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Heat Report for 12/23/01

Reported by Indigo

Hello, again..and yes, this came as a total surprise..I was actually on the phone, only half watching Heat, when once again, my son saved the day.."MOM! Al's on!" I literally dropped the phone, and grabbed a tape and shoved it in.

As I had missed the beginning of the program, I had no idea that Al would be on--only noting the Snowmen figures on the desk in front of Tazz and MC with a heavy heart..

Al enters to the Tough Enough theme, and a huge pop. After he crosses the stage and grabs the microphone, he hesitates to shake Tazz's hand. Tazz says, 'Hey. Let's let bygones be bygones, it's the holidays; what's done is done. Shake my hand.'

Al looks to the audience, who are shouting 'Don't do it!', etc..after a pause, Al shakes his hand, and the camera shows a close-up of it. Al shakes MC's hand, sits down and says, 'How ya doin''

MC:'We're going to get started. As Tazz says, it is the holidays', and then asks Al about the Christmas parade a couple of weeks ago.

They show footage of the whole crew on the float (wearing Santa hats) out in Cali. Bob looks his usual grouchy self, then breaks out into a smile that totally changes his whole face..Ivory is talking away a mile a minute (Al likens her to a 'human Jack Russell terrier'). They are all waving, and look to be having fun. For some reason, 'Big' John is know as T.J. Storm on the float..

Al says that he had a blast doing that and that he was 'all over the place' and that 'they didn't want us off the float, I was running around shaking hands, for what turned out to be three miles..'

Tazz asks how miserable Bob Holly was wearing that (Santa) hat--and Al laughs and says, 'He wanted that thing off as fast as he could get it off!'

Mc then talks about how great the first Tough Enough was, and how great Nidia and Maven are doing, and asks Al when they are going to be seeing Tough Enough 2 here on MTV? Al says that the new season will debut on February 28, that that will be the Casting Special (make a note, people!)--and that he thinks we all remember what fun the last one was, and that it will be MORE entertaining this time..

MC asks how it is going, working over the past couple of months? Al says that, 'Things have been going great. I mean, the kids are progressing a lot faster than I could have ever hoped or're a lot bigger, and a lot more physically involved, a lot more athletic..but they're a little know, it's a whole new attitude this season..and I think Tazz will be happy to know that there's not quite as much hugging, and there aint quite as many tears..'

Tazz says that he heard that Al's not quite as nice as he was the first season, that he is not surprised, as he was pretty hard on the first kids, but people didn't see that on TV. He also says that he's heard a lot about Tough Enough 2 and that he is definitely looking forward to it.

Al says that, 'Its gonna be an incredible show, again--unlike any other 'reality show', you're not gonna see these kids there to degrade themselves for money, or to stab each other in the back just so they can be a tv star; these kids are there for one reason, and one reason alone--that's because they have a dream to be the ultimate, the coolest job you could ever imagine to have--and that's to be a WWF Superstar.'

MC reiterates the debut date, and says that Al Snow will be a star 'yet again', and Al says, 'Please come join the experience..and find out what it's like to live the life of a WWF Superstar!'

The music swells, Al waves goodbye to another nice pop, and that's it, folks...

A little later on...Tazz reverts to his evil ways, and knocks and throws the little snowmen figures off the desk...jealous??? Hmmm...don't blame him...Fade to black.

Christian on Heat

Al and MC are talking about Tough Enough Two at Survivor Series 2001 pre Heat when up walks Christian....

Christian:You know something,I'm standing in the back minding my own business when I hear Al Snow say that he thinks that I am jealous of Edge,well let me tell you something,I'm not jealous of anybody,I'm the champion of were the European champion once weren't you Al?,for like a day?

Al:No I held that belt longer then he have held that belt know something,I feel sorry for those Tough Enough know that,I feel sorry for them because they are never going to succeed because their teacher their Mentor is the biggest loser in the World Wrestling Federation.....AL....SNOW!

Al:Oh is that so?


Al:Well let me tell you something Christian,if you think I am such a loser why don't you take your little ass and that belt,and like good friend of mine Mick Foley says,why don't you take it to the ring tonight,put it up against me....right here in GREENSBORO NORTH CAROLINA!....that is if you got the guts!

Christian:I got the guts.....give me about 15 seconds to get ready!

Christian walks off......

Al:(to MC)....What are you doing?


Fade out....

Al does the J.O.B. at the P.P.V.

