Al Snow Life Time Results 82-97

Please note:This list may not be 100% right but it gives you a good picture of Al's Wrestling History

all these Gimmicks were Allen Sarven

Member of tag team The Sensationals

Member of Tag Team Fantastics

Member of Tag Team The Wild Bunch

Member of Tag Team Texas Chain Gang

Member of Tag Team Motor City Hitmen

Member of Tag Team the Hell's Kitchen Riders

Member of tag team New Fabulous Kangaroos GWA ect

Dynamic Duo-SMW

Steve Moore,Shinobi/Avatar/Leif Cassidy as tag team members of the New Rockers WWF

Al Snow SMW/ECW/WWF ect

Titles held by Al snow

The New Rockers: Al Snow/Leif Cassidy/Shinobi(Allen Sarven): Michigan/Ohio: MCW Title; Michigan/Ohio: MCW ICW United States Tag Team Title-(5); Indianapolis: WWA Tag Team Title; Lima: GWA Tag Team Title; Windsor: BCW Can-Am Tag Team Title; Michigan/Ohio: MCW Midwest Tag Team Title; Michigan: MTW Title-(2); Michigan: MTW Tag Team Title; Tennessee: SMW Tag Team Title;


first match was in Springfield, Ohio, in a two-ring twenty man battle royal on May 22nd 1982 with such luminaries as Austin Idol, Randy Rose, Al Perez, Sailor White, the original Moondog, and of course many more, then Al's first actual match, actually, first three matches at the T.V. tapings in St. Louis for Sam Muchnick at the Chase TV studio.

8/82 Wrestling at the Chase Hercules d.Al

8/82 Wrestling at the Chase Kerry Von Eric d. Al

24th Anniversary:Al vs Dewey Robertson n/a

Inde/84 Garvin/Hoot Gibson d. Al/Big Boy Williams

7/5/85 Al d. Jim Lancaster to win the Midwest Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title

8/31/85Jim Lancaster d. Al to win the Midwest Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title

11/14/86 The Fantastics(Al/Rick Cassio) d.The Flying Tigers(Larry Wilson/Carl Ben Patrick) to win the Midwest/ICW United Stats tag team title

4/10/87 The Flying Tigers(Larry Wilson/Carl Ben Patrick) d. The Fantastics(Al/Rick Cassio) to win the Midwest/ICW United Stats tag team title

1987 Sensationals(Al/Mickey Doyle) d. Flying Tigers(Larry Wilson/Carl Ben Patrick) to win the Midwest/ICW United Stats tag team title

11/21/87 Flying Tigers(Larry Wilson/Carl Ben Patrick) d. Sensationals(Al/Mickey Doyle) to win the Midwest/ICW United Stats tag team title

4/16/89 Motor City Hitmen(Al/Mickey Doyle) d. Chris Carter/Calypso Jim to win the World Wrestling Allience/Association tag team title

2/8/91 Circleville Oh. Al vs Mike Kelly

3/30/91 Motor City Wrestling Mike Kelly d."Aluring" Al Snow

5/4/91 Moter City Wrestling Al d. Cpl. Daniels

8/17/91 Midwest All-Pro Al and Scott Sommers wrestle to a draw

October 1992 Al is number 6 contender for the Western Ohio wrestling federation championship

Septemper 1,1993 WWF Saginaw MI Undertaker d. Steve Moore(aka Al)

September 1,1993 WWF Saginaw MI Smoking Guns d. Brian Costello/Steve Moore(aka Al)

Auguest 30,1993 WWF Grad Rapids MI Marty Jannetty d. Steve Moore(aka Al)

7/31/93 Tony Mazzara d Shinobi GWA

10/5/93 All American Pro Wrestling Taz d.Shinobi

10/10/93 Windy City Wrestling Al d. Ripper Manson

10/10/93 Windy City Wrestling New Fabulous Kangaroos d.Manson Brothers

10/18/93 Jackson Oh. Big Time Wrestling Bobby/Jackie Fulton d. Hell's Kitchen Riders(Al/Machine Gun Kelly)

10/19/93 Jackson Oh. Big Time Wrestling Bobby/Jackie Fulton d. Hell's Kitchen Riders(Al/Machine Gun Kelly)

1/8/94 MTW Sean Casey d.Shinobi

1/10/94 Shinobi d. Sean Casy for the GWA lightweight title

1/21/94 Kitao Dojo Tokyo Japan Ishinriki d.Al

1/28/94 All American Pro Wrestling Shinobi d Severn

1/28/94 All American Pro Wrestling Sabu d. Al

1/29/94 All American Pro Wrestling Severn d. Shinobi

MTW 2/12/94 Chris Carter and Muhammad Saad d.Al and Denny Kass

2/12/94 MTW Scott Stevens d. Shinobi

2/19/94 Denny Kass and Al d.Chris Carter and Muhammed SAAD by disqulification

2/19/94 Al and Denny Kass(The new Fabulous Kangaroos) d. Reno Havoc and Scott D'Amore for the GWA Tag title

