Results of 2000

Results of 2000

Please note that there are never Spoilers on this page,if there is a match that is taped for a future Raw,Heat,Smackdown or Jakked,the results of said match are posted after the match is seen on t.v./year 2000 W=45 L=70 DQ's=3 No Contest=4

12/11/2000 WWF Raw Raven d. Al in a Hardcore match that sends Al to the Hospital

12/9/2000 WWF Jakked Al d. Mike Bell

12/3/2000 WWF Heat Test d. Al

12/2/2000 WWF Jakked Al d. Rodney

11/26/2000 WWF House show Omaha NB Val Venis d. Al

11/26/2000 WWF Heat Edge d. Al

11/25/2000 WWF Jakked Al d. Scooter

11/19/2000 WWF Heat seen in the UK only Billy Gunn d. Al

11/12/2000 WWF House show Dayton Ohio Val Venis d. Al

11/12/2000 WWF Heat Steven Regal d. Al when Raven stages a run in and hits Al with a DDT

11/11/2000 WWF House show Cincinnati Ohio Val Venis d. Al

11/11/2000 WWF Jakked Al d. Funaki

11/2/2000 WWF Smack Down Al d. Tazz

10/29/2000 WWF House show Buffalo NY Al d. Saturn

10/28/2000 WWF House show Toronto Ontario Saturn d. Al

10/28/2000 WWF Jakked Al d. Just Joe

10/26/2000 WWF Smack Down Raven d. Al

10/25/2000 WWF New York Stock Exchange Tazz d. Al

10/19/2000 WWF Smack Down Al taps out to Regal in a thre way dance with Saturn

10/16/2000 WWF Raw after retaining the belt for 45 days Al taps out to a Regal Key Lock submission hold

10/15/2000 WWF house show Toledo Ohio Al d. Regal

10/12/2000 Smack Down Al d. Albert to retain European title

10/9/2000 WWF Raw Al d. Test to retain the European title

10/8/2000 WWF House Show San Diego Calf.Al d. Saturn

10/7/2000 WWF House Show San Jose Califorina Al d. William Regal by DQ when Regal low blows Al-Al retains European title

10/5/2000 WWF Smack Down Al d. Xpac to retain European title

9/30/2000 WWF House Show Hershey Pennsylvania Al d. Saturn

9/29/2000 WWF Smack Down an Al vs Xpac match for the European Title is a no contest when Austin gives them both a stunner

9/24/2000 WWF Unforgiven PPV Harcore Inventional match Blackman retains Hardcore belt

9/23/2000 WWF House Show NY NY Al d. Saturn to retain European Title

9/22/2000 WWF Smack Down-While having a championship Hardcore match with Steve Blackan here are run ins by Saturn,T n A,Crash,and Kaienti,Blackman ends up pinning Taka for the win,I give this one a no contest

9/17/2000 WWF House Show Champaign IL Al d. Saturn

9/16/2000 WWF House Show Moline Il Al d. Saturn

9/11/2000 WWF Raw Al d. Tazz

9/10/200 WWF House Show Reno Al d. Tazz

9/9/2000 WWF House Show Seattle Al d. Tazz

9/3/2000 WWF House Show Knoxville Tennessee Al d. Saturn to retain title

9/2/2000 WWF House Show Boston Mass Al retains title by d. Saturn

8/31/2000 WWF Smack Down Al d. Saturn to become European Champion

8/28/2000 WWF Raw Satrun/Terri d. Al/Kat when Kat gives up the the Rings of Saturn

8/24/2000 WWF Smack Down Saturn d. Al

8/19/2000 WWF House Show South Carolina Al d. Mideon

8/13/2000 WWF House Show Springfield MA Val Venis d. Al

8/10/2000 WWF Smack Down Satrun/Terri d Al/Kat

8/6/2000 WWF House show Washington DC Val Venis d. Al(last two matches were for the I.C. belt)

8/5/2000 WWF House Show Cleveland Ohio Val Venis d. Al

7/31/2000 WWF Raw in a Hardcore tag match Roaddog/Xpac d. Al/Blackman

7/30/2000 WWF House Show Pensacola Florida Bull Buchanon d. Al

7/30/2000 WWF Sunday Night Heat Bossman d. Al

7/29/2000 WWF House Show Pittsburgh PA Bull Buchanon d. Al

7/29/2000 WWF Jakked Al d. Gangrel when he taps out

7/23/2000 WWF Fully Loaded PPV Al taps out to a Tazzmission

7/20/2000 WWF Smack Down in a Hardcore match for the belt Crash stages a run in and Tazz chokes out Al so that Steve Blackman gets the pin

7/16/2000 WWF House Show Pennsylvania Bull Buchanan d. Al by hitting Al with HEAD when the ref was not watchng

7/13/2000 WWF Smack Down Dean Malenko d. Al

7/9/2000 WWF Sunday Night Heat Al d. Esse Rios

7/2/2000 WWF House Show Al/Steve Blackman d. Heabangers Crash runs out, slams Blackman over head with garbage lid. Wins back the Hardcore title. But Al and Steve double team and steve wins it back.

