Scott Chong Interview

Scott Chong Interview

Indigo:   First off, thanks so much for agreeing to talk to us, Scott. I guess the first thing I want to ask you is---what inspired you to want to go out for, 'Tough Enough 3? Did you watch the first two seasons--and are you a big fan of wrestling?

Scott: I have always wanted to be a wrestler ever since I was a little kid.  In fact, my Senior year High School yearbook states that my career/future ambition is to go to the (former) WWF.  Before TE3, I met so many wrestlers at autograph signings/appearances, went to all the live shows, and bought a lot of merchandise.  I am a true fan!

One of my favorite WWE characters is Leif Cassidy when he played the dorky rock star.  The Rockers were one of my favorite tag teams while growing up and to see the New Rockers debut was great!

I watch all the WWE programs, so yes, I did watch the other seasons of TE.  I didn't know about TE1 and tried out for TE2 but didn't get the call-back to Vegas.

My original plan was to go to Maryland Championship Wrestling after I graduate college, but Tough Enough came along and the rest is history!

Indigo: How did you prepare for the show?  Mentally and physically?

Scott: I am a seasoned athlete in which I work out on a regular basis.  I have a amateur wrestling background and that helped me a lot in dealing with the mental hardships they put us through.

  Indigo: How has being on the show impacted your life? What has changed for you personally?

Scott: It's definitely changed my life!  I was that kid who in school who everyone thought was going to be a loser, go nowhere in life, and got picked on all the time.

  It's great to see the people who made my life difficult now try to be friends with me and act as if we're best friends or something.  I thank them all for making my life hell when I was younger because all it did was drive me to succeed and go for my dreams.  I got the last laugh!

Indigo: What do people generally say about Tough Enough? Have you ever been recognized while out somewhere?

Scott: I'll get recognized or pointed out by at least one person every time I go out.  It's not that hard to miss a red haired Korean kid with piercing's and a goatee.

Indigo: Do you still keep in touch with any of the other contestants? Any of the trainers (and you know who I am hinting at here)?

Scott: Yes I do keep in touch with several people on a regular basis.

Indigo: Also--gotta be honest here---Your scene putting Rebekkah in her place was FANTASTIC (to me, anyway!). Any more to add to this?

Scott: Rebekah is a good person. I can understand as to how she gets criticized about her Christian beliefs, but she was fine with me with the exception of that argument we had.  I havent talked to her since she left the show but I feel it was a situation where she was ignorant about and did not approach me in a respectful way.  Like I said, I had no problem with Rebekah other than the famous argument we had.

Indigo: What was it like working with Al Snow? Any good stories? We like 'em all.

Scott: I was very star stuck at first, but eventually calmed down.  I mean these are the people who I watch on TV all the time and now I was getting the opportunity to work with them!  It was truly an honor!  Trust me, Al's farts do smell!

You hear this all the time, but he truly is one of the most genuinely kind persons you'll ever meet!

As you know, one of Al's hobbies is Comic Books.  I was a huge comic book collector up until about my junior year in High School.  I was very serious about my collection but it got to a point where I really had no time.  I remember talking with Al about his collection and it really got me back into the hobby.  So Al rekindled my comic book passion!  I hope to work on the first Al Snow comic book!

During the regional audition in New Orleans, I ran into Al when he checked into the hotel.  What happened was that Al was checking in and I went down to get something and saw Al.  I go up to him and say, "You look familiar" just to be funny and he replied "You too" with a smart aleck tone.  I thought it was funny, the first words Al Snow ever said to me!  This happened the night before the audition.

Indigo: Did you ever hook up with the girls that gave you their numbers in the club? Inquiring minds wanna know...That was too cool, by the way, and a few people have asked me about that.

Scott: I still have the phone numbers of all the girls that I met while on TE3.  I called one of them to just say hi, the winning phone number to be exact!  Funny you mention this because the girl who I was trying to bring on the show, I ran into her at the mall about three days before that episode aired.

Concerning the girl, just listen to the song, 'Sk8er Boi' by Avril Lavigne.  It's a little scary as to how sim ilar the song is with how the situation has been with me and her.

Indigo: That must have felt good--winning the phone number bet! What killed me was---in your moment of glory, so to speak---you got injured! Scott! How's the thumb doing?

Scott: It's fine now, fully healed!

Indigo: What are your thoughts on the incident between Matt and Bob Holly?

Scott: I looked at the situation like fraternity hazing.  It's something that shouldn't have happened, but you know is going to happen.  Bob was correct when he said that this business is brutal, but I agree with Matt that he took advantage of the trust that we all build upon.  He handled it just like how he was taught to and proves how good of a person Matt really is.

Indigo: Which visiting Superstar inspired you the most, and why?

Scott: Tommy Dreamer; because I was a big fan of him while in ECW and I could relate to his story.  I want to make sure that my parents see my dreams come true!  My father has poor health and given the circumstance that they really don't support my wrestling career is something that I keep in mind everyday.  The famous cane shot heard 'round the world!  The worst physical pain I ever felt.  But it was an honor to receive the cane shot from the hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer!

Indigo: Well, Scott--thanks for talking to us; it was great to catch up with you and find out what you are up to. Any last things you want to say regarding Al Snow?

Scott: Hopefully in the near future, look for me and Al to bring back Avatar and Shinobi as the New Ninjas!  We will be the greatest Tag Team in the history of wrestling!

I don't have a website, but their are some fan sites that these ladies have started.  The URL's are:

click here

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I have a big project coming up soon!  Just keep in touch and I will keep everyone updated.

Indigo: Okay, Scott--we will! Thanks, again!

* *Just so you all know--Scott recently (February 22, '03) wrestled his first match  for Class Family Wrestling in Hornell,  New York. He wrestled against HC Loc from ECW and won by submission! He received lots of kudos from the other workers, who said that he did very well and earned their respect by taking a lot of stiff hits, and finishing out the match just the way it was set up....Congratulations, Scott! And keep us posted! * *