Heat with Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and three of his cronies grubbing mad at a table at the club..they seem to have half the menu in front of them, and are really enjoying it..MC asks Tommy if he is gonna join them tonight, or if he and his buddies are just gonna 'keep whooping it up.' Al says, 'Yeah, we know the food's on the house, but COME ON..You're getting a little carried away. If you keep eating like that, you're not going to fit in those leather pants..'

Tommy ignores them, and keeps on chowing for a moment, then,'Very, very funny, Al..As always, for the first time in my life, I'm having a good time with my friends, and you gotta be a rude comedian, as always, huh, Al?'

MC and Al protest that they are not being rude, that Tommy is being the rude one, and Al says, 'Come on, Tommy; I love ya man..'and, 'It's not my fault you have an eating problem..'

Al then asks, 'Aren't you gonna come up here and actually do your job, and be the host; I guess that's what they have you advertised as, not 'This is Gourmet Hour with Tommy Dreamer'..(we can see that Tommy is not amused..)

Tommy replies, 'You're so funny, Al..You know what? I WILL come up there..'Cos I got some problems with you and I'll talk 'em with you right in person..' His 'friends' make a show of holding him back, to which Tommy protests, telling him he will take care of Al himself..

Al and MC blame each other for ticking Tommy off, and we go to another promo..this time with Stacy and Tazz..

They bring us back from commercial break, and Al and MC are promoting the 'big' Mixed Tag Team coming up...and up comes Dreamer, saying 'Tazz was right, etc...I got a problem with you, etc...Tazz was right, you've changed, everything is a joke to you, did you forget where you came from, etc..', giving Al a load of guff over 'Tough Enough', and 'giving contracts away free', yadda, yadda, and how long it took him to get a contract...and Al is trying once again to be cool with it, but Tommy keeps on about the kids from 'Tough Enough'(Can I smell an angle being born? Oh, please, please, please..), and how proud Al is of them, etc., ad nauseum...until...BLAMMO!!!!!! AL POPS HIM ONE RIGHT IN THE FACE!!! (I was so shocked, I screamed and almost knocked my daughter off the couch in the process..) YEAH, AL!--WHO'S THE MAN? (Sorry, cannot help but mark out to that..The crowd freaked out, too.)

Security pulls them apart, Tommy shouting threats (I imagine), and AL insists that he is okay..MC acts all shocked, and gives Al a bunch of crap about starting stuff with all the guests..hahah...and it is on to the next match--the much-lauded Mixed tag-Team event.

They come back from the match, and show again what transpired between Dreamer and Al..both Mc and Al (with a totally straight face) blaming each other. Al says that he is 'totally disgusted with' MC for starting problems with all the guests..they show the incident again, with AL closing the show chiding MC for 'instigating', asking him to see 'What he brings out in people', hahah...

Reported by Indigo

Heat with Tazz

They finally get to the interview with Tazz, who stalks on to his normal intro, looking mean, as usual..he naturally refuses to shake hands with either Michael Cole or Al.

MC nonetheless welcomes him to the show, and asks if Tazz will be sitting with him at ringside on Tuesday for the live Smackdown..Tazz says that yes, he will be there--and says that they established in the show that Al Snow is taller than him--does Al think that since he is taller that he can kick Tazz' *ss? Al (looking bemused) says that Tazz has a bit of a short temper and to calm down, as they are all friends. Tazz replies that he has no friends, and to go on with the interview. MC stirs the pot by saying that it is fun for him to be out there with his ex-co-host and his new co-host..and that he thought it would be fun but it is a little uncomfortable out there.. Al says that it is a great show, and a great opportunity, and (to a pop)that Heat is a fantastic show to be on--isn't it? Tazz says, speaking of opportunities, since Tazz   joined the Alliance, opportunity knocked for Al and Al sort of slimed his way on into the job..And when the Alliance takes off completely, Al will be jobless..that Al won't be doing Sunday Night Heat.. Al is like...Okay..we'll move on..okay..and says that everyone saw him last night on Excess..Tazz cuts Al off, and says that he thinks that they started the interview off wrong..and says that something is missing...a hug from Al (Co-Webmaster note:yes, that is certainly missing from my life)..

Al says that if Tazz wants a hug, okay..if it would cheer up his disposition..okay.. Tazz demands that AL come to him and hug him--to a chorus of OOOOs from the audience..

Al tries to change the subject, saying that speaking of hugs--he was sure that Tazz must have hugged Nidia and Taylor when he brought them onto Excess..

Tazz says that No, he didn't hug them, and that Excess went great..and goes on to gripe that isn't it ironic, isn't it convenient that they only showed Al on 'Tough Enough' doing the training, and not him kicking the kids' *sses--saying that they didn't want to promote Tazz and the Alliance..only AL..

