al's chest..and Al doesn't like it very much..) But, I don't think you believe me! I'm gonna prove it to ya!"

Al: "Please!"

Chris: "How 'bout this? I GUARANTEE that I can beat anyone in the WWE ! ! tonight!"

Al: (Dryly) "Really. Anybody."

Chr is: "Anybody you name." (Al points eagerly to his own chest--and, for a moment, I had my hopes up that Al would take this brat to school, but alas..) The only caveat is..I want you at ringside to witness it. Personally. Got that...DAD?"

Chris stalks away..Al fumes.

The tape chops forward to the match at hand--and crap! I missed Al's entrance again!  He stands stonily at ringside, as Harvard's theme plays. Oh, my..Booker T is already in the ring. Chris slides in and immediately exchanges blows with Booker even as the bell rings. Booker whips him off the ropes and drops him with a forearm. Chris quickly regains his feet, and Booker chops him in the chest, then punches him again..he then whips him off the ropes again. As Chris hits the far rope, he ducks down and out and gives Al a shove--with a 'Whattya gonna do about it?' look. Booker grabs him by the hair and hauls him up and over and into the ring again, then clocks him with another coupla forearms.! ! Booker goes for the pin, but gets only a two.

Booker then twists Chris' arm up (forget what that is called, sorry!), and Chris pushes Booker back into the corner to deliver a knee and a coupla shoulders to Booker's gut. He then tried to toss Booker into the far corner, but Booker rebounds with a shoulder block. As Booker approaches, Chris grabs him up and into the ropes. Booker staggers around, clutching his throat, and Chris grabs him up and slams him. he also goes for the count, but gets only another near fall. He flips Booker back down, and punches him in the head. Al is shown looking on, a bit tense. 

Chris gives Al a taunting look, then picks Booker up to whip him into the ropes into a power slam. He gets another two-count. He rolls Booker over into a headlock, but with the power of his shaking glove--and some of the most enjoyable selling I know--Booker regains his feet. He elbows Chris in the gut a coupla times, a quick shot t! ! o the head--and then whips him into the ropes only to be kicked. H e grabs Chris up and slams him to the mat. Both men struggle to their feet, and Al is shown looking concerned.

Booker blocks a right hand by Chris, gets in one, two and a chop of his own, and whips him to the ropes and into a spinning high kick. He whips him again, misses a clothesline, and then on the return--nails him. Chris gets up, and recieves another kick for his efforts. Booker gets another near-fall.

Chris gets up and looks like he either poked Booker in the eye, or gave him a Stooges nose twist..he tosses Booker to the roes, blows a clothesline, and is kicked again. Booker plays the crowd--and his hand--while Chris sneaks out of the ring to punch Al again (!), and climb back in.

As he crawls across the mat to interrupt a possible Spinaroonie a-brewing---D*MN SKIPPY! Al gets in the ring, and sits on Chris and just wails on him--go, Al, go! Until the bell rings for a DQ.

Oh, I get it.

Al's been had, I've been had..and! ! Booker T looks mighty unhappy as Chris' music begins to play and he is announced as the winner.

Chris is laughing as the ref raises his hand, and Al recieves a kick in the noggin for ruining his match...Booker is not finished, and whoops Chris (just for being him, I suppose), and ends it all with a Spinnaroonie..

Raw 10/21/2002-Your webmaster Wayne-O!#$%^* Reporting

So Nowinski and Jeff are having a match in which the only cool spot was when Jeff rolled over the Ref to fly out of the ring and onto Christopher's noodle outside the ring....

Some boring minutes later Chris gets the original idea to get a chair from outside the ring....Chis gets back in the ring and is about to bean Jeff in the head with said chair....without any fan fair out of the blue and on the apron is Al to try to stop Chris from using the chair....Chris pulls away with the chair as he turns he gets the chair drop kick into his face....Jeff climbs the ropes into a Swanton Bomb but Al moves Chris out of the way....Jeff lands on the chair and Nowinski gets the pin....Al in poor acting style plays that he just made a mistake

Later we find Al standing around back stage....up walks Tommy Dreamer...

