Perrsun's Bio

Perrsun / Mister Man /MistrMan.

Real Name: Bruce

Nickname: Bruce, Man of the Year! ( every year )

Catch Phrase: None

What I want my Catch Phrase to be: "I don't have to poop yet..." or "My pants keep falling down..."

Birthday: Feb 14. ( too bad that doesn't help me with the chicks )

Diseases contracted: White-Guy-itis, symptoms include no jumping skills and no dancing ability

Pets: Maya-my cat, and Blaze-the family dog

Hobbies: video-games and other stuff that I probably shouldn't do

Future plans: Personally compliment Mankind for his great match in Pittsburgh, Pa. on June 28th, 1998, King of the Ring 1998-Hell in the Cell Match which I PERSONALLY WITNESSED! Become pro wrestler ( I am bulking up as you read this; I haven't pooped for 3 DAYS! ), but I'll probably end up a manager or a ref., meet Al Snow, design my own video game.

Pet peeve: pooping in public places like schools, restaurants, etc...

If I could have done it differently: I would have "accidentally" walked down to front row during the Rock/Dan Severn KOTR match so I could have met/followed D'Lo Brown for an autograph and done the same in the Hell in the Cell Match @ KOTR '98 so I could have personally helped Mankind to his feet after his tremendous fall. ( now I know which side he will fall off of and I know he is OK after the fall )

Biggest fear in life: Dieing unavenged / at the hands of my enemys. ( I'd rather take my own life )

Best Advice: "If I go down I'm taking you with me!" -Andross, Star Fox 64, ( I don't really know if it's advice or not )

Favorite Food: VEAL...nice, healthy, force fed, pure, breaded, VEAL PATTYS!

Favorite TV Shows: wrestling ( WWF, ECW, WCW ) , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Tick, Dragon Ball Z, Mega Man, other wierd shows...

Am I telling the truth on these things? I don't even know! You'll just have to trust me...