Al Snow Results 1998


12/28/98 WWF Raw Al has gone off the deep end and has beat up HEAD who now has no hair a missing eye and tape over its mouth,Al is DQed when he starts to beat the crap out of Edge with HEAD,Brood runs in,j.o.b.Squad runs in,Al beans Duane with HEAD and runs away(heel turn for Al???)

12/27/98 WWF House show MSG Al/Too Cold vs DOA ends in a no contest when the Brood interfers which makes Al get mad at HEAD

12/26/98 WWF House show Rosemont Horizan Al/Too Cold vs D.O.A. ends in a DQ when the Brood and the Headbangers stage a drive by

12/21/98 WWF Raw Al d. Gangrel with a Snow Plow,the lights go out,when they come back on Al is laying in a pool of blood thanks to the Brood,Al is heard to say"Not again!Not again!"

12/20/98 WWF Sunday night Heat Al d. Droz when Hawk comes to the ring and beans Droz with his arm cast,Al then Snow Plows Droz for the win

12/6/98 Capital Carnage PPV London England Gangrel d. Al when Edge hits Al with a dropkick and Gangrel rolls Al up for the pin

11/30/98 WWF Raw Al gets d. by The Rock when Al knocks out the ref and The Rock gives the Corp.Elbow to HEAD

11/29/98 WWF Sunday night Heat Bossman and Shamrock d. Al and Mankind when Bossman hits Al in the head with his night stick for the pin

11/28/98 WWF Boston MA HHH d. Al

11/27/98 WWF Portland Maine Al d. Mike Fallow

11/22/98 WWF Sunday night Heat Al and Gagrel are DQed when the J.O.B.Squad and the Brood get out of hand

11/21/98 WWF Shotgun Sat.night Al d.Tiger Ali Singh

11/20/98 WWF Bakersfield Calf. X-Pac d. Al,once again Al goes crazy and beats upon HEAD,Shame,Shame!

11/19/98 WWF SanDiego Calf. Double J. d.Al

11/18/98 WWF Cincinati Ohio Double J. d. Al

11/15/98 WWF Surviver Series Al d. Double J. in his first match when Al hit Double J. with HEAD second match Mankind d. Al when Mankind finds that Socko has been around HEAD's forehead as a headband,Al gives up when Socko is shoved down his gullet

11/9/98 WWF Raw Babu and Tiger Ali Singh d.Al which was HEAD's fault for making out with Debra McMichael

11/8/98 WWF N.Y. Al d. Tiger Ali Singh with a Snow Plow

11/8/98 WWF Montreal Canada Al d. Tiger Ali Singh with a snow plow

11/7/98 WWF Toronto Canada Tiger Ali Singh d. Al,Al goes crazy and beats up on HEAD

11/4/98 Northern Frontier Wrestling Al vs Lou Marconi n/a

10/31/98 HWA Al d. Expert Brian Taylor

10/27/98 WWF Raw New Age Outlaws d. Al and Mankind when Al and Mankind fight about if Socko or HEAD will finish off the Outlaws,Roadog rolls up Al for the J.O.B.

10/18/98 WWF In Your House Judgment Day Al d Marc Maro with a Snowplow

10/17 Shotgun Saturday Night WWF Al d. D-Lo Brown in a non title match

10/16/98 Border Cities Wresling Al vs Val Venis n/a

10/11/98 WWF Sunday Night Heat Al d. Ken Shamrock by DQ when Ken puts the ankle lock submission on Al,Al holds on by bitting the ropes,Too Cold and Mankind run in to save the day

10/10/98 MCW Al/Flash vs The Volz,Reno Riggins no showed so Wolfie D. teamed up with Steven Dunn,Al gets diaqualified for using HEAD

10/5/98 WWF Raw Al d Jeff Jarrett by d.q when Slaughter interfers

10/3/98 MCW Al vs Flash Flanagen wrestle to a no contest when the Volz run in and attack Al setting up a tag match between Al/Flash vs The Volz

10/2/98 MCW Al vs Recon n/a

9/28/98 WWF RAW Al d Vader when once again Vader Jobs

9/27/98 WWF In Your House Breakdown Al/Too Cold d Too Much

9/24/98 HWF Al and Edge again wrestle to a no contest when once again Bull Payne and Expert Brain Taylor interfer

9/23/98 HWF Al and Edge wrestle to a no contest when Bull Paine and Expert Brain Taylor interfer

9/21/98 WWF Raw Al d Slaughter in a Bootie Camp Match to be reinstated in the WWF

9/11/98 MCW Brickhouse Brown comes to the ring with his own head"Bro"but HEAD is too much for "Bro...Al d.Brickhouse Brown

9/3/98 CWA Al vs Devon Storm n/a

8/19/98 NWA Val Venis d.Al

8/18/98 NWA Val Venis gets out of the Snow Plow twice to d.Al,Al gives two ref's HEAD!

8/15/98 MCW Colorado Kid retains the MCW belt when he pins Al in 30+ minute match

6/28/98 WWF King of the Ring Too Much Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor d.Al and HEAD when Brian Christopher pinned HEAD

6/11/98 HWA Al d. Bull Paine

6/10/98 HWA Al d. Bull Paine

6/6/98 ECW Axl Rotten d. Al

6/5/98 ECW Chris Candido d Al

5/30/98 ECW Al/Balls/Axl d. Doring/Lozansky/ Jamie Dundee

5/29/98 ECW Bam Bam Bigelow d. Al

5/23/98 ECW Chris Candido d. Al

5/22/98 ECW Al d. Danny Doring

5/16/98 ECW Bam Bam Bigelow d. Al

5/15/98 ECW Al d. Danny Doring

5/9/98 ECW Al d. John Kronus

5/8/98 ECW Sabu d. Al

5/3/98 ECW Wrestlepalooza Shane Douglas d. Al

4/29/98 Brian Pillmam Memorial show Al d.Chris Candido

4/25/98 ECW Al d. Chris Candido

4/24/98 ECW Al d. Darron Drosdorf

4/18/98 ECW Al d. Sabu when RVD throws in the towel

4/17/98 ECW Al d.Darron Drosdorf

4/10/98 ECW Al d. Too Cold Scorpio:Shane runs in Al beans Shane with HEAD runs off with the belt

4/9/98 ECW Al d. RVD:none title match

4/4/98 Al vs Shane Douglas: match ends in a no contest as ref is knocked out by HEAD

4/3/98 ECW Al d. Chris Candido

3/28/98 ECW Al d. Bobby Duncan jr

3/27/98 ECW Al d. D-Von Dudley

3/21/98 ECW Al d. RVD

3/20/98 ECW Al d.Bobby Duncan jr.

3/13/98 ECW Al d. John Kronus

3/6/98 ECW Al d. Darron Drosdorf

3/1/98 ECW LIVING DANGEROUSLY Al and Lance Storm d. Chris Candido/Shane Douglas

2/21/98 ECW Al d. Tracy Smothers

2/20/98 ECW Al d. Chris Candido

2/7/98 ECW Al d.Paul Diamond


1/98 ECW Al d. Paul Diamond

1/98 ECW Team Extreme/Dreamer/Al/Sandman/Taz d. Team Titan/Furnas/Lafon/RVD/Sabu Team Extreme wins when Al pins Furnas

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