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Your Webmaster Wayne-O!#%* with his HEAD in diguise as Harry one Eye the Teddy Bear

Wayne's Profile

Full name:Wayne Gibson

Handle: nofredm/Crazy Wayne/AL SNOW'S HEAD

Date of birth: Aug,11 1954(send me money)

Siblings:1 bro,two sisters

Pets:1 cat

Love interest:My Wifey Poo Rosey

Hobbies:I have been into many things,Baseball cards,Autographs,Underground comix,Butterflys,Human Freaks,Witchcraft,Watching Pro Wrestling,being webmaster of AL SNOWSHEAD

Future plans:To make it to next Tuesday

Person you would most like to meet:Been there done that,but would like to meet up with him some other day again Al Snow

Fondest childhood memory:I had this favorite spot on a pile of Rocks next to the busy street in which I lived,I would sit there for hours thinking and watching the cars go by,I remember some crazy cult said the word was going to come to an end on such and such day,they even know what time,so I made sure that day that on that pile of rocks is where I wanted to be when the world came to an end,so I sat and waited,the time passed and nothing happened,it was a very depressing day

Best advice ever received (by whom): my sister once said....if people didnt pick on you it would mean they dont like you..

Pet peeve:Making AL SNOW'S HEAD THE best web site on the internet

Three wishes:Ah,can't get me on this one,I seen that Monkeys Claw movie

Biggest thrill in life:Rosey and My Indian Wedding, hmmm...there used to be wrestling in seattle and I meet playboy buddy rose....he said I was his only true fan but then he turned face and I had to dislike him...I made signs that said things against him and he would rip them off the wall for fun like..I also met bob backlund at the seattle library,meeting Al Snow

If you could have done it differently: I learned allot from the things I did so I would say I would not change anything


Sport to watch: WWE wrestling/Baseball

Sport to play: candyland

Athlete:Al Snow

Style of music: anything but rap or jazz


Song:"Shut up!" by Kelly Ozborn and "She Fuk'en hates me" by Puddle of Mudd

Television show:Any good Indie Movies on IFC or Sundance/WWE

Movie:Mars Attacks(1996),Blue Velvet,Rivers Edge,Man Who would be King,Wizard of Oz

Actor/Actress:Glen Close, Owen Wilson,Dennis Hopper,Brent Spiner,Harvey Keitel


Car: 1992 TRACKER

Co- Webmaster Robin

Name: Robin Beatty

Age: 6/13/? If you guess I'll still tell you …good guess but no

Handle: with care…I do have an emotional side

On line screen name: Bite your tongue

Siblings: 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters

Pets: 2 cats and 1 bird now…Sandi and Albee…Herbee is the bird's name

Love interests: Men <----- that's plural….just kidding… I think.... could that be why I'm not married…

Hobbies: surfing the web, this website, pool halls (I only drink a lot but I never drive), watch T.V., play Sports.

Future plans: get off this medicine to try to take over the world… People I would like to meet up with: Al Snow and the Big Show

Fondest childhood memory: Hummm………….yep that's my memory for ya'll

Best advice given to me: Mean people still suck!

Helpful knowledge in life: KEEP BREATHING!

Pet peeve: People talking on cell phones while their eating, checking out in line, or ANYWHERE I CAN HEAR THEM. I don't want to know about what time you got off from work…..what time you left…or where you have to go next

Best thrill: My daughter imitating wrestlers and roller coaster rides

Sports: Everything but golf.

Music: anything 80's

Actors/Actress: All WHO make fewer than 100 million a year.

Food: Mexican….etc…. Car: Kia Spectra

Rosey Production Manager

Siblings: 2 half-sisters/1 half-brother (NEVER MET 'EM!), 2 younger brothers.
Pets: 1 female cats.
Love interest: YOU GUESS WHO?!!!!!
Hobbies: Reading sexology/natural healing books, drawing pictures, chatting. I like to find different educational stuff which most anthropoids aren't cognizant of. No questions asked, spang!
Future plans: To meet some baseball players in the darkside of the Pacific Northwest, get out of the longevous sequestration I'm going through.. And work on longevity, ect. SPANG!
Person you would most like to meet: George Carlin, the number one comedian... umm, and either Chris Jericho or Brady Anderson. Ah.
Fondest childhood memory: **Shaking her head no, expressionless** I couldn't recollect any.
Best advice ever received (by whom): "Your body is a divine temple. The doctor is not its caretaker. YOU are!" --Dr. John R. Christopher. **Bowing to him** Rest in Peace.
Pet peeve: Anthropomorphics who fear me for who and what I am!
Three wishes: 1.) Dwelling the the country where nobody finds me! 2.) Wipe off all kinds of mortal discrimination from the planet! 3.) No human breeding in the next 25 years!
Biggest thrill in life: Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yesssss! I read and discovered that females have THREE g-spots! I did find mine already! Ohhhh! Oh, and men have ONE! I know where it is!
If you could have done it differently: Help reducing the damn overpopulation! **Snarling silently**


Sport to watch: Baseball
Sport to play: Playing with myself? **Demonical tittering** Hee hee hee hee hee.
Athletes:Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Ichiro Suzuki, and few other ballplayers. And WWE's Chris Jericho. Kiss my ass, Wayne!
Television shows: The Simpsons, That 70's Show, FOOD 911 (the host Tyler's so hot! Take that, Wayne!) and The Larry Sanders Show reruns,OZ(from HBO)
Movie: Addams Family or Mistress of the Dark
Actor/Actress: The fictitious character, CryptKeeper of TALES FROM THE CRYPT?
Food: Fresh fruits! MMMMM!
Car:Astro Van

Turnoffs: Irresponsible people who cannot take birth control and pop out babies... traffics everywhere, especially in Seattle... majority of hearing people remain ignorant about the deaf culture worldwide *grr*... smoking... drug addict losers, careless drunkards... people who bully others, sure they need help!