Sounds of 1999

Wav's from 1999,click on saying to hear the wav

Mick makes fun of Al at the Rage party

Mankind said:On behalf of all the WWF Superstars,and Al Snow,I got two words for yea....ummmmm Beefy!

Al wonders what the hell HEAD is talking about

Mick:It's a funny thing Al got that endorsement with Layzboy,because Al does not sell chairs

Al's voice over for WWF Attitude video game

Al:Ha Ha?what the hells HaHa?What is it,ha,ha,ha,what am I funny to you?

A:You ever try to talk to a Deer HEAD?All I get out of it is Errrrrrrrrrrr!!

Al:Todd!Why are you so crual?Are you that much of a human monster that you got to make me relive that night again?Uh?My life is falling apart Todd,you were at Backlash you saw!

Al:Todd,you know what that belt means to me?You know what this belt means to both of us,to all of us!I'm the crown Prince of Hardcore,and HEAD is now the champion.....

Al's got something to say about sheep"

Al;What?No I didn't!Of corse not,what you think I'm minning for Copper or something?Look,I don't have any buggs,see nothin hanging there,don't be sick,don't be gross,I didn't eat it,your out of your mind,leave me alone,I'd like to read the paper

Al:(speaking to the minis)El green card-o,sign with El pen-o,come on boys,lifes to short

Al:Cut the music,I only have a shot time,I showed up at the arena tonight,like a good boy,like I always do,and what do they tell me?Al your not having a match tonight,noooooo,nobody wants to wrestle you anymore because they all think your crazy!

Al:I was looking around back stage,could'nt find anybody till I found these guys....

Al sings"Chances are"to Droz

Al:Can you feel it?He's going to make it stop isn't he?

Al:Why can't we seem to do what I want?

Al:Come on please make it stop,your wasting time.....

Al:What do you mean it can't get any worse?What am I?Dr.Doolittle?

Al:So what your saying is I stick with you the screaming stops,we dump him and then we are together right?If you looked like HEAD I would shave your butt and teach you to walk backwards,Pepper,I have news for you,your butt is already shaved!

Al:I told you ten times,they will not fit down the hole!"

Kevin:you honestly expect every one here to belive that that dog talks to you? Al:You don't belive?You don't belive that Pepper talks to me?What about Timmy and Lassie,what about Dorothy and Toto?George Jetson and Astro?Shaggy and Scooby?You mean that Mr.Ed was a mute when the cameras stopped rolling?

Al:Ok Pepper,it's real simple,I'm the crown Prince of Hardcore,your the Hardcore Dog,this is Hardcore rules,ready?try and jump,1,2,3,jump!,what?you right,damn I forgot I need a table,that way you can go though one,I'll be right back,don't move.......

Al: I want you to meet somebody,somebody very important,say hello to Pepper. Meanie:(laughing)Pepper? Al:Yea. Meanie:Nice Gerbil,all this time I though you were growing a tail,ha,ha,ha,ha, Al:It's not funnie Meanie:Maybe later the Meanie can put some Pepper on his taco,ha ha,look at his eyes,ohhhh,ohhh Al: excuse me(Al stops a woman walking by and asks her to hold on to Pepper,Al the ask Meane if he can have a drink of Meanies pop)

Al:If you have to go,you have to go,come on I'm going to burst

Al:Bossman's not going to send flying Monkeys after us,get a grip!

Al:Bossman,please liston to me,Pepper is so small,please don't hurt Pepper!