Quotes by Al Snow

"Sometimes I'm taken aback by it, because I ask myself 'Who am I?' But if by meeting me it makes someone's day then I'm glad to do it,"

Al Snow TDDS

"I take offence at people who look down on our fans as if they're a lower denominator than fans of baseball, football or basketball,"I'm sorry, but as far as I know I've only seen our fans bring signs to support people. I haven't seen a wrestling fan go outside and stand in 30-degree temperatures while it's snowing, butt-naked with his team colors all over his body. For fans of other sports, it seems like it's quite alright for them to get completely drunk and make asses of themselves in front of their friends and families. Our fans are there to enjoy themselves and watch a show, not act stupid at the expense of someone else."

Al Snow TDDS

"I can remember when I first started out,I weighted maybe 195 soaking wet. I didn't know a wristlock from a hammerlock, but I thought I knew everything. I was just a dumb kid at the time. Boy, did I learn in a hurry! The independents gave me that opportunity to get better."

Al Snow--

"He's Satan with a bad haircut,"(Speaking of Vince)

Al Snow,Jan 28th 99 Gannett News Service--

"This business is a lot like Hollywood in the 30s and 40s, when the studios had all the power,But I think you could see it evolve the same way, where the stars will have more influence."

-Al Snow--

"I do these types of things because it's a chance for me to give back some of what I've received.""As a Federation Superstar, it's the right thing to do."

Al Snow on visiting St Judes Research Hospital 2/14/99--

"Wrestling has always been, is, and always will be a mirror of what society is."During certain times in our history we had German guys and Japanese guys as the bad guys. During the 1960s, it was hippies. The kids are more sophisticated now than they've ever been. The world is far more open to them than it was even when I was growing up. And wrestling has to be much more sophisticated to grab an audience. As with anything, you have to be better."

Al Snow--

"I'm projecting a nonverbal cry for help."

Al Snow from May 1999 Us News and World Reports--

I'm not a vegetable person...I work with enough vegetables."

"I wrestled at shows were there was no money to pay us,In Michigan once, they paid us with beer and turkey giblets."

Dayton Daily News Oct 16th,1999

Al Snow.....

"I couldn't buy my action figure at WalMart - I could have bought a shotgun and live ammo, though. But I don't plan on killing anyone yet."

WWF House show 11/5/99

Al Snow.....

"I have no idea really what I am doing at the PPV, hopefully not a J.O.B.But if so thats not a problem for the chief of the J.O.B. Squad. To say I have prior experience is an understatement."

Al Snow in a letter to Webmaster of AL SNOWS HEAD-Feb 24th 1998