3/5/94 GWA American Patriot D. shinobi

3/5/94 GWA New Fabulous Kangaroos d. Canadian Lighting to win tag belts when Al pined Otis Apollo

4/2/94 BodySlammers Tourney Al d Rick Austin,Shinobi d.Pete the Pirate,Al d. Steve Nixon,Sabu d. Shinobi,Al d.Judge Dredd,in the finals Al d.Sabu

5/14/94 GWA rematch Kangaroos vs Canadian Lighting Kangaroos retain belt

5/18/94 GWA Sabu d. Al(count out)Death match

5/27/94 MTW Al d. Scott the Rock in a tournament to determine the first MTW champion:in the semifinal round Al defeated Sabu by countout when as they were fighting outside the ring Sabu's manager of the night Gideon wainwright tried to hit Al with a chair but hit Sabu instead,Al got back into the ring in time to beat the count:in the final round Al d. Brusier Bedlam to become champion

5/28/94 Sabu vs Al to a death match

1994 Fabulous Kangaroos and Dr.Jerry Graham vs Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez

1994 Fabulous Kangaroos vs Moose Cholak and Mighty Atlas

6/25/94 Moter City Wrestling Paradise and Scott Summers d. New Fabulous Kangaroos

7/28/94 GWA Ray Roberts d. Shinobi

7/16/94 MTW Machine Gun Kelly with valet Cookie d. Al to win the MTW heavyweight belt

7/23/94 NWA Sabu d. Al to win 1st ever NWA WorldIndependent title(laddermatch) p>

Border City Wrestling Mike Doyle d. Al by reverse decision disqulification after it was found that Al used brass knuckles because HEAD told him too,although Doyle hit ref Pee Wee Moore with the knuckles first

9/94 Al is #2 contender for the Moter City Wrestling belt

9/1/94 Sabu d. Al

9/9/94 Bodyslammers gym Sabu vs Al to a no-contest lumberjack match

9/11/94 Cal Internation Wrestling Sabu d. Al

9/12/94 G.A.M.E.(Great American Mat Endeavors) Fu Ling Restaurant Dan Severn d. Al(Art Davey scouting talent for UFC was at the show and booked Dan for UFC#4

10/94 Kentucky Show run by Bobby Blaze Al vs Dirty White Boy

10/94 ECW Taz d. Al in his ECW debut

10/22/94 Shinobi d. Dan Severn for the GWA Heavyweight title

11/94 Chokehold Promotions Al d.Bob Bradley

11/19/94 NWA Chris Candido d. Al

11/4/94 GWA Sparta Michgan Dan Severn d Shinobi for GWA Heavyweight belt

1995 Al Wrestles one match in WCW and wins

1/7/95 National Wrestling Council at the Silver Nugget Casino Al d.Osamu Nishimura

1/20/95 MTW Al and 'Crippler"Ray Roberts d. International Freedom Fighters

1/28/95 Al Wrestles Shane Douglas to a 30 minute draw

1/28/95 Montrose Micchigan GWF Al d. Johnny ViperFeb 1995 Al debuts in SMW d.George South

2/3/95 ECW Sabu d. Al

2/4/95 ECW Chris Benoit d Al

2/11/95 GWF Union City Michigan Al d.Ray "Crippler"Robers

2/23,24, 25,26/95 SMW Rock and Roll Express d.Al and Unabom

3/95 Johnson City SMW Rock and Roll Express vs Al/Unabom

3/25/95 MTW Too Cold Scorpio d Al

4/7/95 SMW Al and Unabomb win SMW tag team belts(glove match)this ended Rock and Roll express's 10th reign as SMW tag champs

1995 SMW Sunday Bloody Sunday#2 tag champs Rock and Roll Express d. Al and Unabomb

4/95 SMW Bobby Blaze d. Al by disqualification in a match for the tv belt

4/95 SMW Carryville Tennessee Rock and Roll Express d. Al/Unabom by disqualification

4/95Knoxville SMW Rock and Roll Express d. Al/Unabom in an elimination match for SMW tag titles

4/95 SMW Johnson City Al vs Robert Gibson to a 15 minute draw

Erlanger Kentucky SMW Rock and Rloo Express d. Al/Unabom

Cookville Tennessee,Morristown Tennessee,West Liberty Kentucky SMW Rock and Roll Express d. Al/Unabom by disqualification

