Interview with Phyllis Lee

Interview with Phyllis Lee-Aug 11 2001

Webmaster:where and when did you first meet Al?We were out messing around....It's Hulk Hogan and my birthday today.....I be getting old....

Phyllis:You and Hulk had a party together today! Happy Birthday to you both.

Webmaster:Hulk is a year older then I'm sure he is somewhere taking a

Phyllis:Lol..I hope you had a happy day.

Webmaster:Yea it was my I.R.S. check.....

Phyllis:It was funny, one time I went to the matches in Sacramento with my cousin and one of the boys got me first row seats. (I seldom sit down, let a lone in the first row)....

Phyllis:Hulk came out and said "what are you doing here? " I pointed to my cousin,she said oh he talked to you, I said and if he's lucky I talk back. ha!   He always has been nice to Larry Malenko and me.

Phyllis:I met Al first on the phone as a friend told me he was good and to take a look at him. HE was doing a tag team then and I saw him and we started talking and he said how much he'd like to get booked out of the country and I said OK, I will help you, so I got him into Japan. I remember phoning to tell him "I said do you want to go to Japan" and he said something yea, sure, not believing me and then I sent him there and he Believed.

Webmaster:Do you know how many matches Al had in Japan?....I only know of two or three.

Phyllis:I would have to think about it, how many Al had in Japan. He has wrestled all over the world now.

Webmaster:I know you visit Japan,Jessica Soto who was trained by Al works over there doesn't she?

Phyllis:I will see Jessica next week in Japan,just saw her there several times when I was there about 10 days ago. She is one of the ones who was REALLY trainedby Al. As was Jose Moreno (who is very good) and others. Steve Nixon,etc..Jose works Indie groups all over the country but not Japan yet, I am trying. I had his wife, Lady Victoria, over there once for Michineau....

Phyllis: Al's a great guy and wonderful wrestler and teacher. HE has such a lovely family. Pam is an RN and has been so supportive of him all those years of him teaching and working the Indie shows.

Phyllis: I told him there sure are not many like her who "stand by their man".....she is such fun to be around too. We always have such good times together and with his two beautiful children , no matter where we are.

Phyllis:I always tell him how much I miss our every week end (at least) excursions, but that I am so happy that he finally is able to make a decent living from wrestling. He always says back, "I miss you too".....Our "road trips" are legendary. Al, Meanie (before he was Meanie) Jason Campbell and some times more of his students and myself. Great Memories.

Webmaster:As for the trips with Al and the Meanie,and Jason Champbell there is an interview in the site,under"Interviews" where Jason talks about those trips and about the Meanie's

Phyllis:Poor Meanie, he will never live it down.

Phyllis: It was terrific for me because I missed Larry Malenko and Sean Waltman so much. We were always together or some times just Sean and I to do the promoting end of it. Then I started going with Al and the boys and it was great.I think the greatest was to know that I see seeing the best in the buiness. Sabu and Al had the most tremendous matches any one ever saw. I guess I told you about the time Sabu dived off the balcony in Al'sold school and double clothslined Al and Chris Beniot.

Phyllis: Well, I have rambled and bored you enough for this time.

Webmaster:Not at all....please go on

Phyllis:I will say one more thing, one time I was getting in an elevator in MN. and Marvin Joel Rubin looking at the wrestlers in it said "we are looking at the future of our buiness"   there was Sean Waltman, Taz, Al, Chris B. , Chris C and we all know there are other, many UNSUNG STARS, who REALLY are STARS. not just because they got the right push, the kind of boys that the other boys come out and watch!!! I am so proud to have helped a little and most of all that they are my friends.

Webmaster:Jack Reno told my co-webmaster that your voice was the one used in Al's theme music with HEAD.....the one with someone talking that true?

Phyllis:Jack Reno is a nice kid. I know him from both Fl. and Ohio, he didn't really train all that much, I think he got hurt or something but is a nice person,no I told Al once that some one said it was my voice and he told me who it really was , and I think I remember that I was NOT complimented by the comparison. I will ask Al again about it.

Webmaster:You said you got Al and Sabu in the ladder match,do you know how many matches they had together in the early days?,I have seen Sabu state that Al is just another wrestler,but the fans seem to think they had great matches together.

Phyllis: Sabu doesn't give interviews so many people make up things that he says...HE is one of the VERY few who does not expose the business.I got Al and Sabu there first match together ,, was in Mich, and then they worked so well together that the promoters kept putting them together.

Webmaster:How did you get into wrestling and where did it lead you?

Phyllis:A wrestler from my home town asked me if I was interested in training, I said yes, and here I am. Short answer but that's it. I was too young to be going places a lone so my wonderful Mom just went with me. What a great person she was to put up with all.

Webmaster:I didn't know you wrestled!....who trained you and where did you Wrestle?

Phyllis:Oh, about 19 years.....there were too many to remember names. Sorry, thought you knew that. It was long ago.

Webmaster:No I never know that you wrestled,I thought you were a photographer like George Napolitano,now I feel stupid

Phyllis:I do take a lot of pIcs. but just because I like to....have taken WAY TOO of these days (weeks) I have to spend time just putting them in albums.....

Phyllis:Then I was Larry Malenko's partener. He was a great trainer. MANY of the people in WWF were his students, including , of course, his son Dean. Dean's brother Joe is great too and the best submission fighter, but doesn't do it any longer.

Phyllis: I have met some wonderful people , such as Al and Pam and Sabu and Hitomi and all of my countless other friends who are just like family to be now. Sean and Terry and My dear friends, family from Pancrase in Japan.