Tommy:What is the deal with you crossing me to lose to Christopher Nowinski last week?

Al:Look it was never my intentions for you to lose....Chris is still one of my kids and I didn't want to see the kid get hurt last week Tommy

Tommy:Well maybe you are going to get hurt tonight Al because we are going to have a Sinapore Cane match

Tommy turns and walks away


From behind walks Nowinski...

Al:Hey...I want to talk to you!

Chris:I want to talk to you too.

Al:Oh do you!?

Chris:Al....thanks but no thanks....I didn't need your help getting into the WWE....and I sure as hell don't need it now....

Chris walks off.....Al looks a little P.O.'ed

Tommy Dreamer vs Al

Al comes out first and stands in the ring cane in hand...down to the ring comes Dreamer

King:When is Al Snow going to figure out he is not wanted....he is not needed?

They square off....they use the canes ala Star Wars....Dreamer tries to hold onto both canes so Al sweeps Dreamer off his feet....Dreamer wacks Al in the leg with the cane....Al gets even by hitting Dreamer in the leg then in the arm....Al then clotheslines Dreamer with the cane.....Dreamer rolls out of the ring

Al baseball sides Dreamer onto the railing outside the ring.....Dreamer walks to the front of the ring Al jumps from the apron and gets a Dreamer cane to the chest....Al falls to the mat but gets right back up and gets the cane to his left arm..Al turns and gets the cane to his right arm.....Dreamer goes for another wack but hits the ring post

Dreamer turns and drops the cane....Al locks Dreamer up for the headbutts to the chest.....Al back body drops Dreamer to the mat....Al tries to shake off the wacks to the arms.....Al picks up Dreamer and rolls Dreamer into the ring....Al picks up the cane and as he rolls into the ring he gets a boot by Dreamer....again the cane goes flying out of the ring...Dreamer rolls out of the ring and gets the cane and rolls back into the ring and starts hitting Al....

Al goes for the ride and flips out of the corner only to get low blowed by Dreamer......Al is on one knee trying to ease the pain....Dream waits with the cane for Al to turn around.....Al turns and gets up and gets the cane to his knee....then the other....Al falls to the mat.....Dreamer waves for Al to get up

But wait....what is Nowinski don't on the apron?......Dreamer runs at Al to hit him in the head with the cane....Al ducks and drives Dreamer into the ropes.....Chris swings and wacks Al right in the noddle.....Nowinski tosses the cane to the floor......1.,.2.....3......Pin Me Pay me......

Gee this is a another set up I aint never seen before(not that I'm rolling my eyes as I type this.......

Dreamer looks over Al as he lays on the mat.....I turn away not wanting to watch Dreamer cry again.....

Raw 10/28/02

JR:Well we are back Ladies and Gentlemen earlier today Al Snow of course the leading Trainer for Tough Enough three,caught up with one of his former students.....

Al walks into a room where Chris Nowinski and an older Gentleman are playing Chess.......

Al:Excuse me.....Rick could you excuse us for a moment?


Al:Good Rick I know you have a busy social calendar and all

Rick gets up and leaves.....Chris gets up and makes a last move on the Chess board

Chris:What's up?

Al:You know all through Tough Enough One I stud up for you,I stayed loyal to you in spite of everyone coming up to me and going"You know that Chris is such a jerk"....I still stayed loyal to were one of my kids.....then I show up.....

Chris looks at his watch....

Al:Up on Raw...I'm proud of the fact that you are here that you made it...I'm not going to lie.....but I'm not proud of you behavior.......but I still stand beside you I still stay loyal to you because you are one of my kids......because I know you had Jaw surgery...but I still tried to protect you in spite of yourself......but your behavior shows me that I made the right decision on who won Tough Enough One....and that was Maven....not you!......your behavior also proves a point to me and that your not a jerk you are a pompous arrogant ass...'s not like I haven't appreciated the effort....but I would be a success here if Tough Enough excised or not...the fact that I am is a testament to me an has nothing to do with you!......but I don't think you belive me so I'll prove it to you....