Al answers that everybody knows that Tazz' schedule did not permit him to be on as much as Al was, and that is the only reason that he is not being shown..NOT because he is in the Alliance--and being in the Alliance, Tazz CHOSE to be in the Alliance, he had a choice..and now Tazz has to deal with the repercussions of his decision.. Tazz shoots back that all of a sudden, like he did on 'Tough Enough'--Al has become his father..

Al replies that he doesn't become anybody's father, just because he doesn't share Tazz' world view of what 'kick*ss' or 'hardcore' is, and because maybe he just laughs stuff off and that is how he deals with the lunacy of the business, and because he doesn't sit at home and let his misery and paranoia rule his life--that he is not 'kick*ss' or 'hardcore'(audience popping big now, knowing something is coming)--and that because he is a professional, and because he will be on the show next week and Tazz won't..that he thinks that one of them should get up and leave--and that he will be the one.. Al gets up to leave, and Tazz yells at him~'Walk away, walk away, the b*tch you are..'

AL freezes in his tracks, and then comes back to get in Tazz' face--and I wish I was a better lip-reader than I it is a shouting match extraordinaire~Replete with security to separate the two, a'la Jerry Springer or something, hahha..Al is so mad, that his earplug falls out, hahaha..

Tazz stalks off, leaving us with a nice close-up of a very angry Al's much for any interview--this was better! After the commercial break, they return--and you can see that Al is still steamed, and that his earplug is back, lol..They then re-cap what just took place, and MC says how Al was the bigger man.. MC says that Al did the right thing, to shouts of support from the audience. Al says then that there is a time and a place for everything..and that this was not the time nor the place..He then looks dead into the camera and says to Tazz that he guarantees that there will be a time, and there will be a place (pointing his finger, of course),and that he WILL kick Tazz' *ss for that comment! Whoa-

reported by Indigo

Heat with Booker T

Al:Nice kicks there Booker Man,you get those at payless?

Booker:I got them the same place you got yours you moron

Al:I got mine on Sale

MC:Well none the less Booker T....

Fans start chanting:Rocky...Rocky....Rocky

MC:Well speaking of the Rock two weeks from tonight at Unforgiven,Booker T it's going to be you and Shane McMahon in a handycap match against the Rock for the WCW championship

Booker:Yea thats right and that means one thing,that you will see Booker T,the Booker Man become the 6th time WCW champion

Fans boo

Al:Booker we all know what a history the WCW title has and we know you see yourself as great as other WCW holders....Harly Race....Jack Brisco....Dory Funk....Terry Funk....Ric Flair....

Booker:Get to the point man

Al:Ok,the point is if you are as great as they are what do you need Shane McMahon with you to take on the Rock???

Booker:Whatare you saying?That I can't beat the Rock one on one?

Al:I don't think I said it,I think actions speak louder then words Book

Booker T:Let me tell you something,I didn't book this match,Shane McMahon the owner of WCW,he booked this match

Fans chant Rocky,Rocky

Booker:Well you please SHUT THE HELL UP!

Booker:As ar as the Rock goes.....


Booker:You know man I can't hear myself talk with these fans chanting Rocky Rocky,would you please give me my time!?'s the Book's show tonight,and as far as the Rock goes I'm not worried about him,I'll take care of the Rock at Unforgiven once and for all

MC:Well Booker your actions out here tonight these fans are chanting Rocky's name

Booker:They piss me off

MC:I understand that but many people say that your jealous of the Rock

Al:Why would a man like Booker T be jealous of the Rock?,he is so good at the English language......just ax him you suck-a

Booker:Look did not say that....tell me he did not say that!

MC:I ahhhh

Booker:Liston people I am the 5 time WCW champion......and you what? I can feel it,I can feel it right now(Booker gets on his knee and looks at his hand


Booker:You know people are not worthy of the spin-a-roonie....or the number one best seller the Book!

Al says it's MC fault for making Booker mad-

Reported by Chicos Uncle

Sunday Night Heat Report for October 14, 2001

Hey all, and welcome to another Heat report! It's a bit of a busy one, so let's get to it..

They open with shots of various WWF luminaries arriving at the club, getting out of stretch limousines and such, the Rock and Kurt Angle and Stone Cold and Debra among them..and we are live again at WWF New York 'in the heart of Times Square', for another edition of Sunday Night Heat, with MC and Al Snow as our hosts. They tell us that there are many WWF Superstars and Alliance Members there tonight to celebrate an 'After Garden Party'..Various wrestlers have been around the city raising morale, and apparently had a show at Madison Square Garden, hence the name.

