Pete the Pirate Tale

Pete the Pirate tells a Tale

Pete the Pirate was trained at Al's Bodyslammers gym and has this story to tell

"A Chocolate Pie for a Hungry Lumberjack"-By Pete the Pirate

One fine day, while getting ready for a road show, Steve Nixon came to me and asked if I could help him make a pie.

I asked him "Who's recipe do you have?" Nixon replied,"Well, Al Snow had some chocolate surprises that would really top a pie off nicely!" Steve was really excited       to have such a recipe. He said, "Come on Pete, let's go to the store and get some supplies.

" We got all we needed and made the pie. It was a big, lucious chocolate creme pie with whipped topping and chocolate sprinkles. Mmmm.

The Hungry Lumberjack arrived at the gym, immediately checked out the fridge and asked,"Who's chocolate pie is this?" Steve told the Hungry Lumberjack to have some, we all had sampled the pie already.

So, the Lumberjack proceeded to devour the rest of the pie! Just like he always ate everything he could get his big hands on at the gym.

About an hour later the Lumberjack yelled from the restroom, "Where is all the toilet paper?"       Steve and I looked at each other and told the Lumberjack that we were all out. So the Lumberjack tried to find something to get the job done, and he could only find paper plates and coffee filters. We all got ready for the       hour and a half road trip from Lima to Dayton, OH-the Lumberjack rode in the back of Al's van. Steve and I rode in a van following them.

They stopped frequently to let the Lumberjack run to the men's room at various establishments along the way. Steve and I held it together. We       arrived at the venue and the Lumberjack disappeared to the restroom.

He sat in there until the show started. Nixon and I began to lose it and laugh ourselves silly. We knew that the special recipe really worked.

The moral of this story is: Never trust a man named "Nixon" or a Pirate to serve you dessert.

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