7/1/2000 WWF House Show Houston Texas Acolytes d. Al/Blackman

6/29/2000 WWF Smack Down I give this one a no contest as in a Hardcore title match Al vs Crash Holly Blackman wins the Hardcore belt when he comes to ring side with his own ref and attacks Crash

6/23/2000 Ohio Valley Wrestling Nick Dinsmore d. Al to retain OVW Championship belt

6/18/2000 Al and Blackman d. Tanka and Funaki,after Blackman gets the pin Al hits Tanka and Funaki with HEAD

6/11/2000 WWF House Show Columbia MO Benoit d. Jericho/Al/Bob Holly in a fatal fourway

6/10/2000 WWF House Show Albuquerque NM Bob Holly d. Al

6/10/200 WWF Jakked Blackman Twins vs D-Lo/Perry Saturn ends in a no contest when Al hits D-Lo with HEAD

6/9/2000 WWF House Show Las Cruces NM Bob Holly d. Al

6/4/2000 WWF House Show Toronto Ontario Bossman/Buchanon d. Blackman Twins

6/4/2000 WWF Sunday night Heat Val Venus d. Al in a King of the Ring qualifying match

6/3/2000 WWF House Show Milwakee WI Bossman/Buchanan d. Blackman Twins

5/27/2000 WWF Jakked Blackman Twins d. Tanka and Funaki

5/25/200 WWF Smack Down Bull Buchanan d. Al

5/15/2000 WWF Raw The Dudley's d. the Blackman Twins when Al gets a 3D

5/14/2000 WWF house show Columbus OH Bull Buchanan/Bossman d. The Blackman Twins

5/14/2000 WWF Sunday night Heat Blackman Twins d. Dean and Perry

5/13/2000 WWF house show Cincinnati OH T&A d.The Blackman Twins

5/13/2000 WWF Jakked The Blackman Twins d. the Headbangers

5/7/2000 Sunday night Heat The Blackman Twins d. Tanka and Funaki

4/30/2000 WWF Sunday night Heat Al is DQ'ed when he hits D'Lo with numchucks

4/29/2000 WWF House Show Hershey Penn Hardcore Holly d. Al

4/24/2000 WWF Monday night Raw D'lO/Blackman d Al/GodFather

4/23/2000 WWF Sunday night Heat Hardy Boyz d HEAD CHEEZE

4/17/2000 WWF Raw HEAD CHEEZE d. The Dudley's with the help of T&A

4/16/2000 WWF house show Pittsburgh PA T&A d. HEAD CHEEZE

4/15/2000 WWF house show MSC T&A d. HEAD CHEEZE

4/15/2000 WWF Jakked HEAD CHEEZE d Headbangers

4/6/2000 WWF Raw Boss Man/Bull d. HEAD CHEEZE

4/2/2000 WWF UK Heat Al d. Vis

4/2/2000 WWF Wrestlemaina T&A d. HEAD CHEEZE

3/27/2000 WWF Raw Test d. Al

3/23/2000 HEAD CHEEZE d The Holly's when the Holly's are counted out

3/20/2000 WWF Monday night Raw HEAD CHEEZE d. the Holly's to move onto a battle Royal for the number one contenders for the tag team belts,Al is tossed out of the ring by Matt Hardy and HEAD CHEEZE is elminated

3/16/2000 WWF Smack Down APA d. HEAD CHEEZE

3/13/2000 WWF Raw Hardy Boys d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/28/2000 WWF Raw Edge/Christain d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/24/2000 WWF Smack Down HEAD CHEEZE/Dean/Perry d. Hardy Boys/Edge/Christain

2/23/2000 WWF House show Little Rock AR Too Cool d Headbangers and HEAD CHEEZE in 3 team Elimination match

2/21/2000 WWF Raw Too Cool d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/20/200 WWF House show Columbus Georgia Acolytes d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/20/2000 WWF Sunday night Heat HEAD CHEEZE d. The Headbangers

2/19/2000 WWF House show Knoxville Tenn Acolytes d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/14/2000 WWF Raw Godfather and D-Lo d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/13/2000 WWF House show Davis Calf Faarooq d. Al

2/12/2000 WWF House show San Diego Calf HEAD CHEEZE d Headbangers/Too Cool in a three way elimination tag match

2/11/2000 WWF House show Denver CO HEAD CHEEZE d. Headbangers/Too Cool in a three way elimination tag match

2/10/2000 HEAD CHEEZE d. The Hardy Boys

2/7/2000 WWF House show New Orleans Louisiana Acolytes d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/5/2000 WWF House show Mobile Alabama Acolytes d. HEAD CHEEZE

2/3/2000 WWF Smack Down HEAD CHEEZE d Hollys

1/31/2000 HEAD CHEEZE get DQed in a tag title match with the Outlaws when Saturn,Guerrero,Malenko,and Benoit stage a run in

1/30/2000 WWF House Show Cleveland Ohio Edge/Christian d. HEAD CHEEZE

1/29/2000 WWF house show Dayton Ohio in a Triple Threat European title match Val Venis d. Al and Prince Albert

1/27/2000 Al d MrAss by DQ

1/24/2000 Al/Backman(HEAD CHEEZE) d. Edge/Christian

1/23/2000 WWF Royal Rumble Al enters as number 20 and is tossed out by the Rock

1/20/2000 WWF Smack Down Al/Blackman d. Davey Boy/Kurt Angel

1/16/2000WWF House Show East Rutherford N.J. Big Show d. Al

1/13/2000 WWF Smack Down Too Much/Fatu d Al/Holly's

1/12/200 WWF House Show Grand Rapids Michigan Jerico d. Al

1/10/2000 WWF Raw Too Much/Fatu d. Al/Headangers

1/8/2000 WF house show Minneapolis MI in a IC title match Jerico d. Al when Chyna low blows Al

1/6/2000 WWF Smack Down Edge/Christian/Jeff Hardy d. Al/Dudly Boys

1/3/2000 WWF Raw Jeff Hardy d. Al