Al goes to the Movies

Al in the Movie Rudy

In 1993 Al,Dan Severn,Machine Gun Mike Kelly,Denny Cass,Judge Dread,Dave St Onge(one of the Nightmares),and Jack Reno were all extras in the movie Rudy,in the photo above in front is Dan and Al is standing behind him

"Along about this time, one evening we were watching a movie, and about halfway through this usher walks down through the seats asking for Al Snow. Al goes out and gets on a payphone and I followed, worrying that it was some family emergency. Well, it turns out that it's Dan Severn, calling to find out if Al can come up with some big guys to go portray football players in a movie filming in South Bend, Indiana. Al asked if Dan and I could come and eventually several of the other wrestlers went, too. We spent the next several months filming 'Rudy' at Notre Dame and making great money. Al can be seen in that movie several times, but the most famous one is in the locker room with a towel over his shoulder. I like to refer to that story as, ' From the movie theatre into the movies'

Indigo: Now, you've got to tell us the cheesecake story..

Atomic Rhino: Every day that we were on the set of the movie 'Rudy', our breakfast and lunch was catered by the Tristar Productions company's caterer. They had all kinds of great food and spared no expense in feeding everyone connected with the movie. Although well fed to that point, most of us were not used to getting this calibre of lavish meals for free. Everyday the caterers prepared something different for the cast and extras to enjoy.

For dessert at lunch, they always had cheesecake, and when I say cheesecake, I don't mean some kind of cheesecake mix by Betty Crocker. These cheesecakes were the heavy gourmet kind flown into Notre Dame from New York. They had chocolate or raspberry swirled into them, and they were Heaven On Earth, if you liked cheesecake. Well, we all liked cheesecake and most of us ate at least a couple big slices for dessert, including Al, me, and all the other guys.

Well, we were all sitting around, most of us on our second or third slice, and a couple of security guards for the production company came in and I guess were told they could get some lunch from the caterer. They saw us with the cheesecake and asked if we thought there was still some left. I had just been up to the counter and it looked like they were about out so I told the guard that it looked like all the cheesecake was gone. The security guard got a dejected look on his face and moped on up to the counter.

Al observed this depressing scene, and we spent the next hour discussing looking at life as a cup half full as opposed to life as a cup half empty!

Al had just converted my name from Reno to Rhino, so now since I was depressing (blue) he was saying I was the Blue Rhino and then roll his eyes at me. he would roll his eyes at me to 'get me' because I would roll my eyes at him when I doubted something he was saying.

Well, that security guard returned past us with a slice of cheesecake, and Al said, 'See? Now look, if he had not gone back up there, and had taken your advice..he wouldn't have gotten his cheesecake. Let this be a lesson to you to look at life as a cup half full as opposed to a cup half empty!' We all had a good laugh, even the 'Blue' Rhino and Al Snow--that Master of Philosophy, and all-around-expert of Tony Robbins Self-help books!

Jack Reno

snapshot of Al in background

Al looking on(middle/white sweater)

Al at workouts

Al in background/shirtless

Al looks to see if the cameras on him

Al hugs Rudy

Al on left next to Rudy

Al on left chanting Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!