5/95 SMW Spencer Virginia Al/Unabom d. Batten Twins

5/95 Ashland Kentucky SMW Al/Unabom d. Batten Twins

5/19/95 SMW Volunteer Slam:Ricky Morton d. Al in a scaffold match

5/24/95 Taylor Michigan MTW Marty jennetty vs Al

6/95 SMW Cookville Tenessee,Knoxville Tenessee,Louisa Kentucky,Clevland Tenessee,Monticello Kentucky Rock and Roll Express d. Al/Unabom in non title matches

7/95 MTW Taylor Michigan Al vs Marty Jennetty to a no contest

7/95 SMW Knoxville Rock and Roll express d. Al/Unabom in a anything goes non-title tag match

7/6/95 SMW Tracy Smothers and DirtyWhite Boy d. Al and Unabomb for SMW tag belts

7/15/95 SMW Knoxville Rock and Roll Express vs Al/Unabom

7/29/95 MTW Al vs Jannetty vs Bedlam:Triangle match:winner Jannetty

8/4/95 SMW Undertaker vs Al/Unabom

8/11/95 SMW Al vs Tracy Smothers

8/11/95 SMW Headbangers vs Al/Unabom vs Heavenly Bodies vs Tracy Smothers/Dirty White Boy tag team elimination match

8/12/95 SMW Fire on the Mt.:Battle Royal/Armstrong, Punisher,Rich,Snow,Unabomb=no contest/Loser leaves town match:Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy d. Al and Unabomb

Aug 1995 SMWSuperbowl of Champions Al d. Jannetty for MidwestTerritories Championship

9/16/95 SMW Al vs Brad Armstrong

Aug 95 Marion Virginia SMW Bob and Brian Armstrong d. Al/Unabomb

Aug 95 SMW Feds Creek Kentucky Smothers/White Boy d.Al/Unabom by disqualification

8/5/95 SMW Barborville KY Smothers/White Boy vs Al/Unabomb

8/5/95 Al/Unabom vs Matt Hardy/Jason Hart

9/29/95 MTW Al d. D-Lo Brown

9/30/95 Al d. Brad Armstrong (vacates title to go to the WWF)

10/95 Defiance Ohio MTW Brad Armstrong d.Al

10/5/95 IWA Shinobi/Bob Baragail vs Yoshihiro Tajiri/Tudor the Turtle

10/23/95 Debuts on Raw as Avatar d.Brian Walsh

1/20/96 WWF Sid/123 Kid d. Aldo Montoya/Avatar

1/23/96 WWF Superstars Avatar vs Isaac Yankem

2/96 WWF becomes Leif Csssidy and joins Marty as the NEW ROCKERS

2/3/96 Eddie Gilbert Memorial Sevren d. Al

2/19/96 Ahmed Johnson d. Shinobi

2/24/96 WWF Shawn Michaels d. Leif Cassidy

2/29/96 WWF Shawn Michaels d. Shinobi

3/2/96 WWF Superstars Godwinns d. New Rockers

3/16/96 WWF Justin Hawk Bradshaw d.Avatar

3/19/96 WWF U.S.Air Arena Justin Hawk Bradshaw d. Avatar

4/29/96 WWF Raw New Rockers and the Godwinns go to a double countout

4/13/96 WWF Dusseldorf German Bushwackers d.Leif Cassidy/123 Kid

4/15/96 WWF Marco Maro d. Leif Cassidy

5/4/96 WWF New Rockers d. Godwinns

May 96 WWF Shawn Michaels d.Leif Cassidy

May 96 WWF Leif Cassidy d. Mark Maro

6/23/96 WWF King of the King BodyDonnas d.New Rockers

6/27/96 WWF Dane County Colliseum Bushwackers d. New Rockers

6/29/96 WWF Joe Louis Arena Bushwackers d.New Rockers

7/96 WWF In your House Vancouver B.C. dark match Bushwhackers d. New Rockers Leif is pinned after the Battering Ram

7/13/96 WWF Raw Seattle wa. BodyDonnas d. New Rockers by DQ. when Smoking Gunns interfered and attacked the BodyDonnas,the Godwinns then ran in to make the save thus setting up the alliances and the match for SummerSlam

7/96 WWF Superstars Yakima SunDome taping New Rockers d.Sumito and Buddy Wayne

8/3/96 Summerslam Godwinns vs SmokingGunns vs New Rockers vs BodyDonnas in a four way match,Marty was pinned by a slop drop to eliminate the New Rockers

8/5/96 WWF Bodydonnas d. New Rockers

8/9/96 WWF MSC Godwins d New Rockers

8/18/96 WWF Smoking Gunns d. Body Donnas/Godwinns/New Rockers

8/21/96 WWF Toledo oh. Zip d.Leif Cassidy

8/24/96 WWF Toronto Canada Godwinns d. New Rockers

Sept 96 WWF Leif Cassidy vs Mark Maro

9/8/96 WWF Dunbar South Africa Goodwinns vs New Rockers

9/10/96 WWF Cape Town South Africa Leif Cassidy d. Aldo Montoya

9/14/96 WWF Sun City South Africa Goodwinns vs New Rockers

9/23/96 WWF Raw Smoking Gunns d. Newrockers

Oct 96 I.Y.H.WWF Godwins d.New Rockers

10/6/96 WWFSuperstars Maro d. Cassidy

1996 WWF IYH Final Four Marc Mero d Leif Cassidy,Al going to the outside of the ring got in Sables face so she slapped him setting Al up for the Mero Drop

