Pepper Tribute

Pepper Tribute

It all starts out when in an Evening Dress match against Droz,Prince Albert comes to ringside and puts a rail road spike thro HEAD's head

Al starts to hear screaming all the time and is in hope that Bossman at the Fully Loaded PPV will make the screaming stop,well Bossman doesn't get the job done but pins Al against a fence to win the Hardcore belt

Next thing you know theres Al sitting back stage talking to HEAD,when a Dog walks up to Al,sure enough,Al can understand what the Dog is saying

Al:What do you mean it can't get any worse?What am I?Dr.Doolittle?

Turns out the Dogs name is Pepper,and Al thinks Pepper wants to do in HEAD

Al:So what your saying is I stick with you the screaming stops,we dump him and then we are together right?If you looked like HEAD I would shave your butt and teach you to walk backwards,Pepper,I have news for you,your butt is already shaved!

Pepper talks Al into flushing HEAD

Al:I told you ten times,they will not fit down the hole!"

Al then has an interview with Kevin

Kevin:you honestly expect every one here to belive that that dog talks to you? Al:You don't belive?You don't belive that Pepper talks to me?What about Timmy and Lassie,what about Dorothy and Toto?George Jetson and Astro?Shaggy and Scooby?You mean that Mr.Ed was a mute when the cameras stopped rolling?

Al is sure that Pepper is the Hardcore Dog

Al:Ok Pepper,it's real simple,I'm the crown Prince of Hardcore,your the Hardcore Dog,this is Hardcore rules,ready?try and jump,1,2,3,jump!,what?you right,damn I forgot I need a table,that way you can go though one,I'll be right back,don't move.......

Al wanted to show his best friend the Blue Meanie his new friend

Al: I want you to meet somebody,somebody very important,say hello to Pepper. Meanie:(laughing)Pepper? Al:Yea. Nice Gerbil,all this time I though you were growing a tail,ha,ha,ha,ha, Al:It's not funnie Meanie:Maybe later the Meanie can put some Pepper on his taco,ha ha,look at his eyes,ohhhh,ohhh Al: excuse me(Al stops a woman walking by and asks her to hold on to Pepper,Al the ask Meane if he can have a drink of Meanies pop)

Later Bossman is having a match with Roaddogg and Al comes running to ringside and beans Bossman with the Pet Taxi

Jerry"Is that Pepper poop?Jr:Who knows,it could have been Pepper poop

Meanie is a lttle pissed off at Al

Meanie:Tonight Al Snow is the joke,it's time to say hello to the Blue Guy!

In the interview Bossman came out and told Al that he would get Al,and his little Dog too,which freaked out Pepper

Al:Bossman's not going to send flying Monkeys after us,get a grip!

Pepper is chicken and will not go to the ring with Al

Al crys to Bossman at Smackdown...

Al:Bossman,please liston to me,Pepper is so small,please don't hurt Pepper!

The Bossman wins the match and the Hardcore Belt but doesn't stick to his word and takes off with Pepper

J.R.:Al gets his dog back!You said you'd give the dog back,you broke your word!

The next Raw the Bossman shoooots with Al and tells Al to meet him at his hotel room next thursday at Smack down

Family Tragedy/The Healing Begins

Al:This is a plea to you Bossman,a final plea.I know you have Pepper again,I know Pepper is somewhere,feeling lost,feeling lonely,missing me,feeling scared.

I hope he is alright,I hope you are feeding him

All week long I have been passing these posters out,been showing this picture.

I don't know what you want,I gave youthe Hardcore title shot,I just want my friend back

Lord,if you want money,I got money,but if thats it thats fine,but I want you to know something,I'm not offering it as a ransom,I'm going to offer it as a reaward

So you enjoy your sick twisted little joke,but I'm not going to be the only one looking for you,because if you notice at the bottom of he poster it says reward.

That way your the hunted Bossman,everybody is going to be out looking for you,and one way or another I'm going to get my friend back.

My God please,give him back to me,and don't hurt him.Well,Bossman said that if Pepper snapped at him one more time that Pepper would do Hard Time,but Bossman did tell Al that he would give Pepper back to Al if Al was to meet Bossman at his Hotel room which Al did on Smackdown,here is what happened...

Act 1/Scene 1/Bossman's Hotel room

AL:Look I just want my Dog back!