First matchup is U.S. Champion Rhyno Vs. Tajiri for the Title--without giving anything away, it was a good one..and Al's enthusiastic play-by-play just makes it more interesting..'Rhyno's just too big and too powerful..' Then, just before the commercial break, we see the Dudley Boyz muscle two kids out of their video game playing..saying that it is better than putting Spike through a table..and Torrie, too.

Back from the commercials, I just want to mention how much I love Al's gravely, over-enthusiuastic plugs for whatever they are pushing at the moment...he makes even the most mundane sound like the most exciting product on the planet, haha...

We are back, and the guys re-iterate the fact that there are Superstars plum everywhere, and that anything can happen..Next to appear are 'Taker and Kane, to a huge pop. They don't actually speak--???--but the guys hype their respective matches at the upcoming PPV. Then it is off to the next match: Lance Storm and Ivory Vs. (a clean-shaven) Perry Saturn..let me just say...Poor Ivory..

We then see Kurt Angle signing copies of his new book--which I would like to read--and being very cool to the fans..then, more commercials!

When they come back, we see Jericho cracking the Rock upside his head with an all-purpose 'steel chair'..and the guys promo Jericho's upcoming match against said Rock..leading us to the Rock's appearance on the show. He makes mention of the visits that the Superstars have been making around town, and gives kudos to the Rescue workers and Port Authority Workers and the Police--the 'Real Peoples' Champions'..he is then joined by Linda McMahon, who makes the announcement that the WWF is donating a check for $1 million to New York Mayor Rudy Guilliani (sorry for the spelling) to go towards relief efforts in the city..The Rock then chimes in that they 'smell what they are cooking'..

More commercials, then..we see the Hardy Boyz winning the Tag Team Championship. We then join Justin Credible and Raven (with Teri) already in the ring. They are matched up against (surprise!) the Hardys and Lita...all I will say is it was 'interesting' to see Teri attempt a cross-body off the turnbuckle...and that that 'little ponytail' that Jeff Hardy has been affecting lately needs to go...

Back from yet another commercial break,and we hear that Al visited the firehouses there in New York..Al had this to say: 'It was a great honor for me to represent the WWf and the WWF fans, to go around to these brave men and women of the firehouses. I've tried to honor them by wearing the different shirts of the firehouses tonight on WWf and on Sunday Night Heat, and I just want to say...that you guys do a helluva job'(while giving them a 'thumbs up').

Then it's the Main Event, with Booker T vs. Edge, with Edge's new entrance music by Saliva, and yes, we are treated to a 'Spinaroonie'..Just before the commercial break, we see SCSA and Debra sitting and talking..they are coming up next.

Well, maybe not 'next' they hype the events from the past week--and through the magic of snappy editing--see their relevance to the upcoming PPV..Okay, now it is time for Steve Austin and Debra..they come out onstage to a barrage of the catchphrase of the moment--'WHAT?'--over and over--and Austin says how everytime he watches that footage it makes him sick..Kurt Angle pops out from backstage saying, 'What?'

Austin repeats that the footage makes him sick. Kurt Angle says,'What?' Austin tells Angle that it is 'his time' and that Angle isn't supposed to be there. Kurt says, 'What?'Security comes out in full force, in anticipation of something happening. Kurt Angle says, 'What? What? What?' in Austin's face..and it is a contest of 'What's?' back and forth..You pretty much have the picture...

They do not have time to go back to our boys, so that is the show...with no sense of closure....


Sunday Night Heat Report--October 28, 2001

Hello, folks..and welcome to another Sunday Night Heat report..the show comes to us live from WWF in New York City, and our hosts are Al Snow, and Michael Cole..In keeping with the upcoming holiday, Al has a big 'ol pumpkin in front of him, as well as a copy of Foley's book, 'Halloween Hijinx'..

The Special Guest is Shawn Stasiak, who is shown between matches falling down the stairs, and being hit in the head with a door, and lying on a couch covered in icebags....Al makes several hilarious remarks to do with regards to Stasiak' prowess...a coupla times Al stumbles over his words..and wonders aloud if Stasiak 'is contagious'..

The matches tonight are as follows: Justin Credible and Raven (with Teri) vs. X-Pac and Albert, Bradshaw vs. Kanyon ('Who better to take the 'Clothesline from H*ll?"-Al), The Hurricane (with Mighty Molly) vs. Tajiri (with Torrie Wilson), and the Main Event--Test vs. Edge (Intercontinental Championship), which was a pretty decent match.

