Al's Special Events


Al in the Movie Rudy

Smoky Mt. Wrestling Heel BBQ

Al goes to the Slammys

Al Visits Home Shopping Network

Al Visits LiveWire from Hard Rock Cafe

Excerpts from Mick's Book about Al

Al and Mick's UPN Vegas Vacation

Al and Mick host UPN/WWF Grestest Hits

Bellzerko Commercial

Al and Mick on MTV's Love Line

Al guest stars at Lima Ohio Telethon

Smack Down Your Vote 2000

Al Hosts MTV's Countdown to Summerslam

Al visits Seattle Sub

Al's Recipe in JR's Cook Book

Excerpts from Christmas Chaos

Mick's College Fun

Excerpts from Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops"

Excerpts from "Foley is Good"

Excerpts From Halloween Hijinx

Al Visits WWF Excess

Stacker 2 Commercial

Tough Enough Reunion Show

Divas Undressed

Channel Surfing with Lisa

Al's Jersey Fashion Show

Video Game Awards

Excerpts from Tales from Wrescal Lane

Al on the Tonight Show

Al's Are We There Yet?

Thousand $ Tough Enough DVD