Sounds of 2000

Sounds of 2000

Sounds of 2000-Please note that some wav's may need to be hit more then once to get the full wav,ie if you have webtv

Al's theme music to take him into the year 2000(with voice over)

Al hates each and every one of you!

Al talks to Blackman about split personalities

Snow Bunnys

Al plays head games with Cheddar

Al thinks Cheddar needs personality

Cheddar's HEAD CHEEZE theme

Al likes Fish

Light a match

Bend over Chester

Al thinks it's time to cut the Cheeze!

Getting out of Shady Palms

Al's Poem to Steve part One

Al's Poem to Steve Part 2

EuroAl German theme music

EuroAl Spain theme music

EuroAl French theme music

EuroAl Translvania theme music

EuroAl Grease theme music

EuroAl Hong Kong theme music