They were all pretty decent matches, to me--and you can see that they really ARE trying to improve the 'quality' of HEAT..I thought the show improved tremendously as soon as Al joined the announce team, but the overall upped quality of matches and added 'big names' has helped gain interest, too.

Disappointingly enough, there didn't seem to be any mention at all of Al's match against Tazz on Smackdown!--but there WAS a brief mention by Michael Cole of Al's write-in Mayoral Campaign during the Intercontinental Championship..MC says 'You and I are gonna be running for Mayor or something in Lima, Ohio..' (???), and Al says, 'Oh, yeah, I am--the unofficial write-in candidacy', and then MC says, 'That's what I understand..Can you imagine? You winning the 'Mayorialship' of Lima, Ohio, if that is even a word..'--???---only to be cut off...

The show ended with a clips hyping the upcoming Vince vs. Shane 'Streetfight', and with Al going off about the McMahon children's behavior towards their parents...That's about it, folks..until next time.

Sunday Night Heat Report for November 04, 2001

Hello, all, and welcome to another Sunday Night Heat always, live from WWF New York, in the heart of Times Square....Once again, our hosts are Michael Cole and a newly clean-shaven Al Snow (giving a whole new meaning to the term, 'Babyface'..)! The special guest tonight is Edge.

The matches are as follows: Scotty 2 Hotty Vs. Albert (It is funny to hear Al go crazy for the 'Worm'), Raven (and Terri) Vs. Chuck Palumbo (commenting on Raven's IQ versus Palumbo's, lol), Tazz vs. Spike Dudley (Al peppers the match throughout with wisecracks, of course), and the Main Event of Ivory Vs. Trish Stratus (with them both putting the ladies' abilities over, not just their looks..)..

After the first matchup, our hosts thanked the fans for the phenomenal sales of Wrestlemania tickets, which went on sale yesterday. According to Al, the sales were more the first hour than for any other event for the Canadian Ticketmaster--'including the Rolling Stones..'.

During the first commercial break, we see the bizarre new Booker T Beefaroni commercial--giving Beefaroni full credit for the 'Spinarooni' move...okely dokely..

When they return, they remind everyone that Tuesday is Election Day--on both state and local levels...MC tells us to send a message to the terrorists, that we are not afraid to come out and vote. Al says that it is especially important to him, as he is the Unofficial Write-In Candidate for the Mayor of Lima...he sorta nervously fumbles a bit there, so it must really matter to him---I wish they had publicized it more...he sort of laughs it off, saying, 'Can you imagine me having control of an entire city?', to which MC says, 'Stop the pain..'

They come back, and recap the Angle heel turn..Then we see Edge backstage. A WWF employee comes in and says that 'the world's biggest Edge-head' is here, and wants to meet him...Edge tries to spiff himself up in his belt, only to be greeted by a cute little old lady swathed in 'Edge-gear'; 'Rose'..who says that she thinks Edge is 'grand'..Edge warmly says that the next time he is in that ring, he will be thinking of her..She reciprocates by telling Edge that she will be thinking of him alone in bed...and to go out and kick Test's *ss, and to make him Edge's b*tch...Wha?

After the Tazz/Spike match, they promo the upcoming Caesar's Palace Casting Special--being filmed this Wednesday and Thursday in Vegas--showing shots of the Hotel, etc..

More commercials, then a spirited montage to Creed.

We then see our hosts onstage, and AL says that the name of that song is apt (Is it, 'Sacrifice'?-or, 'Desire'?), as that is what the Superstars do every night, putting life and limb on the line to be with their fans...Then Edge comes out to his Rob Zombie theme, and a LOT of teenage screams...

Edge says that he feels like a Zombie himself, after the long flight from England..and Al says that his pants match the furniture..Edge says that he is always thinking ahead, hahha..They then talk about Angle's heel turn, and how Edge feels betrayed, as the WWF is his bread and butter..and how Angle showed his true colors--that they are not red, white and blue..but yellow...

They then talk about his upcoming match with Test..Edge says that he asked for the match as 'Old Sabretooth' is a loser, and has been dumped by all of the women in the WWF..Al says that Test could be the new bottle opener for the Alliance..They then ask Edge what he thinks about the Rock/Jericho conflict, and Edge says that he doen't care, just wants them to get it all worked out, as they need them for 'Survivor Series'.

They then give the Intercontinental Champion the opportunity for a SIX second pose..and the audience goes wild..Edge then shakes hands, and takes his leave..

They come back, hype 'Survivor Series', and the upcoming Divas' photoshoot..

They then re-hype the Rock/Jericho issue...and that's about it, folks...Until next time..