Rantsylvania Article

Rantsylvania RSPW FAQ by Scott Keith 4/22/99

33.1.  What the deal with the head?

For most of 1997, Al Snow was an underappreciated jobber named Leif Cassidy who put over opponents regarded as much less talented and languished without heat or a gimmick.  At the end of 1997, he was loaned to ECW as part of the ongoing "talent exchange" between the WWF and ECW (which has been entirely one-way) in order to find a gimmick that would work.

  Snow gave a few interviews acting crazy and nothing came of it, until he finally came upon a shoot interview where he described his experience in the WWF, summing it up by stating that in order to get a push, you had to "give a little head", in reference to the often-accused-never-proven "push for sex" policy in the WWF, and he would thus start giving a little head to his opponents.

  The little head in question was a mannequin head that he talked to as part of the insanity gimmick, and the rest is history.

33.2.  What does it say on the head?

"Help me", written backwards.  The same can be seen on Snow's forehead.

33.3.  What is the J.O.B. Squad?

Often seen on t-shirts now, the J.O.B. Squad is the somewhat-fictional group of wrestlers whose motto is "Pin me, pay me" and is used to include anyone who is viewed as underappreciated, underutilized or underpaid by their organization. They are opposed by the evil forces of P.U.S.H., which includes just about everyone on the upper tier of wrestling.  Both terms are of course "wink-wink" references to insider terms. The group is currently dead, with Scorpio, Gillberg and the Meanie all fired, and Bob Holly going hardcore.