Where to get Al Stuff


This is the Official AL SNOW'S HEAD/Al Snow fan club Logo

You may now order Head World Order Stickers that look the same as the logo above

They are 2x3 in size and are black and white,they run $0.50 each + a Self addressed stamped envelope

Send check or money order payable to Wayne Gibson c/o Sorcerer Studio 940 north 101 street Seattle Washington 98133

there are a limited amount of Purple,Gold,Yellow,and Silver Head World Order Decals which are $1.50 each while they last

Where to find Al related stuff

Jakks Pacific has now released its Fully Loaded Series of action figures. Each wrestler comes with one or two weapons. Figures included in this series are Kane, The Rock, Triple H, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Road Dog and Al Snow. Check your local Target stores to find them. For more information go to Ringside Collectibles at


The Al Snow action figure has had a packaging change. The stool, which was in the lower left hand corner behind the picture of Al has now been moved to the upper left hand corner above the picture where Head used to be. Head has now been moved to the lower right hand corner. This will most likely result in the figures with the first packaging arrangement to become higher in value.

Spencer Gifts is now selling 16 x 20 laminated and framed prints of Al Snow and Head for $19.99. Check out your local stores to find this item.

WWF is currently selling the Al Snow Got Head T-Shirt for $22.00 and NEW! Everybody Wants Head T-Shirt for $25.00 and Head Boxer Shorts for $18.00 Go to

www.wwfshopzone.com for ordering information.

Toys "R" Us is also selling Al Snow and Head T-Shirts which feature "What does everybody want?" printed on the front and a picture of Head on the back. These can be purchased for $12.99.

The Atttude Zone"These guys have some great stuff such as a shirt that reads"HEAD 24:7",the "HEAD Banndanna",an"Al&Pepper"shirt,the"Voices"shirt,the"Hardcore HEAD Attack" shirt,and the shirt that has the half face of Al and half of HEAD

Looking for a Job Squad T-Shirt? Go to

www.rfvideo.com where you can purchase one for $25.00.

Go to your local Best Buy store to find the new CD Slammin' Wrestling Hits. This disk features songs from both WWF and WCW. Al Snow's theme is included. All songs are performed by the Beast Wrestling Federation.

Check out your local beauty supply store to find styrofoam heads and the actual replica of Head. The styrofoam heads sell for about $2.99 and the plastic replicas are about $49.99.

If you are looking for a book with information on Al Snow you may want to go to


and look up The Biographical Dictionary of Professional Wrestling. This book can be purchased for $55.00 and is a compilation of biographical information on male and female professional wrestlers past and present.

You can also check out Raw Magazine and World Wrestling Federation Magazine for articles on Al and Head. This Febuary's issue of WWF Magazine features Al Snow and Mankind on the cover including an article inside titled, "Head, Socko, Head, Socko" by Lucas.

WWF has trading cards that you can purchase at any Spencer Gifts, Shinders, or any other comic book and collectibles store near you. Cards of Al and Head are included in some packs. There are 72 cards in all, but unfortunately Al Snow has only one card in the entire series.

RVideo Shoot Inerview

Click the link above that takes you to the RVideo site,there you will find the best shoot interview in my mind that Al has ever done,it's a little long but tells you everything you would want to know about Al,theres what you get from the interview:

Al Snow Shoot Quality= 7-8/10 (Snow's voice is low because of RF Video)

Time: 4:00

*Opening Credits &  Al Snow and The Head In Front of The RF Video Sign

*Living Dangerously Match:  Lance Storm & Al Snow w/The Head vs. Chris Candido & Shane Douglas *On How He Got Into Wrestling

*On How Long it Took For Wrestling To Become Full Time Job

*On His Matches with Sabu Getting Him His Break

*ECW House Show:  Al Snow vs. Tazmaniac

*On Frustration on Not Getting Anywhere in The Business

*On Possibility of Quitting For Good

*On On Aerial Attack, His Style, His Matches with Sabu

*On Aerial Style Today and How They Have To Keep Going Farther To Impress Fans

*On WCW Luchadores and Their Highspots

 - Says They Get No Heat and Compares Them To Fireworks

*On Midgets Compared Luchadores

*On First Impressions of ECW and Various Companies Just Being Stepping Stones To Career Goals