Chris:How about this..I guarantee that I can beat anybody in the WWE tonight...Chris:Anybody you name...the only caveat is I want you ring side to witness it that?......Dad.....

Chris walks away.....Al looks P.O.'ed

Later on Al must have picked Booker-T for Chris's match and sure enough Al was at ring side and sure enough Chris teased Al outside the ring and in fact rolled out of the ring once to push Al another to sucker punch Al

In the end Al could take it no more and jumped in the ring and attacked Chris.....this got Booker-T DQed which made Booker none to happy and drop kicked Al out of the ring then beat the stuffing out of Chris.....

Raw Nov 4 2002

Later we had Christopher Nowinski, in his old college town of Boston, on the mic.

Chris: You know I was really looking foreword to coming back here to Boston.  And as you all know, being the first & only Harvard graduate in WWE history, I spent many of the best years of my life here in Boston.  And you know what I just have to say, that this town has COMPLETELY gone down the gutter since I left!  I mean, what's wrong with you people?!  How could a town with so many great institutions of higher learning, be so stupid?!?!  You guys are lucky you have people like me to rely on.  Because whether you know it or not, your lives are dictated by people like me, actual Harvard graduates!  We run this town!  Because your combined brain power couldn't generate enough heat to melt Ted Williams' frozen corpse (THAT got a reaction!  I was wondering if HHH was salivating at the mention of corpses...sorry, I had to)

Chris: 'Scuse me, did I strike a nerve?  Well lemme tell ya something, Ted Williams was not a great man, Larry Bird is not a great man, Mario Garcia...whatever (LOL) is not a great man!  I am a great man!  Einstein was a great man!  Shakespeare was a great man!  And he once said...


Out saunters Al.  Nowinski stares at him

What are you gonna do Al?  Are you gonna come in here & teach me a lesson?  Why don't you just ground me dad?  Or perhaps you'd like to do some grappling? (I've heard the word "grappling 3 times now & it still cracks me up).  Why don't you get in the ring and *spank* me?

Of course, what Chris doesn't know is that Maven is standing right behind him!  Uh oh!

AL: I didn't come down here to *grapple you* and I don't think I wanna spank you, I think someone else wants to do that.

Maven attacks w/ punches and a clothesline, then dropkicks Chris to Al, who, with a priceless look on his face, decks Chris.  He hightails it through the crowd and Al & Maven celebrate to Maven's music.

Raw Nov 12 2002

Nowinski: I'm sure by now you people expect me to come out here & make fun of Cincinnati. Well tonight I don't wanna do that, I wanna talk about something a little more serious, and a little more personal to me: You don't have to be a Harvard graduate to know that Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame! He's a legend! If you think Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame lemme hear ya! Come on!

The crowd goes nuts, of course! Nowinski bounds around the ring, pumping them up, then starts laughing.

Nowinski: How stupid can you guys be? (BOO!) I knew I could make you sheep cheer! Don't you realize that I just manipulated you?!

The crowd shows Nowinski that they're not sheep, by CHANTING "Harvard sucks!" God, people are stupid.

Nowinski: You guys deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame of Stupidity! (Nowinski is now right behind Jericho as my new favorite RAW heel) But that's alright, cause prepare yourself for the student, *me*, to manipulate the teacher, Tough Enough's own Al Snow and watch me teach him a wrestling lesson! Cause as Dickens once wrote (Nowinski opens the book)...

WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?!?!?!?!?! Out comes Al, looking pissed

Lawler: Dickens didn't write "What Does Everybody Want?" (I think that was Dean Koontz)

Al hits the ring fast, but Nowinski still has the mic.

Wait wait! I said I didn't want to fight you! I wanna give you a wrestling lesson, *dad*!