10/27/96 WWF Raw Gunns d New Rockers

11/17/96 WWF Phillip Lafon d. Leif Cassidy

11/18/96 WWF RAW Furnas/Lafon d.Cassidy/Holly

11/20/96 WWF White Plains NY Godwinns d. Owen Hart/Leif Cassidy via countout

11/22/96 WWF Montreal Quebec Godwinns d.Owen Hart/Leif Cassidy

Nov 96WWF Survivor Series New Rockers/Davey Boy Smith/Owen Hart are d. by Furnas/lafon/Godwins Marty was pinned first from a slop drop from Henry,Janetty screwed up his ankle badly and was taken to the hospital as a result of it,Owen pinned Henry,Davy Boy pinned P. Godwinn,Lafon pinned Leif

12/15/96 WWF IYH IT'S TIME Flash Funk d. Leif Cassidy

12/23/96 WWF Raw Pierroth/Cibernetico d.New Rockers

12/29/96 WWF Superstars Goldust d. Leif Cassidy

1/3/97 WWF San Diego Cal. Flash Funk d. Leif Cassidy

1/4/97 WWF Stockton Cal.Flash Funk d.Leif Cassidy

1/5/97 WWF LA Sorts Arena Flash Funk d. Leif Cassidy

1/6/97 WWFI.Y.H. Flash Funk LeifCassidy

1/21/97 WWF Al d. Jobber

1/23/97 WWF Isaac Yankem d.Avatar

2/2/97 WWF European Championship Ahmed Johnson d. Al

2/7/97 WWF RAW Rocky d.Leif Cassidy

2/18/97 WWF Marc Maro d. Leif Cassidy

2/21/97 WWF Aschaffenberg Germany Leif Cassidy d. Alex Porteau

2/23/97 WWF Cologne Germany Furnas/Lafon d Tom Brandi/Al

2/24/97 WWF Furnas/Lafon d. Holly/Al

3/9/97 WWF Ahmed Johnson d Leif Cassidy

3/10/97 WWF Miguel Perez d. Leif Cassidy

3/24/97 WWF Rock Maivia d. Al

4/6/97 WWF Leif Cassidy d. Frank Stiletto

4/6/97 WWF Bart Gunn d. Leif Cassidy by DQ.when Mankind runs in and attacks Bart

5/3/97 WWF Holly d. Leif Cassidy

5/8/97 WWF Flash Funk d.LeifCassidy

5/8,9,17,23,24,25, 30,31/97 WWF Leif Cassidy d. Bob Holly

5/12/97 WWF Raw Scott Putski debuting in WWF d. Leif Cassidy,Al attacks Putski again after the match

5/17/97 WWF Shotgun Leif Cassidy vs Matt Hardy

5/17/97 WWF Jesse James d. Al when Al missed a moonsault(note:its around this time that Al gives notice because the is unhappy with his status)

5/97 WWF Kuwait Tournament Tiger All Singh d. Al in 1st rnd.

5/19/97 WWF Scott Taylor d. Leif Cassidy

6/6/97 WWF Leif Cassidy d. Bob Holly

6/14/97 GWA Crusher Kline d. Al

7/20/97 WWF Flash Funk d. Leif Cassidy

8/9/97 ECW Born to be Wired Taz defends tv title d. Al

ECW Hardcore Heaven 97 RVD d Al

8/97 ECW Shane Douglas d.Al

8/22/97 ECW Downingtown PA Chris Candito d. Al

8/23/97 ECW Al vs Axl Rotten

9/5/97 ECW Mikey Whipwreck d. Al

9/20/97 ECW Al vs Tiger Ali Singh

9/26/97 ECW Ft.Lauderdale Fl. Furnas/Lafon d.Al/Paul Diamond

9/27/97 ECW Vanpire Warrior/Jannetty vs Al and Roadkill

10/11/97 ECW Beaver Falls PA. Al d.Lou Marconi

10/97 ECW Jerry Lynn d.Al

10/7/97 GWA Al d. Elvis Elliott

10/16/97 ECW Al vs RVD

10/17/97 ECW Bam Bam Bigelow d.Al

!0/18/97 ECW The Great Sasuke d. Al

10/31/97 ECW Frightnight Avatar vs Paul Diamond

11/18/97 ECW Al d. Paul Diamond

12/6/97 ECW Arena Al d.Paul Diamond

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