Results 2001

Results for 2001

Wins 7/ Jobs 10/ No Contest 1/ DQ's 0

WWF Jakked 12/15/2001 Al d. Funaki

WWF 11/18/2001 Survivor Series European Championship on the line Christian d. Al to retain European title

10/25/2001 WWF Smack Down Al d. Tazz

9/9/2001 Stanford CT Webcast with Tough Enough remaining 5- Al/Taylor/Maven vs Nidia/Josh/Chris ends in a No-Contest when they all turned on Kevin Kelly who was being the Ref.

5/3/2001 WWF Metal Al d. Essa Rios

3/8/2001 WWF Smack Down William Regal d. Al to become WWF Commissioner

3/5/2001 WWF Raw Big Show d. Al

3/4/2001 WWF House show Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Big Bossman d. Al

2/18/2001 WWF House show Cape Giraudeu Missouri Big Show d. Al

2/11/2001 WWF House show Boston Mass In a Fatal Four Way Hardcore Title Match between Al/Raven/Hardcore Holly/and Steve Blackman,Holly d. Raven,Al d. Raven,Raven d. Al with the help of the mystery Woman in Black,Raven runs away to retain Hardcore belt-(I'm counting this as one loss and one win)

2/10/2001 WWF House Show St.Paul Minnesota Big Show d. Al

2/8/2001 WWF Smack Down Rikishi d. Al

2/5/2001 Raw The Crippler d. Al when Al taps out to the Crippler Cross Face

2/4/2001 WWF house show Columbia SC Al d. Brooklyn Brawler

1/28/2001 Sunday Night Heat Al d. Essa Rios

1/22/2001 WWF Raw Al d. Raven for the Hardcore belt,only to loss it seconds later when Al is beaned in the head from behind by masked Woman who puts Raven over Al for the pin

1/21/2001 WWF Royal Rumble-Raven came in at 7 Al right behind him at 8,Al rolls Bowling Ball into Ravens crotch,Kane elimnates Al as 9th person over the ropes

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