*On ECW First Few Matches

*ECW House Show:  Al Snow vs. Sabu w/ Paul E. Dangerously & 911

*ECW Television Match:  Chris Benoit vs. Al Snow

*On His Mirror Man Gimmick

*On His Short Stay in ECW and His Long Distance Travels

*On If Eddie Gilbert had Stayed Would He Have Been Brought into SMW by Jim Cornette

*On Smoky Mountain Wrestling Impression and Just Another Stepping Stone

*On Promos, The Time Length For Them, Changing Promos For Each Town

*Jim Ross SMW Interview with:  Al Snow & Unabomb  - They Do Impression of Rock N Roll Express in Wigs and Read Letter from Mom(funny as hell)

*SMW Tag Match:  Larry Santo and The Wolfman vs. Al Snow & Unabomb

*On Booking Styles of Paul E. Dangerously and Jim Cornette

*On Memories of Rock N Roll Express Feud

*On Wig Skit From Above

*On Ricky and Robert Being Entertained By It

*On Skits That Didn't Come To Pass

*On Traveling Hurting Family

*On Glenn Jacobs Potential

*On Traveling With Tag Team Partners

*On Scaffold Match With Ricky Morton

*SMW Scaffold Match:  Al Snow vs. Ricky Morton

*SMW Locker Room Interview:  Al Snow w/Unabomb

*Comments on Scaffold Match, and Moves He Couldn't Do Cause Morton Was Afraid

*On Why SMW Went Out of Business

*On Titan Guys Coming In

*On The Close of SMW Seen Coming and Nothing Being Guaranteed in Wrestling

*On Chance of Another Promtion Possibly Succeeding and Where Would They Get The Talent

*On Where Will They Get Talent, Talks of Training Camps, Paying Your Dues, Gives Rocky Maivia As Example

*On Fans Knowing You're Carrying Somebody

*On Compares Wrestling To Magic

*On Being A Sweepstake to WCW and WWf & Who Contacted Him Fist

*On WCW Phone Calls

*On WCW Try Out and Arrival No Directions

*On David Penzer Trying To Get Him To Sign Something

*On Kevin Sullivan and Terry Taylor Talking To Him About The Thing He Had To Sign in Order To Get Paid

*On His Meeting With Eric Bischoff

*On Terry Taylor Ripping Him On His Hotline

*On Vince McMahon's Business Compared To Eric Bischoff's

*On Vince McMahon Meeting

*On Contract Signing

*On Avatar Idea

*On Glacier Thing Was Supposed To Be What Avatar Never Got

*On WWF Ring Ropes

*On Being Starved Out and The Very Few Matches

*On New Rockers Push

*On Impressions of Kliq

*On Kliq Putting Word Out To Vince and Kliq Being Two Faces

*On Possibility of Michaels and 1-2-3 Kid Being Threatened By His Style, His Attitude, Them Teaching Him A Lesson

*On WWF Locker Room Moral Being Low Because Nobody Can Go Anywhere Because of The Kliq

*On If You're Figured in You're Figured in For Life...Examples Barry Windham and Jim Neidhart

*On Willingness to Work and Image Changes All Meaning Nothing

*On Going to Higher Ups To Talk About Gimmick...All Told Him To Go To Vince...Compares Vince To Santa, Easter Bunny, and Jesus

*On Jim Cornette Responding To Al's Calls to Vince McMahon

*On Hall and Nash Leaving and Things Being Hell Backstage

*On Splitting Up of New Rockers to Put Over The Harris Twins

*On Standing Outside Vince's Office For Two Hours and Is Told To Call And Set Up an Appointment

*On Calling For Two Week and Hearing Nothing and Finally Being Called Back By Jim Cornette

*On Saying He's Quitting To Cornette On Phone Because of No Respect from Vince McMahon and Others

*On 20 Minutes Meeting in Fort Wayne.  Tells Vince That I got The Gimmick Over Despite How You Held It Down.  What Do I Need To Do?