Al slips behind and trips Nowinski, slips into a go-behind, Nowinski makes it to the ropes, Al threatens to punch but backs down. They lock up, Nowinski goes behind but Al counters, takes Chris down by the leg, floats over into a headlock, Nowinski up to one leg ("we want HEAD!" chant), he sends Al into the ropes, Al counters a hiptoss into a fireman's carry takedown, into an armbar. Nowinski gets up, but Al spins him around by the arm and sends him down face-first.

They lock up again, Al backs Chris into the corner, Chris tries a sucker punch, Al ducks and threatens a punch but Chris backs off three times, each time on a lower buckle (he is SUCH a good heel! Maybe he should have won Tough Enough!). Chris gets up and punches Al, but Al WALLOPS him with a shot to the jaw. Nowinski tries a kick, but Al nails a legdrag.

Al comes off the ropes, ducks an elbow and hits a crossbody, ooh, but Nowinski rolls through and gets his feet on the ropes for a three-count!

Al comes up and tries to make nice, but Nowinski starts walloping Al with the book. Maven runs out, ducks a book shot (can I just say how much I love writing things like "ducks a book shot?" I love this job), and punches Nowinski until he skeedaddles, book in hand

Raw Nov 19 2002

AL vs. CHRISTOPHER NOWINSKI: School of Hard Knocks Match

Before the match, we get shots of the not-quite-healed Maven sucking up to the New Yorkers at The World.

Nowinski comes down first, looking spiffy in his preppy getup and backpack. He's carrying a chalkboard that reads "BRAINS OVER BRAWN." JR makes fun of Harvard for jobbing to Penn in football. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Nowinski: Well well well! (who is he, Joel Gertner?). I see Maven's at The World tonight. Looks like the teacher's pet isn't in school today. Hmph, *very* interesting. Well, Maven, I hope that you're watching, because...and not that I'm jealous or anything, because Harvard men *don't* get jealous (I can't even begin to describe how wonderfully bitchy he sounded during this segment. Just wonderful), I'm about to show everyone that you shouldn't have won the first Tough Enough, it should've been me. Last week, I outwrestled Al Snow, and tonight, in this School of Hard Knocks match, I'm going to outthink him. Because In the end, brains always wins out over brawn.

WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?!?!?!?! Out comes Al, looking for blood again. Nowinski shows Al his sign.

Nowinski swings and misses with the board twice, Al grabs Chris by the backpack and rams him into the second buckle headfirst. Al then SHATTERS the chalkboard over Nowinski's head to a massive pop. Nowinski sinks to his knees and Al slugs him to the ground. Al chucks him over the top rope to the floor, and it looks like the backpack nails Chris in the back of the head

Al throws Chris over the barrier onto some chairs and decks him 8 or 9 times. We get an awesome slow motion replay of the board shot. Al gets some toys, first a chair, then three more, the bowling ball, and another chair. He then decks Nowinski and sends him back over the barrier to ringside. Nowinski gets punched and thrown in the ring, catching his backpack on the bottom rope.

Al tries to get back in the ring, but Chris hits him with a book from his backpack. He then gets chalk dust out of his lunchbox and throws it into Al's eyes. Nowinski hits a hard spinebuster and goes for some toys of his own: A dunce cap, some boards and a model skeleton. A globe is seen, but it tragically doesn't make the cut. Chris breaks a leg (literally) and socks Al in the gut.

Nowinski rips off a skull and, rather than using it, recites a bit of Hamlet, dropping to one knee (I was hoping for a Hamlet-roonie). Al takes this opportunity to smash the rest of the skeleton off Harvard Boy's back. Al swings the leg bone like nunchucks and socks Nowinski in the gut, and breaks another board off his back.

Al then nails Chris in the gut with the chair and uppercuts him with the edge of the chair (ow!) Chris collapses in the corner and Al does an RVD running dropkick with the chair, but misses with the chair badly. Chris is busted open, hardway it looks like. Al puts the dunce cap on Nowinski and nails the 7-10 split with the bowling ball. (owowowowow!)

