Al and Mankind Tribute

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Al/Mick Rivalry

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"His success and his performances are an indication of just how much passion he has for the business.If you have any question, all you have to do is watch a tape or listen to one of his interviews."-Al's fellings on Mick

Wrestling with Old Friends-By your Webmaster

Mick met Al at a Eddie Gilbert memorial luncheon and then again in ECW.

They hit the road together in the WWF and became closer than brothers.......Al says Micks just obsessed with him

The first time I though I seen Al and Mick on the same show was way back in Smoky Mountain Wrestling when Mick back then as Cactus Jack was buddy's with Boo Bradly and his cat

When Al and Mick worked in ECW,never working together as far as I can remember

Then they showed up in the WWF Al as Avatar,Shinobi,and Leif Cassidy,Mick came in as Mankind,after the New Rockers went their way Al was loaned to ECW as Mick stayed in the WWF in a work with Paul Bearer and Kane.

Al became friends with HEAD,Pepper,and Peirre the Deer Head,and became the Prince of Hardcore

There came a point when Al and Mick's friendship came to a head where it was taken into the shows with Mick always getting the last laugh on Al,Mick was in a program with the Rock and the Rock and Sock Connection,Al's work in the program was that he "Hated" the Rock and felt that Mick had turned his back on him and was sucking up to the Rock,in the mean time Al and Mick became a Tag team and held the belts for a total of 4 days

Mick was still sucking up to the Rock until he thought it was the Rock who had tossed Mick's book into the Garbage,which come to find out was not true,it was Al who then turned on Mick

Later Mick became Commissioner but was fired by Vince McMahon,Al tried to get Vince to hire Mick Back(even dressing up like Mick)which did him no good

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Al wanted to be Commissioner and went to Mick's house to ask him what he thought of the idea,Mick thought Al would make a great Commissioner

Al went on a campaign to become Commissioner,along with his Midget buddies Al Passed out Buttons,but it was not to be as Vince set up a match between Al and William Regal winner was to be Commissioner.....Regal was the winner

Mick wrote another book "Foley is Good" in which he again joked about Al,Al moved on to do Tough Enough and Mick moved on the Host Robot Wars.....One day they hope to do movies together.........Till then Mick has stated that his new target of fun is Wrestler Test

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11/1/99 WWF Raw Al/Mankind d. Bossman/Prince Albert

11/4/99 WWF Smack Down Al/Mankind d. The Hollys to win the Tag Team belts

11/8/99 WWF Raw the New Age outlaws d. Al/Mankind to win Tag Team Belts

11/14/99 WWF Servivor Series the New Age Outlaws d. Al/Mankind to retain Tag Team belts

11/20/99 WWF house show Toranto Skydome Al/Mankind d. the Hollys

11/21/99 WWF house show Monteral Quebec Al/Mankind d. the Acolytes/Dudley Boyz/Hollys

11/22/99 WWF Raw Hollys d. Al/Mankind

12/6/99 Al turns on Mankind

12/9/99 WWF Raw Al is DQ'ed when he tries to use a chair on Mankinds noodle

Excepts from Mick's book"Have a Nice Day"

Excepts from Mick's book"Foley is Good"

Excepts from Mick's book"Xmas Chaos"

Excepts from Mick's Video Tape"Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops

Al and Mick's UPN Vacation

Al and Mick host UPN's Greatest Hits

Al and Mick host MTV Loveline

Meeting Mankind-by Indigo

Mick Foley was at Chester County Books and Music in West Chester, Pa. on Saturday, May 19th 2001. I, being perhaps the only 'lukewarm' Foley mark on earth didn't know this...Lukewarm not because of his obviously brilliant writing skills, or his legendary ring reputation..or even his admittedly good looks. Lukewarm because of his oh, so rapidly growing stale yet constant digs at our cult hero..who keeps being passed over and passed over, like the teenage wallflower for the more 'popular' kid.

Yeah, I used to be a Foley mark..Well, my best friend of over twenty years, Peter Donia, knew this. Sorta. He doesn't even watch wrestling, but has absorbed it somewhat through osmosis.