Ray trys to lead Al into the room,

Al:Don't touch me!,allright?,I just want my Dog! The scene moves as they walk into the room,in the middle of the room is a small card table

Ray:I have the Dog at the groomers,I'm having him cleaned up,he's going to look nice,just have a seat

Al is still standing

Al:groomers?Ray,he doesn't have any hair!

Ray:Just have a seat.

AL:What???,I don't want to set down Ray,I want my Dog!

Bossman walks over to the kitchen and gets a plate with a cover over the top

Ray:I went to alot of trouble Al,I going to make sure I do the right thing here!

The scene moves to the table where Al is now sitting,Al claps his hands and says

Al:The right thing?The right thing would be to give me my friend!

Ray:Well I am Al,you just have to trust me!You know I went and got the finest food in Massachusetts

Al:You don't understand what that Dog means to me!

Ray:Yes I do,I had a Dog when I was a kid,I understand,I told you I could sympathize with you.

Bossman takes the lid off the plate which has what looks like Beef and Noodles,and begins to dish it out for Al to eat.

Al:What are you doing Ray??,I didn't come here to eat!

Ray:Al just eat the food and let me do the right thing here.

Al:Do the right thing?,just give me the Dog,thats,you know.

Ray:He's on his way,the guy said he would bring him,you just have to trust me Al.

Al:I'm here arn't I?Great,if I eat the food will you give me the Dog?

Ray:Yea,your giving me the chance to do what is right.

Al:I'll do what ever you want,just please,just give me the Dog,cuz your suppose give me the Dog,right!

Bossman stands over Al as he begins to eat

Ray:How do you like it Al?

Al:are not you going to have any?

Ray:Oh yea,I'm going to have alot of it,hows it taste??

Al:It's not bad,you make this yourself?

Ray:My Uncle Harry,a Restarant down in Boston cooked it,will you do me a favor?,try not to get one of them paws stuck in your teeth Al stops eating and looks shocked

Ray:thats right Al,100% grade A Pepper!

Al:Oh no,no,no!!!!!

Al gets up from the table and falls into a corner by the bed and starts vomiting

Bossman takes the plate of food off the table a follows Al into the corner.

Ray:Whats the matter Al?,uh??,you don't like Pepper??,you don't like the way Pepper tastes??,you don't like the way Pepper looks???,you don't like Pepper??uh???,whats the matter with you boy?uh?uh?you don't like the way Pepper tastes???

Bossman spills the food onto the bed,he then takes the plate and beans Al over the head with it. Al trys to gets up and begins to vomit again

Ray:,oh no way,Pepper's not going to take an elevator today,your going to eat ever bite of the son of a bytch

Bossman takes Al's head and shoves it onto the bed into the mix of vomit and food

Ray:I told you if he bite me again I was going to send him stright to hell!

Bossman filps Al across the room,Al bonces off the second bed onto the floor

Ray:You understand me Al!,you understand me what this is all about!,this is Hardcore Bossman takes the night stick off the bed and begins to hit Al with it

Ray:You can damn will bet,uh!,you can damn well bet,uh!,that I'm Hardcore all the way,I told you Pepper was going to live with you for the rest of his life,unless you go to the poop shot or something,you understand me!!!!,I am Harcore,Pepper is a little bastard,and your a dumb son of a bytch,thats what Harcore is all about!,can you dig that!, Bossman gets up and walks over to the table,he gets a handfull of food and says

Ray:Yea,taste like chicken!

Fade out,and of act 1 scene 1

After the fact the WWF made this statment:Pepper ... Not a delicacy after all The World Wrestling Federation's favorite pooch, Pepper, gave a sterling performance during his final episode of WWF SmackDown! on Thursday night.

In a dramatic scene, Pepper's character was braised at the hands of his owner's nemesis Big Boss Man.

Spokespeople for Pepper today say the canine was looking to take some time off to spend with his family so he asked to be written out of the show.

As for Pepper's future plans, the pooch would like to try a comedic role and says he might like to return to the WWF sometime down the road. It would not be the first time a soap opera would have to bring a character back from the dead.

For months, Al Snow and Big Boss Man have been engaged in one of the fiercest wars in the brief history of the Hardcore Division.

The two superstars have battled both in and out of the ring, exchanging the Hardcore Championship on numerous occasions.

Their war started in July at Fully Loaded when Al Snow, who was visibly bothered by the loss of Head, begged the Boss Man to put him out of his misery.