A small "Harvard Sucks" chant breaks out as Al sets up 4 chairs. Al hits Chris with a can lid and sets Chris on the chairs. He punches him 3 times and tries for a springboard moonsault, but Chris moves and Al smacks the 4 chairs, allowing Chris the easy pin. Pin me pay me, but Chris is sure paying his rookie dues! We get a nice replay of the moonsault.

Heat Dec 8 2002

D-Lo:Listen up Nowinski there are many reasons I don't want to tag with you tonight or any other night,but the fact of the matter is the simple number one reason is.....I don't like you

Nowinski:That is neither here nor there,this isn't about me,it's about you,you used to be somebody once,you used to be the European and the Intercontinental champion

D-Lo:Like two times

Nowiski:But those days are long gone for you.....and why....why D-Lo?....because guys like Maven come in here and uses his sick Mother to get sympathy to win a WWE contract...and then comes in here and takes all your air time......DAMN....I hate guys like that the audacity

D-Lo:No ones......what's your point?

Nowinski:My point is that Maven thinks he is better then you....I know he isn't and you and me against Maven and Al Snow we will show the world we is better

D-Lo:You know might be right...I have been in this company a long damn time and I have earned my props here

Nowinski:Yes you have

D-Lo:And I will be damned if someone comes in here and takes my air time!

Nowinski:YEA.....your air time....that's right Bro now you are talking

D-Lo:Damn right.......D-Lo walks away.......

Now it is Dark


Greg reporting

Welcome to Al's return to Heat! Al & Maven come out first, to Maven's catchy lil' tune. Al hits the second rope while Coach & Lita plug Armageddon & Lugz. Nowinski & D'Lo (whose a hell now if you haven't been watching Heat lately) come out next. Replay of Nowinski saying that Maven's sick Mom was the reason he won Tough Enough & the book shot.

Al tells Maven to let him start & D'Lo attacks him from behind. He hits 3 punches & whips Al, but he slides into third, ducks a Brown clothesline and hits his double-underhook headbutts to the chest. Brown pokes Al in the eye and goes for the tag, but Chris the rookie is badmouthing fans on the floor (for shame, Harvard boy, for shame!). Snow bodyslams Brown twice and applies an armbar. He headbutts the arm twice and tags Maven.

Maven comes in & kicks D'Lo's arm, then reapplies the arm wringer. Brown hits a forearm & sends Maven off the ropes & scores with a nice sidekick. Nowinski tags in, but Maven kips up & Chris hightails it to the floor (this is called ring psychology folks, keep the feuding pair apart for the match to build up anticipation. These two are naturals). Maven slingshots D'Lo in.

Maven goes back to work on the arm with a hard wringer and tags Al. He climbs the ropes and blasts Brown's arm with an axehandle. He keeps the arm wringer on (and Lita really impresses me, by noting that Al has trained all three people in the ring, Brown included, Coach didn't know this from the sound of it. Good on her, she's quite the little color analyst!). Al bounces off the ropes and Nowinski knees him in the back, Al goes after him but Brown attacks from behind, scoring with the Sudden Impact (a very cool modified slam) for a 2-count. Chris comes in & beats on Al in the corner ("Harvard sucks" chant). The ref is distracted (probably by a pretty butterfly) and the heels double team, with D'Lo using the tag rope.

Nowinski goads Maven, and Al sees the opening and knocks him down, but Chris scores with a takedown and tags D'Lo. D'lo elbowdrops Al in the back and the heels beat down Al. The ref restrains Maven, and the heels trash talk before D'Lo scores with a kick to the gut and a slam. He teases his shaking legdrop, but blows off the fans (cuz he's eeeevil now) and tags Nowinski. Chris punches and whips Al into the corner, but Al comes out w/ a clothesline. He tries for a tag but D'Lo tags in and stops him. He knocks Maven off the apron & rams Al off the turnbuckle. He hits a snapmare and applies a chinlock.

