Al's Friend Brian Schwegel

Remembering Al with Brian Schwegel

I First met Al back in 1992.I was a Bouncer at the Kamikaze Beach Club Bar that jack " atomic rhino " reno was talking about on this site .

Me & some of my fellow Bouncers were supposed to assist Al in setting up the ring .After about a month,I was the only one who stuck it out,week after week,setting it up .

Sometimes after setting it up,he would teach me some of the basic drills like bouncing off the ropes , other basic things

.After we finished , we would occasionally get a bite to eat . his favorite food in huber heights was christy's pizza .

I went with my Girlfriend , at the time , to Lima for a open house at his Gym .I got to meet several of his students .I also got to meet Mickey Doyle , Mike Kelly , the man who was Norman the Lunatic (I don't remember his real name ),and several other people.

I contemplated persuing wrestling myself,but,between battles with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,a Smoking habit,& Weight issues,I decided not to.

I enjoyed my time being around Al & his group of wrestling people .I ALWAYS felt like " one of the boys " around them.

You knew if you were"in"with Al,you had a great friend !! he tried his upmost best to help every one he knew.At times,I regret not getting my act together & going to school,but,thats the way it goes i guess.

I know he is a very busy person now,but,if possible,i'd like to hear from him sometime.

Even if Al & I never speak again,I will always appreciate the friendship we had( have)!!