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Interview with The Still Life Director Joel Miller

The following is an Interview with Albion Entertainment Diretor Joel Miller

Joel Miller:After screening in over 25 film festivals The Still Life staring Al is going to be distributed by Warner Bros., and the street date is August 7th 2007

Al:That is great news!

Webmaster:Yes that is great news for Al fans!....How did it come about that Al would star in The Still Life?

Joel Miller:I can't remember how I got Al's number but I did,I talked to him for a few minutes and the guy was just super cool,I had written a part into the film"Lloyd" and thought Al would be great for the part,Lloyd was the guy who watched over the Art Dealer(A wealthy guy) and Al seemed like the type of guy who watches over!

Webmaster:Watches over everything?...uh?

Joel Miller:Anyhow Al had some scheduling issues but I was still able to get one day out of him! We killed off Lloyd,he's actually still in the script but we just never had anybody else play the part,Al came into the film as an 'Art Buyer" and was a riot!

Webmaster:Are you saying you know of Al from being a Wrestling fan yourself?

Joel's all about the HEAD!!

Webmaster:Is HEAD seen anywhere in the movie?

Joel Miller:Wouldn't be a movie without HEAD now would it?

Webmaster:I would think did Al get his own Trailer and a free lunch?

Joel Miller:Na...but HEAD did....they tossed Al out of the Trailer and ate his lunch....Al is a Wrestler and doetsn't need amenites!

Webmaster:In the movie Rudy Al was seen in the locker room in a towel,does Al have a nude scene in The Still Life?

Joel Miller:Thank God No!...HEAD talked us out of that,we did get some playboy models in the mix though...which HEAD had a hard time keeping Al away from

Webmaster:Does Al have a love scene where he has sex with the main Female star?

Joel Miller:It was cut....Al got mad that it took too long for his charactor to get to third base,we put him in a scene by himself,he likes being by himself so it worked out much better....I think HEAD was in the Trailer eating Chicken and Potato Salad and didn't know this was going on.

Webmaster:Are there any Wrestling scenes where Al may have Wrestled someone for some Art?

Joel Miller:Hmmmm....Tiny Lister(Zeus) is in the film as well and you can see him smack some guy around in the outtakes...but na no Wrestling.

Webmaster:Will the movie have closed captions for the Rock and Roll Express and all of Al's Hearing inpared fans???

Joel Miller:It Will!!!...It Will...HEAD made us write it into Al's contract!

Webmaster:Do you think Al will win an award for his the Hardcore Belt?

Joel Miller:If he doesn't the Oscars are rigged I tell ya!...I liked Al's footage so much I took all of his takes and put them together in the special features(which will be on the DVD) it is about 10 minutes of some funny stuff,well at least I think it is funny,but hey I'm a real Al fan!

Webmaster:Well I can't wait to see The Still Life myself,I hope I get a free copy of the DVD(signed!)

Joel Miller:I don't see why not!

Webmaster:GREAT!....Well thank you for the Interview

Joel Miller:No!....Thank you Sir!

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