Signing Report

Today(2/20), a few friends and I went to get autographs of Al Snow and Mankind in Quality Plaques in Bergenfield, NJ. Snow & Foley were scheduled to be there from 3-5, so we showed up at 1:30 so we could get in line.

Prices were $15 for one, or $25 for an autograph of both. For free, the store gave you a color 8x10 picture for them to sign.

Al Snow and Head showed up an hour early to greet the fans. Snow seemed overly friendly and was joking around with quite a few people. I decided to open my mouth and ask Al a question. "Hey, Al, your buddy Scorpio's gone, whats up with that?" Al replied "Well, thats what happens when you live a little", with a smile and a laugh.

He then went into the back of the store for about 45 minutes, then came back out and asked "Anyone want some pizza?" to which several replied "If it's on you, Al". Mankind showed up at 3:15, a few minutes late for whatever reason. He showed up in shirt, tie, and mask(surprisingly, Mr. Socko was MIA). Then, the autograph session was ready to start.

The phone of the store rang, and no one picked it up. Al decided to take matters into his own hands and answer it himself, which brought on a laugh or two. A Head chant began, to which Snow got out of his seat and began to do his thing with the Head.

When I went to get his autograph, he shook my hand, posed with me for a few pictures, and asked me if I was a fan of his. I told him I watched him back in the old ECW days, to which he laughed. He thanked me for my support, and I moved on the the former WWF Champion.

Mankind has to be the nicest wrestler alive. He introduced himself in which only Foley can, then asked for my name. When he signed my picture, he put my name, his name, and Socko for good measure.

I then decided to ask him a question: "What has to be the toughest bump you've EVER taken?" He replied, and I was surprised..."Probably when I fell through the cage at King of the Ring. I felt like dying there, and Undertaker probably wanted me dead." I laughed, he laughed, we posed for pictures, and I was on my way out.

Overall, this is just living proof of how friendly and outgoing Mick Foley and Al Snow can be, and I enjoyed myself very much. The Rock will be appearing at the same place sometime in April.

Too Sweet for Wretlingheadlines sent in by HHH

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