*On Next Night, Billy Gunn Trying To Get Heat For Match

*On Billy Gunn Heat Situations

*On Having To Always Do The Jobs in Tag Action With Jannetty

*Gives Ending To Bart

*On Argument with Jake Roberts, Who Claims He's Not Rising To The Occasion

*On Pride in Match and Not Caring About The Job, But Wanting To Put Match Over

*On Survivor Series Match

*On WWF Not Wanting Bart to Look Like Shit.  So What Does That Make Us Look Like.

*On Survivor Series Match with Doug/Phil/Bulldog/Owen

*On Next Night.  Match With Phil and Doug vs. Leif and Bob Holly.  - Bob is Filling In For Injured Jannetty.  Bob Leaving The Next Day and Al Having to Do Job

*On His Bad Attitude

*On Contract Status

*On WWF Not Letting Him Quit

*On How He Came To ECW For Opportunity  - Deal Not To Be Called Back To Do Job in WWf

*On Jim Ross' Call To Come Back To Titan To Work One Night Only Match

*On Tiger Ali Singh Being Shit...Can't Work and Not Ready For A Push

*On Jim Ross Conversation...Race Makes Us Money...He'll Be Popular With The Muslims

*On One Night Only Match

*On Plane Ticket Screwed

*On Calling Jim Ross For Weeks and Finally Called Back By Pritchard

*On Telling Jim Cornette I'm Not Doing It Anymore

*On Production Meeting  - Al Won't Job To Brakkus  - Officials Outraged  - Pritchard Says Fire Him (He Already Wants To Quit)

 - Brisco Says Not Pay Him (We're Already Not Paying Him)  - Why is He Here?  (Plane Ticket)  - Officials Mad Cause They Can't Punish Him *Phone Call:Return To WWF

*Phone Call: Future Plans

*On Head Gimmick Development

*On How He Got The Head

*On WWF Contract How Long Is It?

*On Who's Paying Him Currently

*On How Long Will The Gimmick Last?

*Phone Call:  Glenn Jacobs Career Route, ECW Future

*On No Holds Barred Fighting....Training Dan Severn

*Japan Backstage Interview:  Al Snow

*Japan:  Al Snow vs. Ishinriki

*On Dan's Last Few Fights

*On Dan Being One Dimensional

*Phone Call:  Feelings Personally About Vince McMahon & Shawn Michales, Thanked For Running From Autograph Hounds

*Phone Call:  Contract Status with WWF and Why The New Rocker's Split

*Phone Call:  Handle Pressure Of Title

*On UFC and His Sex Comment During Interview

*On UFC Locker Room Situation

*Phone Call:  Feelings on WWF, Bosses & Rivals, No Title Shot in WWF, Who He Would Like To Work With,  How About Francine As A Match Stipulation *Phone Call:  Better Partner The Head or Marty Jannetty, Wrestling School Info

*Phone Call:  Where would You Go After ECW?  nWo, WWF, WCW?

*On UFC Existence in A Year

*Phone Call:  Are You Still in Job Squad, Thoughts on Spicolli and Drugs

*On J. O. B. Squad

*On UFC Behind The Scenes

*Advice To Young Wrestlers Just Signing Contracts

*Phone Call:  Thoughts of Working With Vince, and Liking of WWf

*Phone Call:  Info on Wrestling School, Opinion of Vince McMahon

*On Vince/Bret Hart Screw

*On Vince Saying Bret Broke Down Physically & Yet Michaels Out 9-12

*On Contracts Meaning nothing

*On Was Bret A Pain In The Ass?  You Have To Be a Pain In The Ass To Get Anywhere

*States Goals for Wrestling

*Al Snow vs. Jim Garvin w/Precious(that I do belive is a mess up on the part of RVideo as it's Match Snow....not Al)

*Head and Al Snow Interview on Beach

*Head TV:  Al Snow w/The Head vs. Doug Furnas w/Mr. Wright

*Independents:  Al Snow   vs.  Sabu

*Jenna Jameson Holds Up Head/ Al Snow Music Video

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