We had made plans to get together and do some shopping--with the two of us, even the mundane takes on the exotic flavour of a carnival..So I waited eagerly to get going. And waited. And waited. And waited.Started to panic, thinking something had happened to him. Called his house, called his mother, called mutual friends... no one had seen him. Pictured him dead in a ditch, beheaded, mangled, you name it. Turns out the truth was almost worse than that.Finally, at around 9 pm., I get a phone call, from a now breathless Pete..the conversation going something like this...

Me:'OMG! Where the **** have you been?' (tapping my foot, waiting for some excuse),

Pete: 'You'll never believe where I was---or who I was with!'

I named about four or five names, prepared to go on, as Pete knows a lot of people..

Pete: 'NO', no, no, no,no!'

Me: 'Well, this had better be good! Who was it?'

Pete: 'Mick Foley!'

(Fade to black)

The nightmare had come true. I was, at last, completely surrounded! Et tu, Petie? After sputtering and cussing for a good three seconds or so, I managed to get the story from him....Peter had been on his way to my house, he 'really had been'. But he had been told by friends that Foley was going to be at the above mentioned bookstore, and he knew the owner. He hemmed, he hawed, he debated...But finally the 'sirensong of the nice guy', the twinkling lure of ' the everyman celebrity' was just too much for him. To quote Carrie's mother in the classic movie, 'Eve was weak!' He almost didn't make it.

The actual signing was indeed over by the time he got there. But knowing who he knew, Pete bought the book and was quickly ushered to an upper chamber..and given his 'audience with the Pope' (yes, the guy actually DID say that). And Foley WAS good. And Foley WAS a nice guy. But couldn't resist a dig...And apparently neither could Peter, as he had the man sign the book with BOTH my real name---and my screen name (Huh?), which Foley eyed with some confusion,and perhaps suspicion, as it contains the dreaded name...Snow.

'Is she going to know what this means?' , he asked Pete. Pete nodded---I can only picture the vacantly rapturous grin on his now forever Foley-marked face...

'Okay', Foley said, 'Have a nice day..'

As he made to leave, Peter turned back to him and said, 'You know? SO many people love you..'

(Foley flashes his famous toothless grin at him, basking in it)---'..

and Al Snow.', Peter finished, as Foley's grin soon faded to a slight frown...There was a pause--a hush over the room. And then Foley recovered, saying,

'Thanks, but I don't know if I want to be lumped in with Al Snow..'

---naturally, to gales of laughter, which rang through the room.

Peter finally made it here, and yes, we eventually got our shopping done. And yes, I will read the book, and treasure it--as it came from Peter with the best intentions, and will be a good read..But I will continue to feel the, at the turn of each Al-bashing page, the oh, so ironic sting of..The Day I, Too, Was Dissed For Foley.....Thanks, Pete..

Foley was on via cell phone, which kept losing power, 'cos he kept hanging up..

Said that Test is kind of like the 'New Al Snow', in regards to his insults.

He had seen Test and Test was glad to see him BEFORE he had read the book. Foley said to him that he wouldn't be so happy the next day..

He said that now he kind of uses Al Snow as his 'finisher'---it would kind of be like using 17 Rock Bottoms in a row..Al is his Knock Out Punch, now..he went on to say that he talked to Test and explained to him that the insults actually helped Al's career--and then Test 'brightened up'.

Then went on to say that Al is not bitter--that he enjoys 'his role'--and for him to admit that he enjoys it, would be not playing his role..He enjoys doing the 'slowburn', appreciates it.>Later on, he sang the little opera bit that he did on Sunday Morning Superstars....

As for a screen treatment for 'Have a Nice Day'---he would make it so terrible and have Al in the lead role--Foley collects the money, and Al would be left with egg on his face on screens across the country.

He went on to give Al his credit due--as far as 'Tough Enough'--said that he is doing a tremendous job, and this could 'make Al'--that Al has his 'own charm and charisma'--and is the sort where either you get him or you don't--and unfortunately, most people don't---he has been asked about doing a screenplay--a buddy picture--with Al as his best friend in the movie, as they really liked their chemistry onscreen---He said he would do it, if he could make fun of Al.

Then, there were several jokes about a remake of the 'Apple Dumpling Gang'