The Big Boss Man took advantage of Snow's distress, and walked out of Fully Loaded as Hardcore Champion. Things were looking bleak for Al Snow.

Then came Pepper.Al was happy again.However, his happiness didn't last long, as the Big Boss Man quickly dog-napped Al's buddy. Al Snow will be looking for revenge Sunday, Sept. 26, when he faces the Big Boss Man inside the confines of a steel cage, which will be surrounded by a steel cell.

The first man to escape both structures will be declared the victor

Some Beasts Are Too Good For Wrestling

Karen Hochwald used to like to watch professional wrestling on TV. Oh sure, she knew it was just a bunch of hokum, but it was good for a laugh.  But Karen, 37, of Irvine, isn't laughing at pro wrestlers any longer. Not since they cooked the Chihuahua.

  Maybe I'd better explain.

  It seems that a pro wrestler named Al Snow had a Chihuahua named Pepper. The wrestler and the tiny dog had formed a symbiotic relationship, with the Chihuahua apparently serving as a kind of replacement brain for Al, who had suffered extensive neurological trauma when a stake was pounded through his head in the ring.

  Alas, whenever Al and Pepper walked into the ring, the dog was showered with verbal indignities from Al's many enemies. The Blue Meanie kept calling Pepper a "hamster." And the Boss Man threatened to "pop Pepper's head like a bug" and "turn him into a corn dog."  Which is more or less what finally happened. Defeated in the ring, Al Snow had to suffer the heartache and indignity of having his beloved Pepper skinned, cooked and served to him for supper.

  No, no, Pepper wasn't actually skinned and eaten - any more than Al Snow actually had a stake pounded through his head. It was just a typically silly, elaborately staged World Wrestling Federation story line.

  But Karen Hochwald didn't think it was a bit funny - for two reasons:

  First, the little dog was trembling and obviously terrified at being surrounded by 15,000 screaming, hysterical wrestling fans; at one point on the videotape I watched, the dog was so scared that it urinated on an announcer.

  And second, at a time when millions of kids watch pro wrestling and act out the roles of wrestling stars, Karen wonders how many of them might get the idea it'd be cool to pop a Chihuahua's head like a bug - just like the Boss Man said.  "The Chihuahua may not have been physically hurt, but this was mental cruelty," says Karen. "And what kind of image is this for kids?"

  A rotten one, says Kathy Bauch of the Humane Society of the United States, which has received dozens of complaints about the incident.

  "It's a message that's very troublesome," says Bauch, who filed a beef with the WWF - so far without much response. "Inevitably someone out there will see this as sanctioning these types of acts involving animals."

  Now, by this time some of you may be thinking, "C'mon, the dog wasn't hurt. And it was just a show. What's the big deal?" And it's true that, with all the other very real cruelties inflicted on animals every day, most people probably won't get too worked up about a scared Chihuahua.

  Still, a lot of unseemly animal acts have been popping up in the culturally challenged world of pro wrestling recently. For example, in a particularly appalling spectacle, a Huntington Beach weightlifter supposedly "wrestled" a grizzly bear at Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood on Sunday - but only after the terrified bear was lured into the ring with big chunks of raw chicken.

  So in the end, I guess I'm with Karen Hochwald on this one. Chihuahuas and grizzly bears and other animals don't belong in the pro-wrestling ring. That should be left to the lower animal species.  Like Al Snow and the Boss Man and the Blue Meanie.

PTC/Take out the Trash Thursday-Sept 3,1999

In the most offensive segment of the show, wrestler The Boss Man convinces another wrestler All Snow to eat some food before giving Snow back his dog, Pepper.

The food Snow eats is the dog, according to The Boss Man. The Boss Man then beats up Al Snow as he throws up. He screams, "Pepper's not going to take the elevator today. You're going be eating the little son-of-a-bi*** [bleeped out].

I told you if he bit me again, I was going to send him straight to hell. Huh? You understand me Al? You can understand me what this is all about? This is hardcore, and you can damn well bet…huh? You can damn well bet, huh, that I am hardcore all the way. I told you Pepper was going to live with you for the rest of his life, unless you go for the poop chute or something. Well, understand me, Al, that I am hardcore and Pepper is a little bast*** [bleeped] and you're a dumb son-of-a-bi*** [bleeped]."

During this tirade, he throws Snow around the room and beats him with a police baton before finally choking him with it.