Results for 2002

Results for 2002

Note how many times Al and Maven had lost to Billy and Chuck

WWE Sunday Night Heat 12/22/02 Stamboli d. Al

WWE Raw 12/9/02 Nowinski/D-Lo d. Al/Maven

WWE Sunday Night Heat 12/8/02 Nowinski/D-Lo d. Al/Maven

WWE House show New Delhi India 1/22/02 Chris Nowinski d. Al

WWE Raw 11/18/02 Chris Nowinski d. Al

WWE House show 11/16/02 Reading Pennsylvania Chris Nowinsk d. Al

WWE Raw 11/11/02 Chris Nowinski d. Al

WWE House show Hershey PA 11/10/02 Al d. Chris Nowinski

WWE House show Philladelphia Penn 11/9/02 Chris Nowinski d. Al

WWE House show 11/8/02 State College PA Al d. Chris Nowinski

WWE Raw Lance Storm/Regal d. Al/Dreamer

WWE Raw 10/21/02 Dreamer d. Al

WWE House Show Texarkana Arkansas 10/20/2002 Al d. Red Dog

WWE Raw 10/14/02 Lance Storm d. Al

WWE Raw Roulette 10/7/02 Al d. Test in a Los Vegas Street Fight

WWE Smackdown/Velocity taping 9/29/02-Dark match Al d. Horshu

WWE Smackdown 6/6/02 Number one contender Battle Royal Al is tossed out of the ring by Jerico

WWE Tough Enough Finaly Special 5/30/02 Jackie d. Al

WWE House Show Macom Georgia 5/18/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(16)

WWE House Show 5/13/02 Cornwall Ontario Canada Billy/Chuck/w Rico d. Al/Maven(15)

WWE House Show 5/12/02 Nova Scotia Billy/Chuck/w Rico d. Al/Maven(14)

WWE House Show 5/11/02 Quebec Canada Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(13)

WWE Smackdown 5/9/02 Billy/Chuck/Rico d. Al/Maven/Rikishi(12)

WWE House Show Worchester Mass 5/5/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(11)

WWF House Show 5/4/02 Sunrise Fla Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(10)

WWF House Show Wheeling West Virgina 5/1/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(9)

WWF House Show Erie PA 4/29/02 Al/Maven d. Billy/Chuck(8)

WWF House show Syracuse NY 4/28/02 Tag Team Title match Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(7)

WWF House show Baltimore Maryland 4/27/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(6)

WWF Smackdown 4/25/02 Kidman/Al/Maven d. Billy/Chuck/Tajiri

WWF House Show Valparaiso Indiana 4/22/02 Tag Team belt on the line Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(5)

WWF Backlash 4/21/02 Billy/Chuck d. Al/Maven(4)

WWF House Show 4/20/02 Topeka Kansas Billy/Chuck d. Al Maven(3)

WWF Smackdown 4/18/02 Al/Maven/Rikishi d. Albert/Billy/Chuck

WWF 04/15/02 Denton Texas House Show Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match Billy and Chuck d. Maven and Al d. Hugh Morris and Chavo(2)

WWF Smackdown 4/11/02 Al d. Chuck

4/8/02 WWF House show Yuma Az Bill/Chuck d. Al/Maven-Hugh Morrus/Chavo Guerrero(1)

4/7/02 WWF House show Fresno Calf Hugh Morris/Chavo Guerrero d. Al/Maven

4/6/02 WWF House show Davis Calf. Al/Maven d. Hugh Morris/Chavo Guerrero

3/18/02 WWF Raw in a Harcore Title match between Al and Maven which becomes a no contest as Brock Lesnar stages a run in and kills them all....even Spike

3/17/02 WWF Wrestlemania-In a Hardcore match between Maven and Goldust Al gets into the action but does not win the belt...Spike wins the belt,then Hurricane wins the belt,then Molly beans Hurricane over the head with a frying Pan to win the belt,only to lose the belt to Christain who losses it to Maven

3/14/02 WWF Smack Down in a Hardcore title match against Big Show there is a run in by Goldust and Maven....the match ends with Maven d. Al for the Hardcore Belt

3/11/02 WWF Raw Al d. Goldust to again become Hardcore Champion

3/7/02 Undertaker d. Al/Maven

2/28/02 WWF Smack Down Undertaker vs Al ends in a no contest

WWF Royal Rumble 1/20/02 Al enters as number 6 and tossed out Lance Storm before Al is tossed out by the Undertaker