Al makes it up & punches his way out. He sunset flips D'Lo, but Brown punches him and trash talks the fans, so Al scissors his arms for the flip and gets a 2-count. Brown hits a lariat and yet another bodyslam before trash talking the audience. He tries for Sudden Impact again but Al counters with a beautiful DDT. They do the slow crawl & tag Nowinski & Maven.

Chris tries to run but Maven takes him down. He whips Nowinski off the ropes and hits a flying forearm. He ducks a D'Lo clothesline and backdrops him. Nowinski knocks down Maven, who gets knocked down by Snow, who gets knocked down by Brown. The heels work on the faces in opposite corners, and try to whip them into eachother. Al slides through Maven's legs, Nowinski clotheslines Maven, and Al hits a flapjack on D'Lo. Nowinski clotheslines Al and Maven dropkicks Nowinski. D'Lo gives Maven the Sky High powerbomb. Al knocks Brown from the ring, and Nowinski tries for a book shot on Maven. Maven ducks and rolls up Chris, but D'Lo breaks up the count. Al tackles D'Lo and they fly through the ropes together, while Maven & Chris brawl back and forth in the corner. Chris does a takedown and gets the pin on Maven with his feet on the ropes. Nowinski and D'Lo escape, while we get ready for another thrilling Real World episode *barf*

Great match!

Dec 9 2002


Hey all, welcome to the RAW report. The heels hit the ring first and we get a replay of last night's Heat match. The faces come out to Maven's music & hit the ring fast. Al reverses a D'Lo whip & hits a forearm while the TE graduates brawl on the floor. Chris runs in the ring and taunts Maven, but Al grabs him from behind. He and Maven play punch volley and whip Chris off the ropes, hitting a double Japanese armdrag. A double elbowdrop later and Al gets a 2-count. He picks Nowinski up but he pokes Al's eye & tags D'Lo.

Brown walks into 2 Al armdrags and a kick to the gut. Maven comes in & punches D'Lo in the arm, he tries for an arm wringer but D'Lo knees him in the gut and applies a headlock. Maven tries to power out to no avail, so he sends D'Lo in. D'Lo hits a shoulder block, yells "Stay there, ya punker!" (punker?) and bounces off the ropes. Maven goes low and scores a hiptoss, before reapplying the armbar. Maven goes off the ropes, Nowinski hits him, Maven ducks a Chris clothesline but he takes him down from the apron.

D'Lo elbowdrops and stomps Maven, then tags Nowinski. They double team a bit before Chris kicks Maven several times, then slams the back of his head off the canvas, which is good for a 2-count. Maven counters with punches, but Nowinski rolls into a leg takedown and tags D'Lo, while lacing the leg. D'Lo talks smack and scores with punches and a bodyslam, before doing his shaky legdrop thing. He yells "You think you're tough enough? You don't know who the hell I am!" (who can blame him, no one's seen you on RAW for months).

Chris comes in, D'Lo bodyslams him and Chris goes for an axehandle (teetering a bit) but Maven dropkicks him in midair. Al starts a handclap and Al tags in. He scores with punches and rams Nowinski off the buckles. He punches Chris in the corners, goes for a whip, and after a couple reversals, Al scores with a belly to back suplex. He gets 2 before D'Lo interrupts. D'Lo comes in, Al ducks a clothesline and scores with a backdrop. He hooks the arms, D'Lo scrams "Noooo!" but Al cruelly makes with the headbutts anyway, before using an armbar and side Russian legsweep. He gets 2 but Nowinski gets 2.

Maven knocks D'Lo out of the ring, the faces go for a double whip but D'Lo drags Maven out, Nowinski counters a backdrop with forearms to Al's back, He goes for a bodyslam but Al rams him off the buckle, rolls and clotheslines Chris out of the ring. D'Lo sees the opportunity and hits the Sky High powerbomb for the win. Pin Me Pay Me. Decent match, not as good as the Heat match, but credit goes again to Lita for mentioning that Al trained D'Lo too, which JR didn't. She really is a goddess.