Results 2003

Results of 2003

Big Time Wrestling 12/6/03 Al d. Jason Styles

11/29/03 WWA USA Pro Wrestling 11/30/03

Raven w/ The Flock d. AL to retain the USA Pro Wrestling Championship in 45 minutes

11/8/03 JAP Jerry the King Lawler d. Al for the JAP Championship....Al held the belt from 8/2/03-11/8/03

11/1/03 National Championship wrestling Al d. Romeo Valentino

10/4/03 Everett High School Halloween Havoc Al d. Gangrel in a Casket match

9/28/03 Jersey Championship Wrestling Al d. Homicide

9/27/03 Jersey All Pro Wrestling Al successfully defended his JAPW Heavyweight Title over Raven

9/26/03 USA Pro Wrestling Al d. Sabu

9/21/03 WWE Unforgiven PPV Al/Coach d. The King/JR to be Raw Announcers

9/15/03 WWE Raw The King d. Al

8/29/03 USA Pro Wrestling Al d. Sandman

8/2/03 Jersey All Pro Wrestling Al d. Mafia for the JAP belt

7/26/03 WWA Worcester MA Al d. Jonah for the WWA belt

6/28/03 WWA Pepperell, MA Jonah/Al d. Phoenix Brothers

4/26/03 WWE House show Portland Maine Nowinski d. Al

4/20/03 WWE Sunday Night Heat Three Minute Warning/w Rico d. Al/Maven

3/30/03 WWE International Sunday Night Heat Nowinski d. Al

3/23/03 WWE Sunday Night Heat Al d. Steve Bender

3/16/03 WWE Sunday Night Heat Steven Richards d. Al

3/3/03 WWE Raw Kane/RVD d. Al/Dreamer

3/2/03 WWE Sunday Night Heat Al d. Bobby Rood

2/24/03 WWE Raw in a 20 man Battle Royal Al is tossed out by Batista

2/17/03 WWE Raw Rodney Mack d. Al

2/16/03 WWE House show Huntington WV Al/Dreamer/Maven d. Nowinski/Morley/Steven Richards

2/16/03 WWE Sunday Night Heat Lance Storm/William Regal d. Al/Maven